1. Pure Aluminium Whisper-Quiet Ridged Massager Vibrator 5 Inch

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      1. Pure Aluminium Whisper-Quiet Ridged Massager Vibrator 5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Utterly sophisticated, this 3 speed aluminium vibrator is sleek, curved and weighted for an intensely pleasurable experience. Indulge in solo play or introduce it to foreplay for an incredible build up to a powerful orgasm.

      Massage your clitoris with its smooth rounded tip or insert the softly ridged shaft for more-than-satisfying internal stimulation. Explore the powerful speed settings with orgasmic ease and indulge in temperature play by dipping it in a bowl of warm or cold water before use.

      Use with lashings of your favourite lube for enhanced sensations.

      Key features:

      - Sleek aluminium massager vibrator

      - Suitable for external and internal use

      - 3 speeds

      - Waterproof

      - Curved and ribbed body

      - Temperature responsive

      - Easy to use, easy to clean

      - Suitable for external and internal stimulation

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      Pure Aluminium Whisper-Quiet Ridged Massager Vibrator 5 Inch 3 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Pure Aluminium Whisper-Quiet Ridged Massager Vibrator 5 Inch
      2. Pure Aluminium Whisper-Quiet Ridged Massager Vibrator 5 Inch


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    1. Cold in hand but my oh my it brought heat to the bedroom

      Reviewed: September 17, 2015 by stephiski, a Straight Single Female

      This arrived fast and discreet as always so thank you Lovehoney.

      Firstly I would like to mention the packaging of the item itself, the design of the box is very clever with the window flap and in my opinion this makes the product look more expensive than it actually is. For me the packaging did have one flaw and that was instructions. Okay yes instructions to insert battery or even to turn the product on are self explanatory. However, the settings for the speed or how they are controlled by the button could have been made a little clearer or even could have been in a small leaflet. I think having known it had just a single multi-function button would have made me a bit more at ease instead of my very first initial reaction of "have I broken it?"

      The size of this vibrator is absolutely amazing, the circumference is perfect and the insertable length is just right, the bulbous design makes it feel just that bit more of a luxury toy than some basic ones I have purchased in the past. One massive plus for me would be the material it is made from. Not only is it perfect for the instantaneous cold temperature but you can warm it by having it in a bowl of water for a short while. So not only is it a perfect length but also it is nice and weighted and also has the benefits of temperature play. As for the whisper quiet, well I am not completely won over on that but it is not my noisiest toy so I am definitely not grumbling there.

      The fact it is waterproof has made baths and showers so much more fun and the new material has spiced up our toy collection. He could not put this toy down and he loved the reaction it caused when the cold metal touched my sensitive clitoris or even when he slowly inserted it inside me. Another plus for me is the fact it is aluminium, you do not have to be so fussy with lubricants like silicone toys and it's so easy to keep clean.

      So all in all….. this is my first aluminium toy but I am now certain it will not be my last, an absolute bargain and well worth the price, one of my new favourites for sure. I know it's his favourite too, his reaction every time it was used was explanation enough.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      An absolute bargain and I'm ever so pleased I own it.
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    1. Just as good as it looks

      Reviewed: October 28, 2013 by yorkieted, a Straight Married Male

      I received this as a tester from the lovely people at LH, which came as a surprise as I didn't receive the email. (It would have been more of surprise had my office manager opened it as it got delivered to my work as usual - she nearly did till I snatched it off her sheepishly).

      The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was just how beautiful this vibe is. It is such a great design - lovely ridges, not too large as to be overwhelming and so black and shiny... and so cold. :)

      I unpacked it and hid it away in one of my little LH purple bags, ready to use it as a surprise for Mrs Yorkie. That event took place on Friday evening, after watching a film and indulging in a little foreplay on the sofa, Mrs Yorkie went upstairs and, as I asked, donned her blindfold and lay in wait.

      I teased her a little with a couple of our regular vibes, before I "unpouched" this quietly. She had no idea....yet! She was already wet and on the edge, as a result of my tongue, hands and our favourite wand against her clit, but as soon as I eased this against her lips and inside her, she gasped with obvious delight.

      Working through the vibe settings is simple - there are three speeds, all constant but all very quiet, and a simple button takes you through them. We pretty much went straight to the highest setting and its coldness (you can warm it up too) in combination with the vibrations had Mrs Yorkie cumming loudly very quickly as she demanded I thrust it hard inside her.

      It's brilliant as a clitoral and an internal vibe as it's such a beautiful shape and I'm guessing has an insertable max of about 5 inches. It's a great weight for internal pleasure (so Mrs Yorkie let me know) and when the blindfold came off, she thought it looked as good as it feels!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Size, shape, appearance, weight, vibrations and can be warmed up and cooled down.
      Bottom line
      Fabulous. Completely brilliant.
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    1. Oh me, oh my

      Reviewed: April 2, 2014 by Puddleduck, a Straight Single Female

      Having recently bought a Pure bullet, I had to have a vibrator, so when my birthday rolled round I decided to treat myself to a larger version.

      As with all Pipedream products, the packaging is simple and elegant. You are able to open the box to view the toy.

      Unfortunately, with Pipedream's products you don’t get a storage pouch to store the toy in, so I picked this up from Lovehoney separately. Unfortunately, the Pure vibrator does not come with batteries but takes 2AAA. These are easily put in with your order. The Pure vibrator was delivered quickly and discreetly, as with all Lovehoney deliveries.

      Already owning a Pure bullet, I knew the vibrator was going to be something special, and I wasn’t disappointed. The vibrator is 5inches in length, which is bigger than I was expecting, when compared to the bullet which is 3inches.

      This vibrator is a gorgeous even though it’s black and, though I am not really a fan of black toys, this really is beautiful to look at and hold.

      Most of beauty of this toy is in how it feels. The shape and aluminium makes this vibrator stand out amongst any other toy I own or have used. I found the bullet surprisingly heavy for its size, so wasn’t sure what to expect from the vibrator. The weight of the vibrator, though heavy, was balanced and not as heavy as I was expecting after using the bullet from the same line.

      The vibrator is a simple push button. This button turns the toy on and off and scrawls through the 3 different settings. The vibrator doesn’t have a varied range in patterns, and vibrations aren’t overly strong.

      The smooth cold metal against my skin was sensational (but I love cold glass). The metal, however, does heat up quickly and is perfect for temperature play.

      I found putting the vibrator in cold or warm water heated or cooled it down to my tastes. To add to the already brilliant toy, the Pure is also waterproof, making it the perfect bath time companion.

      According to the product description, this vibrator is “whisper quiet”, which I didn’t find accurate. The toy is battery operated and because of this the toy isn’t that quiet, and I found the vibrations a little buzzy and loud.

      After the amazing performance of the Pure bullet, I had to get this and I found this vibrator just as amazing as the bullet. The vibrator is perfect for internal and clitoral stimulation. However, I didn’t get as much enjoyment out of using this internally (but I think that is simply own to my taste of preferring to use dildos internally).

      Overall, this looks great, feels better and has made it into my essentials box along with its little friend. It doesn’t matter what shape, size or colour you buy, you simply must have one of the Pure toys in your collection.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      It doesn't come with a storage bag.
      Bottom line
      An absolute essential for anyone's toy box.
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