The Best Valentine's Gifts for 2024

Make Cupid proud with these lovable gifts that bring pleasure in leaps and bounds!

What better gift is there than the gift of pleasure? Whether you're shopping for your beloved or your bestie, Lovehoney's expert present picks are sure to leave your recipient over the moon.

For your partner

They say you get what you give, so why not get even more amazing moments of physical intimacy with your lover by giving them a stellar sex toy present? Now, that’s what we call a win-win!

A ~sensual~ de-stressor

Lovehoney Dream Wand Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator

When you need a way to relax after a long day, you simply can’t beat the soothing sensations of a full-body massage. The Lovehoney Dream Wand Rechargeable Mini Massage Wand Vibrator takes massages of the regular AND erotic variety to the next level with its 7 pleasure patterns and 4 intensities of heavenly vibration. Soft to the touch with a flexible neck that makes for breezy hot spot targeting, the red-hot personal massager is as easy to use as it is gratifying to experience. And since this mini wand that lives up to its dreamy name is 100% waterproof, you can even pair it with a steamy shower or warm bath for the ultimate in relaxation.

What customers say: "Love this. Its powerful, quiet and rechargeable. The head of the wand is the perfect size to sit on the ladies opening during foreplay and oh my does it feel amazing. It is so easy to handle and feels very comfortable in the hand. If im feeling generous ill use it to give the other half a tickle now and again but not often as its mine haha. The lovehoney sign on the handle changes colour and lets of a nice sexy light. I orgasmed pretty quickly with this so choose your strength wisely if your wanting to go a bit longer. Good to use alone or with your partner, both can make use and enjoy the pleasure from this. Well worth the money in my opinion!"

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A kinky night in

Lovehoney Bind Date Bondage Kit (8 Piece)

Prepare yourself to get tied up in pleasure with an expansive 8-piece bondage kit that has everything you need (and then some!) for hours of kinky play. Ideal for bondage beginners and BDSM aficionados alike, each bondage and sensory play item is comfortably soft and easy to apply so you and your partner in crime can get down to your naughty escapades ASAP. Not only does the Lovehoney Blind Date Bondage Kit include tools of the trade, but it also comes with avenues to spark your session: naughty playing cards that depict sex positions for inspo (fancy a game of strip poker?) and sex dice to get the party rollin’.

What customers say: "We used this kit to explore bondage and domination with my partner. This was our first bed restraint and it is amazing. We have used it several times with explosive results for both of us. The feather tickler was particularly effective while she was restrained and blindfolded. I'm looking forward to next time..."

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A little bit of everything for a whole lot of lovin’

Lovehoney Sweet Romance Couple's Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)
$84.99 $166.99 You save: $82.00 (49%)

No matter what you and your boo are into, you’re bound to find something that enhances it in this lovers’ bundle of high-quality sex toys. The Lovehoney Sweet Romance Couple’s Sex Toy Kit runs the gamut from mild to wild, allowing partners to escalate their antics on an erotic journey or pick and choose sexcessories based on their mood. Regardless of how you choose to play, this couple’s kit all but guarantees your Valentine’s Day (and night!) will be filled with sweet romance.

What customers say: "The sweet romance kit has truly brought a breath of fresh air to our relationship! It's a delightful assortment of romantic goodies that have added to the spark between us. The kit includes everything for creating a perfect ambiance for a romantic evening. We've enjoyed everything which has added a fun and playful element to our time together. The thoughtful details in this kit, such as the quality of the items and the beautiful packaging, really stand out. It has upped the romance in our relationship, making it an absolute must-have for couples looking to infuse more love and passion into their lives. We're thrilled with this sweet romance kit!"

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For yourself!

With all the thought you’ve put into making your loved ones’ Valentine wishes come true, you’re more than deserving of gifting yourself with a little (okay, a lot!) of pleasure, too. So go ahead and invest in your sexual happiness with these sultry satisfiers - you’ve earned it.

