Beginner's Guide to Vibrators

Are you perplexed by the myriad vibrator styles on the market? Don’t fret – Lovehoney is here to break down the most popular kinds of vibrators so you can discover your perfect match.

How to choose a vibrator

As you've likely already discovered, vibrators come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, with a whole host of different functionalities to boot. But which vibrator is the right one for you? Well, that’s where this guide comes in!

A good decision is an informed decision, so you’ll want to know what’s out there before jumping into your first vibrator purchase. Read on to find out more about the different types of vibrator styles, plus what they can do for you and all your pleasure-hungry erogenous zones.

Why do people use vibrators?

Before we get into how to use a vibrator, here’s a little bit of information on why people actually use them in the first place.

Vibrators offer a wealth of benefits that may help users to:

  • Achieve more powerful solo orgasms when using a vibrator for masturbation
  • Have better sex with a partner
  • Reach and stimulate various hot spots
  • Enhance and optimize sexual happiness
  • Have fun!

How to use a vibrator

We’ll run through more details on each type of vibrator as we get into them below. Before that, you might want to check out our top tips on how to use two of the most popular vibrator styles in our handy video here:

Top 10 Vibrators

Video: How to use a Vibrator

Ready to add a little buzz to your self-love? Then you've come to the right place. Join Annabelle as she guides you through everything you need to know about using a vibrator.

Different types of vibrators

Now it’s time to learn the differences between the wide range of vibrators on the market, how they each work, and what hot spots they’re designed to stimulate. Plus, we’ve got recommendations on the best vibrators in each category to make your vibe shopping experience super easy!

Bullet Vibrators


Bullet vibrators are a popular choice for first-time sex toy users due to their petite, non-intimidating proportions and purpose-driven precision tips that make clitoral stimulation a breeze. Bullets are also great for partnered play thanks to their small size that doesn’t get in the way of the action.

The 411 on Bullet Vibrators:

  • Small size and tapered tip offer direct and intense clitoral stimulation
  • Ideal for use while having penetrative sex without causing obstruction to either partner
  • Generally only 2-3 inches in length, they're perfect for popping in your bag for on-the-go pleasure

Interested in a great bullet vibe ideal for newbies? We recommend the best-selling Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Bullet Vibrator (pictured).

Bullet Vibrators Shop Now

Vibrating Panties


Panty vibrators are worn inside underwear and operate via a remote control or compatible app to deliver hands-free vibrating pleasure directly to the clitoris. Most of today’s vibrating panties are standalone vibrators to use with your own underwear, but vibrating panty kits are also available, with the most popular style being a removable bullet vibe that fits within a special pocket within the panties.

The 411 on Vibrating Panties:

  • Can provide external stimulation during play and can be detached from underwear for roaming pleasure
  • Leaves your (or your partner’s) hands free to play with other erogenous zones
  • Can be worn under clothes out and about for discreet thrills

Our top pick for panty vibrators is the beloved Lovehoney Rendezvous (pictured). The powerful panty vibe features a strong-hold magnet that keeps the toy in place and can be controlled via the included remote.

Shop our full range of Panty Vibrators here.

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Classic Vibrators


Classic vibrators have unintimidating non-phallic designs and beginner-friendly intuitive controls, making them an ideal choice for a first vibrator. These insertable sex toys are primarily designed for penetration, but they can also be used for direct clitoral stimulation.

The 411 on Classic Vibrators:

  • Often multispeed, with vibrations ranging from low to intense
  • Wide range of prices from budget-friendly to high-end
  • Come in a variety of materials for varied sensations and preferences

We suggest the Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator (pictured) for vibrator newbies or anyone looking for a stellar classic vibe.

Check out our full range of Classic Vibrators here.

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Clitoral Vibrators


The term ‘clitoral vibrator’ refers to any vibrator that is specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris (which contains about 8,000 nerve endings, FYI). While the sex toy category’s name suggests these vibes are a clit-only treat, clit vibrators can deliver pleasure to any external hot spot you please!

The 411 on Clitoral Vibrators:

  • There are TONS of different types of clitoral vibrators to choose from, such as others covered in this guide like bullets, clitoral suction vibrators, and wand massagers
  • They’re also a great tool for nipple stimulation
  • While favored by vulva owners, many designs are gender-neutral and can pleasure any external erogenous zone

Looking for a new clitoral vibrator? Try out the velvety-soft and beginner-friendly We-Vibe Touch X (pictured)!

