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International Women's Day 2023

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day by breaking free of unrealistic expectations put on women’s relationship to sex, body image and sexual identity. Whether it’s about being shaved to perfection, orgasming on cue or being seen as submissive – let’s join forces and shatter sexpectations.​

Sexpectation Statistics: A Global Survey​

Women face many social expectations when it comes to their bodies, their social image, behaviour and especially their sexuality. We spoke to women all over the world and looked at the impact of social expectations on women's sexuality and sex in general.​



In a global survey, 50% of women reported that what they see on TV shows, in movies or magazines does not paint a realistic picture of sex, sexual desires or sexuality.​

"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall"

The same survey showed the social image of female sexuality has a massive impact on self-worth. 26% of participants stated they have questioned their sexuality due to a lack of representation in the media.​

"Desire On the Down Low"

58% of the women surveyed stated they have sexual fantasies on a regular basis, but 27% reported never discussing these with a partner. Why? 18% did not know how to bring it up and 17% were too embarrassed.

"Porn Equality For All?"

20% of women surveyed learned about sex by watching porn which often enforces outdated gender roles and creates unrealistic images around the female body, roles and reaction in sexual contexts.


10 Ways to Shatter Sexpectations​


1. Slow your roll!

Sex doesn’t begin with penetration and end with orgasm. Foreplay can be its own downright delicious event. Touching, massaging, teasing, kissing…our bodies release hormones like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin for a full body feeling of pleasure and connection.​

2. Coming is complex

50% of vulva owners can’t orgasm from penetrative sex alone. And there’s no shame in that. Whether it's clitoral stimulation, anal play or sensual massages: Empower yourself to explore your unique path to climax and sexual happiness.

3. More than meets the eye

With over 8000 nerve endings and clitoral arms that extend internally up to 9 cm, it’s time to celebrate your clitoris and vulva.​​

4. Masturbate and masturbate often

Studies show that women who masturbate more frequently have higher levels of sexual self-esteem and overall self-esteem. Take away? Make time to touch yourself.​​

5. Make them watch!

Mutual masturbation is not only hot AF, but strengthens partner intimacy, sexual satisfaction and communication.​

6. Menstrubation is a thing

Studies show 90% of women would recommend masturbation to alleviate period pain. ​

7. Channel your sexual powerhouse

Being submissive is a choice, not hardwired into women's DNA.

8. We're not invisible!

Women of any age have the right to be fully realized, sexual beings. Studies show over 60% of women between the ages of 60 and 89 report being sexually active.​

9. Free the nipple

Breasts are their own erogenous zone capable of nipple orgasms and worthy of being worshipped. And yes, they come in all shapes and sizes.

10. Not a one-time deal

Consent is an ongoing enthusiastic VERB. Studies show the higher level of consent, the higher the sexual satisfaction.​


Free Yourself From Sexpectations​

As the Head of User Research for Womanizer, Elisabeth Neumann (pictured below) has her finger on the pulse of women’s relationship to all things sex. With the results in from our global survey of women's relationship to social expectations on sex, she shared her insights.


"The media constantly bombards us with a very idealised and limited idea of sexuality, which does not reflect the variety of sexual experiences that are actually possible. This makes many women feel dissatisfied with their sexuality and they get frustrated trying to achieve a pleasure that does not exist or forcing themselves to enjoy practices that, in reality, are not satisfactory for them."

"Mainstream porn is made for the male gaze and has therefore set unrealistic expectations about body images and sexual practices. Cis women are confronted with a wide variety of expectations about sex. Whether it's having the perfect body, having an orgasm through penetrative sex alone, or being submissive in the bedroom."

"Every woman should feel encouraged to free herself from these social expectations. And a good and loving relationship with one's own body is the start."

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