How to Use a Penis Pump

How to Use a Penis Pump

by Lovehoney

on May 1, 2017

Not only can a penis enlargement pump deliver intense personal pleasure, it can get a man perfectly primed for bedroom action and increase length and girth - given time! A penis pump creates a vacuum over the penis to encourage blood flow and as the blood flow to the penis is increased, the erectile tissue expands, giving you a stronger erection.

The tissue in your penis will respond to regular pumping, so how big and strong your erections become depends on how much time you have to spare. Pump once or twice a week and in 2 - 3 months you will see an increase to your flaccid penis size of up to 30 percent!

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How to Use a Penis Pump

1. Start with a fully or semi-erect penis. If you're using a Bathmate water pump, you'll need to begin when your penis is flaccid. Read our full guide on Bathmate pumps here.

2. Apply lubrication to the opening of the pump and to your penis, so it will slide in easily.

3. Insert the shaft of your penis into the cylinder until the base of the pump is pressed firmly against your body so it is airtight.

4. Place your finger over the air release or set the pump to only allow air into the cylinder by turning it clockwise.

5. Start squeezing and releasing the pump slowly, taking time to get used to the sensations and pressure. Continue pumping until your penis is firmly erect.

6. Stop and check your penis – if there's any unusual discolouration or bulging of veins then stop. If all seems well, carry on pumping.

7. Once you're at a good length or feel that you are at full pressure, stop and slowly open the air release or turn it anti-clockwise, allowing the air to disperse and your pumped-up penis to slip freely from the cylinder!

Once your penis leaves the cylinder, it will gradually go back to its normal size. To keep your extra length and girth, slip on a cock ring before pumping.

Safety Tips

If any discomfort or pain is felt at all during any point of the pumping, stop. At first it will be a strange sensation but it should not hurt.

It's recommended that you use your penis pump for no longer than 20 minutes to avoid damage to the blood vessels in your penis, but it's perfectly fine to use the pump often, with gaps between sessions.

Above: Want to know more about making your penis bigger? Jess and Annabelle explain how in our sexpert video guide.

Need more help?

You can Contact Customer Care, who will be able to help you find the perfect pump. You can email, telephone or live chat to an experienced advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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