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Clitoral Suction Vibrators


As the name suggests, clit suckers rely on suction via air or sonic pulses rather than direct contact and vibration to stimulate the clitoris - and it’s a real gamechanger. Many love clitoral suction vibrators as they simulate the feeling of receiving oral sex, which prior to these revolutionary toys, was almost impossible for clit-owners to experience without a partner actually going down on them.

The 411 on Clitoral Suction Vibrators:

  • The suction technology offers a unique sensation quite unlike other vibes
  • Many suction vibrators have multiple levels of intensity, allowing you to tailor the settings to your liking
  • Some brands (like Womanizer feature multiple removable heads of varying sizes to accommodate different anatomies and pleasure preferences

When buying a clit sucker, you can’t go wrong with a toy from the now-legendary Womanizer, the brand that popularized clitoral suction vibrators and is famous for their innovative Pleasure Air technology. We highly recommend their crowd-pleasing Classic 2 (pictured)!

Shop our full range of Suction Vibrators here.

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Finger Vibrators


Finger vibrators are fabulous foreplay tools (and equally grand for solo fun or spicing up penetrative sex) that essentially transform the wearer’s finger into a vibrator. Most finger vibrator styles are comprised of a small bullet vibrator mounted in a sleeve and attached to a ring - simply slide the ring over your finger to make pinpoint vibrating massage effortless. Another type of finger vibrator that’s growing in popularity consists of a petite bullet-style vibrator with ergonomic sides that comfortably nestle between the wearer’s fingers.

The 411 on Finger Vibrators:

  • Can be worn by you or your partner to enhance foreplay or penetrative sex
  • Allows for clitoral stimulation without having to hold onto a separate toy
  • Come in a variety of shapes and styles, offering varying functions from single speed to pattern-tastic

If your finger is ready to get feisty with vibrations, we recommend the Lovehoney Ignite Finger Vibrator (pictured), a customer favorite.

Explore all of our Finger Vibrators here.

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G-Spot Vibrators


These delightful internal vibes are designed to find, reach, and please the G-spot, which is one of the most nerve-rich parts of the vagina. G-spot vibrators usually feature an upward curve at their head and plenty of girth on that portion, too, to deliver maximum stimulation of the G-spot.

The 411 on G-Spot Vibrators:

  • G-spot stimulation is associated with female ejaculation or ‘squirting’
  • They often have different speed settings and patterns for customizable thrills
  • Some have extra functionality on the head such as thumping to intensify the experience

New to G-spot vibrators? The ROMP Hype (pictured) makes a perfect G-spot toy for first-timers thanks to its simple, intuitive design and entry-level price point.

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Rabbit Vibrators


Rabbit vibrators are the perfect sex toy for vagina owners who want the best of both worlds. Featuring a clitoral stimulator and a G-spot vibrator in one, rabbit vibes provide simultaneous internal and external stimulation for deliciously blended sensations.

The 411 on Rabbit Vibrators

  • They can produce what’s known as a ‘blended orgasm,’ i.e., a combination of a clitoral orgasm and a G-spot orgasm

  • Many styles have a clitoral stimulator that resembles a bunny rabbit – hence the toy category’s name

  • They got a major popularity boost after being part of a main storyline in HBO’s hit series, Sex and the City

Wanna bunny hop with a crowd-pleasing rabbit vibrator? Check out the best-selling Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl (pictured).

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Vibrating Eggs


These insertable toys are similar in size and shape to Kegel exercisers (making them an ideal first vibrator), but they have a vibrating motor nestled inside instead of weights. Vibrating eggs (sometimes called ‘egg vibrators’ or ‘love eggs’) are perf for G-spot stimulation, but many can double as a bullet for clit-pleasing action!

The 411 on Egg Vibrators:

  • Some have a wired controller, whereas others operate via a remote control, allowing you to discreetly indulge in a little public play
  • Designed to nestle against the G-spot, they deliver vibrating speeds and patterns directly to your internal pleasure points
  • Perfect if you want to let your lover take control

Looking for an extra-lovable love egg? The award-winning We-Vibe Jive (pictured) will deliver!