A splurge-worthy pleasure power-up

Lovehoney Power Squad Male Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)

Luxe lovin’, whether solo or with a pal, is aplenty with this 6-piece set of high-caliber male sex toys that will surely kick your playtime up a notch (or 10!). Featuring toys that stimulate the shaft, head, rectum, and even one to enhance erections, this swanky kit has everything a guy could dream of. Not only is each sex toy indulgently stimulating on its own, but they can also be mixed and matched for double (or even triple) the pleasure.

What customers say: "This little kit is an amazing bundle. It provides endless fun and has something for everyone. It will not disappoint you"

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It doesn’t matter if it’s paired with a blazer for a night out on the town, hidden beneath regular clothing as a sexy little secret, or donned by itself in the privacy of someone’s bedroom - there’s something about lingerie that instantly makes the wearer feel (and look!) hot. Whether you're sporting seductive skivvies to impress a boo or just for you, anyone and everyone can benefit from the confidence-boosting powers that come with a flattering lingerie set or single.

Sizzling lingerie picks

For your pals

Friendships enrich our lives, so why wouldn’t we celebrate them just as enthusiastically as we do romantic relationships? Get ready to woo your whole crew with these fab gifts that display your love by helping your pals love themselves better.

An on-theme toy

Lovehoney Heartbeat Clitoral Suction Stimulator
$49.99 $59.99 You save: $10.00 (17%)

With super suction powers and an adorable form, the Lovehoney Heart Clitoral Suction Stimulator brings new meaning to the word “heartthrob.” Featuring Womanizer’s beloved Pleasure Air Technology that delivers delicious sucking sensations to its target hot spot, this inconspicuous clit sucker provides 10 intensities to explore, ensuring users find the perfect love level to make their heart skip a beat. Discreet, petite, waterproof, and including a travel lock, the Lovehoney Heart Clitoral Suction Stimulator is ideal for vacation orgasms, fun in the tub, and whatever else lucky recipients’ hearts desire!

What customers say: "Once again, Lovehoney has outdone themselves! This enchanting little suction toy offers an electrifying experience, particularly when you explore its 10 distinct intensity settings. What's more, its waterproof capability adds an exciting dimension, allowing for indulgence not just in the bedroom but also in the bath and the shower."

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More hearts and roses

A membership upgrade to the self-love club

We all have that friend whose lack of solo sexual exploration leaves us wanting more for them. While you likely don’t want to literally show them the way, you can easily point them in the right direction with perfect-for-beginners pleasure products!

For penis-owning friends

Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker

When it comes to male sex toys, strokers are as basic (read: unintimidating) as they come. The Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker is a particularly good pick for first-time sex toy users due to its extremely easy operation and versatile functionality that allows them to explore multiple avenues of pleasure in one product. For superb sensations, the Head Master is unmatched; the supple material feels ahh-mazing against bare skin, and the sleeve’s 2 tantalizing textures offer stellar stimulation that hands alone can’t beat. The masturbator’s open-ended nature also makes for a fun couples’ experience, as the name implies, should your sex toy newbie friend decide to venture into shared toy joys once the Lovehoney Head Master inevitably converts them into a sex toy devotee.

What customers say: "This is hands down the best thing I have ever purchased. Great for solo masturbation and for using with the other half. Reversible and both are enjoyable. Makes me climax without fail. Very well made and frequently used. Fab!! Would recommend all men get one to add to their collection."

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For vagina-having friends

Lovehoney First Time Fun Vibrator Starter Kit (4 Piece)
$32.99 $54.99 You save: $22.00 (40%)

If your bestie’s never gotten their vibe on before, knowing what toy type will suit their fancy is a bit of a guessing game. This 4-piece vibrator kit is the perfect way to help your pal discover just what it is that makes them moan, with each toy boasting incredible ease of use for newbie-friendly erotic exploration. Featuring a bullet, a G-spot vibe, a classic vibrator, and a vibrating egg, the Lovehoney First Time Fun Vibrator Starter Kit offers a quick way for first-timers to build their sex toy collection and learn what other saucy items they may want to invest in in the future.

What customers say: "very good product for first time users. very easy to use and feels very smooth on the skin"

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