1. Bijoux Indiscrets The Magnifique Collection Necklace Whip

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      1. Bijoux Indiscrets The Magnifique Collection Necklace Whip

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    1. Product Description

      Jazz up your glad rags and achieve hotsy-totsy sex appeal with this sensational retro-style necklace. Extra long and designed to create a stunning impact (literally), this flogger necklace is an accessory that displays your kinky intentions.

      Leave a lasting impression on your partner in more ways than one with this attention-grabbing 31 inch chain. Reaching all the way from your neck to your ladybits, it guides your lover's eye southwards and treats you to intimate tickles, while the pendant doubles up as a fully functioning whip for literal impact play.

      Wear it out and about to let your lover know what you've got in store for them, or slip it on while you're totally nude to keep it handy during intimate play.

      Key Features:

      • Elegant necklace with chain whip for an eye-catching look, with a difference
      • 18 inch chain with 13 inch whip creates a statement piece for your wardrobe
      • 11 frond chain flogger whip displays your kinky intentions and doubles up as a functional spanking tool
      • 31 inch total length extends from your neck to your groin for intimate tickles during wear
      • A beautiful nickel-free gift that transcends from day to evening wear in a jiffy

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    1. Bijoux The Magnifique Collection Necklace Whip

      Jazz up your glad rags and create hotsy-totsy sex appeal with this sensational retro-styled necklace. Extra long and designed for stunning impact (literally) this flogger necklace displays your kinky intentions and pops the 'razz' in your berries.

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      Bijoux Indiscrets The Magnifique Collection Necklace Whip 2 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Bijoux Indiscrets The Magnifique Collection Necklace Whip
      2. Bijoux Indiscrets The Magnifique Collection Necklace Whip


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    1. Bijoux's brilliant beating beauty

      Reviewed: December 11, 2015 by LovingMadJom, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      When I saw this little number on the site my heart jumped.

      I'm a medium to heavy weight when it come to spanking, and love golden, shiny things! I haven't had too much experience with floggers, but I've been slowly moving up the ranks, starting with soft rope, then suede. I thought it was time to try something... sharper.

      The first thing I noticed when I took it out of its (surprisingly large) box was how it glittered in the light. This little number is luxurious from top to bottom. It looks great on as a necklace, though it does hang a lot lower than the picture suggests. Admittedly I am quite short (5'3) but it hangs nowhere near my belly button! It is more like the description suggests, reaching my groin.

      This lead me to notice the second thing about this product. The long necklace chain. It's a bit of a hassle. Longer than the product itself, unless you keep it in or wrapped around your hand it will get tangled up and generally just in the way of your naughty activities, something you definitely don't need in a "discreet" toy like this.

      So, I set it aside, admiring it from afar until my partner came home and we decided to try it out... and, my goodness! What a strong contender this little guy is!

      Best suited to after a warm up I think, a good while of spanking, light paddling and one of my other floggers and I was desperate to try it out. We quickly found that a light hand works best with this toy for me. It certainly gives a very hearty sting, leaving my skin feeling like it was going to split on the harder whips. If you can take the harder swings this whip is a no-nonsense glorious experience!

      It's quite quiet, which is good as I live in a shared household. I can't quite say the same about myself during it's use, though!

      I could see this being a fantastic little toy for a luxurious female dom, perhaps wearing as a necklace for easy access, without the clunkiness of a traditional flogger.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It stings! It looks fantastic! It's easy to use and quiet!
      The chain was a little too long. Might be too painful for some.
      Bottom line
      Beautiful, with a strong sharp sting to boot!
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    1. This Whip Nacklace May Make You Nae Nae

      Reviewed: December 24, 2015 by Vanessa8

      I saw the Bijoux the Magnifique Collection Necklace Whip and I immediately lusted for this item and hit the purchase button.

      I was picturing this necklace as a accessory worn with a business suit as my own sexy secret / unique jewellery or worn with a sexy get up out with the girls for an amazing conversation piece. I was less interested in this as an actual whip for serious impact play and more as a sexy fashion accessory so keep that in mind with my review.

      First impression:

      The box this arrives in is very lovely and elegant with a nice flat pop up panel and really beautiful design. This gives a great first impression and really lovely for gift giving.

      But, the necklace is literally just loose inside the box inside a standard thin clear plastic bag. Umm, not exactly the best way to enclose this in such a nice box. This to me was a bit of "ho hum" moment to open the box and have this slide out. For the price I think Bijoux should have this in a black holder or nice storage bag.

      The Necklace:

      The gold colour and actual presentation of this item lived up to my expectations and is really lovely, shines and contemporary looking. I hope it holds up and does not overly tarnish over time, but for first impressions it is a striking piece.

      The Length:

      This is where I take some serious issue with the design of this item as a actual necklace. The length of the portion that goes around your neck is overly long for me (I am 5'8 and have a long torso). Granted you want something easy to slide over your head, but this thing is way too big. The way this lays on my body literally the whip handle stars well below my cleavage. The whip ends are literally at / on my crotch! This renders this "as is" useless as an actual necklace without some modifications.

      Bijoux, if you are reading this review, this necklace desperately needs an actual clasp and to be adjustable. I love the look of this so much I have ordered my own and I am going to attempt to modify this to I can wear it as a necklace. Worst case I am going to tie a knot in the chain to shorten it, but with my hair up this would look pretty tacky. For what I paid I am pretty bummed out here.

      As a Whip:

      The handle of the whip is very pretty and shiny and fits will in your hand. The chains off the whip are a great length and perfect for easy tickling / teasing play or you can whip them around for some tingling sensations for more impact play.

      So, yes, I want to wear this and have people look and wonder "is that a whip" and that sexy secret feeling so I am going to keep this lovely little item and make it work. But some of the lack of features left me wishing for more.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Really pretty overall.
      Not adjustable. Not as good a fit as a necklace.
      Bottom line
      Great concept. Just okay execution.
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