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Luxury Vibrators


If you want to treat yourself or your partner to the best of the best, then opt for a luxury vibrator. These sleek sex toys offer elegant aesthetics and more advanced features and settings. Luxury vibes are often bought to replace cheaper ones once someone knows what stimulation type they love.

The 411 on Luxury Vibrators:

  • They’re made from more expensive materials that last longer and offer a better sensory experience
  • They’re usually rechargeable so you don't have to worry about expensive batteries
  • Additional features and functionality allow you to tailor your pleasure and experiment with a wide range of sensations

If you’re ready to get luxe with your vibrations, we recommend the Womanizer OG (pictured).

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Wand Vibrators


These vibrators were originally designed to relieve back and neck pain (or at least marketed that way), but they make incredible clitoral stimulators - a discovery that boosted sales of wand massagers all over the world. Wands boast some of the most powerful vibrations sex toys have to offer, with many being mains powered (although we stock portable models too, in a range of sizes).

The 411 on Wand Vibrators:

  • Their large bodies are capable of hosting large motors, making them much stronger than most other vibrator styles
  • They make for perfect couple’s toys as they’re non-anatomical and great for stimulating all of your erogenous zones (and they're fab for massages too)
  • Their sizeable heads are great for broad stimulation

Perhaps the most well-known wand vibrator out there is the critically acclaimed Magic Wand (pictured).

Head here to shop all of our Wand Vibrators.

Learn some fun tips to enhance your wand massager satisfaction here.

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Realistic Dildo Vibrators


Realistic vibrating dildos have the same lifelike features you know and love from traditional realistic dildos, but with the added bonus of a motor that makes the dildo vibrate. So, if anatomical designs get you hot and bothered, but you need a bit of buzz to get off, then this best-of-both-worlds sex toy category is the one for you.

The 411 on Realistic Dildo Vibrators:

  • Available in a multitude of sizes from Average Joe to Super-King Simon (not actual names)
  • Most have a range of speeds and patterns to play with
  • There are loads of choices if you're looking for specific features, from remote controls and suction cups to designs with balls and ones with added appendages to tickle or penetrate your backdoor

And if you’re after the ULTIMATE realistic experience, you can even create a vibrating dildo from the mold of your or your partner’s peen with the unique Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Kit (pictured)!

Shop our complete range of Realistic Dildo Vibrators here.

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Remote Control & App-Controlled Vibrators


Remote control vibrators, and their fancier cousins, app-controlled vibrators, open up a whole new world of play possibilities for solo fun and partnered passion alike. The hands-free nature of these vibrators leaves your hands, well, free to explore other erogenous zones or to pass the remote to a partner! App-controlled and remote-control vibrators also let you take your pleasure outside the bedroom for sneaky public play if you’re so inclined.

The 411 on Remote Control Vibrators:

  • They come in all sorts of varieties, from love eggs and bullet vibes to prostate massagers and cock rings - everyone's a winner!
  • Most offer a wide range of speeds and patterns for a customizable experience
  • Great for couples who enjoy power play

The best-selling We-Vibe Chorus (pictured) can be operated by either remote or app and is a fabulous option for hands-free fun!

Shop all Remote Control & App-Controlled Vibrators here.

Learn how to use a remote control vibrator here.

Discover the best app-enabled vibrators here.

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Vibrating Strap-Ons


Vibrating strap-ons operate just like standard strap-on dildos, but with the addition of vibrations to enhance the experience for both partners. Some vibrating strap-ons have a built-in motor, while others are hollow so you can insert a bullet vibe inside them. There are a range of options to suite all types of anatomies and purposes, from pegging to double-ended vibrating strap-ons and more!

The 411 on Vibrating Strap-Ons:

  • Some include a clitoral stimulator similar to those seen on rabbit vibrators
  • They come in various sizes and textures for an array of sensations
  • Available in multiple harness styles, including strapless which works without a harness, for comfort and diversity

Looking for a vibrating strap-on kit that has everything included so you can play as soon as you open it? Try out the 4-piece Tracey Cox Supersex Strap-On Pegging Kit (pictured).

Shop our full range of Vibrating Strap-Ons here.

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Best Vibrators for Beginners

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