How to Use Kegel Balls

Take Kegel exercises to new, pleasurable levels with our guide to Kegel balls, and enjoy the benefits of a stronger pelvic floor.

Kegel exercisers, Ben Wa or Ben Wah balls, Burmese balls, geisha balls, jiggle balls – they’re known by many names, but Kegel balls all generally help you achieve the same thing: a stronger pelvic floor, which makes your vagina feel tighter, improves your bladder control and, best of all, blesses you with more intense and longer-lasting orgasms.

Kegel balls come in a wide range of sizes and weights, so vaginas of all ages and shapes can find one that suits them. Whichever type you have at home, this guide will help you get the most out of your internal exercise tools.

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Love that lubricant

Since many Kegel balls are smooth and easy to insert, you may be tempted to forego lubricant when using them. We recommend always using at least a little lubricant with your Kegel balls – remember, it’s there to help with removal as well as insertion.

“Using a small amount of water-based lubricant the weight slipped into place easily and felt comfortable.” - rockstar

There are no rules about how much or how little lubricant is right for you. Depending on the strength of your pelvic floor and the weight of your ball, too much lube may actually make your exercises more difficult to complete. Always start with a generous amount of water-based lubricant – which is compatible with all toys – and slowly reduce as needed if you find yourself beset by too much glide.

Set a workout routine

Just like going to the gym, you’ll get the best results from your Kegel balls if you exercise with them regularly. Plus, by using your Kegel balls regularly, you’ll get to know your own body better and be more able to tell when you need to graduate to the next size or weight of Kegel ball.

“These have really helped my pelvic floor muscles. Both my partner and my self have noticed a huge difference!” - Pinky664

To begin your session, insert your Kegel ball until it’s comfortably deep within your vagina, but the retrieval loop or tail is outside your body. You should then squeeze your Kegel muscles around the ball; don't clench your thighs, stomach or butt cheeks, as these are not the muscles you’re working on.

You’ll know you’re using the right muscles if they’re the same ones you clench when you need to wee. You should practice squeezing and releasing the ball for a set amount of time multiple days each week. If you’re working out regularly, you’ll see results in no time.

Play for pleasure

Thankfully, Kegel balls are for more than just sexy exercise. Alongside the usually exercise-oriented static Kegel balls are tempting jiggle balls, which contain free-roaming weights that move when you do, and things like vibrating love eggs, which work fine for Kegel exercise but truly shine as pleasure toys.

“Like to wear when pegging my partner, or when receiving anal myself. Good size, and weight, easy in and out, soft and well made.” - LilBD

Try slipping in a set of jiggle balls before a date with your partner to increase your arousal before you get anywhere near the bedroom, or wearing your favourite vibrating Kegel exerciser during oral or anal sex. Many couples use them just to add a little something for the wearer when PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex isn’t part of the plan.

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