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  1. Female Ejaculation: How to Squirt in 5 Simple Steps

    guide to female ejaculation

    Yes, it's true: Women can ejaculate too! Many women are capable of ejaculating when stimulated properly, and we're here to help you learn how to squirt by yourself, with a G-spot vibrator, or with a partner.

    While getting close to squirting, many women worry that what they're feeling is the urge to urinate. Contrary to rumors, female ejaculate is not pee, although some porn stars may fake it in that way. In fact, the urethra is closed off during orgasm. Leave that stress behind and get ready to make it wet!

    For most women, ejaculation goes hand and hand with intense arousal and precise G-spot stimulation, but that's not the entire story. We've broken down the process into simple steps that should have you or your partner gushing in no time.

    Read on to learn the tricks to female ejaculation in five simple steps:

    All it takes is a bit of time and practice. In preparation for your wet and wild adventure, make sure that you drink lots of water so that you stay well-hydrated.

    To ease any concerns that you might pee instead of squirt, it's a good idea to use the bathroom before you start to play. This way, when the intense feelings start to build you will know that it’s ok to let go without fear of peeing the bed.

    If all goes as planned it will get wet, but not with urine. You might also want to place a towel or PVC sheet underneath you for easy clean up.

    Female ejaculation and G-spot penetration can be really intense, pleasurable, and satisfying for everyone involved. I hope these tips have worked for you! Let us know in the comments and remember to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.

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    • C: August 30, 2017 23:40
      "If you want to give female ejaculation a try, you need to enjoy G-spot stimulation." Fake news. I squirt all the time from clitoral stimulation alone. Just because you can't squirt without G-spot stimulation doesn't mean no one can.
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