5 Sex Toys You Should Try If You Have Balls

by Audrey Andrews

on Nov 20, 2019

6 Sex Toys You Should Try If You Have Balls

If you're the proud owner of an exceptional pair of balls, then listen up.

When it comes down to providing powerful pleasure, testicles never get the credit they deserve.

Your balls are covered by a thin layer of muscle, and this muscle extends into your abdomen. This means your cojones can take your orgasm, amplify it and make it ripple throughout your entire body. Who doesn't want that?!

To spread this good news, I want to introduce you to 5 sex toys you should try if you have balls. Literally  I don't mean you necessarily have to be courageous or full of bravado to use them.

Let's get the ball(s) rolling...

Dr Joel Kaplan Vibrating Testicle Stimulator

1. Dr. Joel Kaplan Vibrating Testicle Stimulator

If your balls need some serious TLC, then slip them into the Dr. Joel Kaplan Vibrating Testicle Stimulator.

The shaft loop can stretch to accommodate even the mightiest of members, and the pouch features holes on each side for maximum breathability and comfort.

The powerful 3 speed bullet (which you can slip out and use independently) sits snug against your package, ready transmit those good vibrations at any given moment.

Plus, this stimulator is also fully waterproof, so you can shower your balls with affection.

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Collar with Cock Ring

2. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Collar with Cock Ring

You'll be the bell of the BDSM ball in the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Collar and Cock Ring.

The sensual leather collar fastens around your neck whilst the detachable chain trails down and ends in a metal cock ring.

Simply slip the cock ring around your shaft (or both your shaft and balls) for unrivalled submissive play.

This toy comes with both a large AND small cock ring, and you can easily use the collar on its own or with a leash for unisex play. Versatility never looked so good!

Oxballs Squeeze 2-Inch Ball Stretcher

3. Oxballs Squeeze 2-Inch Ball Stretcher

Some people prefer their balls to be gently cupped, some people like to play a little rougher. For those in the latter demographic, why not opt for the Oxballs Squeeze 2-Inch Ball Stretcher?

This flexible, rubber stretcher allows you to experience the tugging sensations that you crave, hands-free. It also offers the same constriction as a ball ring, which can help to extend your performance and boost your climax.

A great ball-centric gift for yourself, or your main squeeze.

Lovehoney Wowzer 7 Function Double Cock Ring and Vibrating Butt Plug

4. Lovehoney Wowzer 7 Function Double Cock Ring and Vibrating Butt Plug

If a butt plug, a cock ring, a bullet vibe and a ball ring had four-way lovemaking session, the Lovehoney Wowzer 7 Function Double Cock Ring and Vibrating Butt Plug would be the result.

The double ring is a substantial 2 inches in diameter and sits both in front of and behind your jewels, which can help to intensify your erection.

The first bullet sits on top of your shaft, and the second bullet belongs in the butt plug. Each bullet has 2 speeds and 5 patterns, giving you a truly bespoke vibe.

If you want to simultaneously light up three major erogenous zones, and you want to do it hands-free, this is the toy for you.

Oxballs Sacksling-2 Stretchy Cocksling and Ball Bag

5. Bondage Boutique T-Style Cock Ring with Ball Divider

In the bondage world, we all know that tight is right, so this T-style Cock Ring and Ball Divider is ideal for men who love restrictive stimulation.

Made from faux leather, the ring clips around your shaft and each ball for hard-on enhancing sensations.

These are only 5 of the fantastic toys available to all you wonderful people with balls – if you want to immerse yourself in the world of testicular toys, head to Lovehoney's Cock & Balls page and start treating your stones like the pleasure pods that they are.

Audrey Andrews is a student blogger for Lovehoney. In her spare time she loves to do craft, but would not advise knitting your own condoms.

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Audrey Andrews

Written by Audrey Andrews.

Originally published on Nov 20, 2019. Updated on Aug 27, 2020