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      1. Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 E-Stim Cock Cage with Urethral Sound

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      Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 E-Stim Cock Cage with Urethral Sound 7 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 E-Stim Cock Cage with Urethral Sound
      2. Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 E-Stim Cock Cage with Urethral Sound


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    1. Add a spark

      Reviewed: January 27, 2018 by Mystie, a Straight Married Male

      It came in a case and well packed also has full instruction book. Looks fragile but after use seems quite sturdy.

      Fit well and has three additional spacers should you need them. It is quite comfortable as a plastic cage can be.

      When linked to electro shock machine it gives a new meaning to giving sex life a new spark!

      Get on of these if you can. Can you go up to fifty on the shock machine?

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      A great purchase at £130. Well worth it.
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    1. Incredible

      Reviewed: January 9, 2018 by Marcus X

      Wow, well what can I say about this little beauty. Me and my girlfriend live quite far apart and she bought me this for Christmas so I can't get my rocks off while she's not there.

      It looked quite intimidating at first, mainly because it's such a new concept to us. It is quite large and I'm a smaller guy (below average), so I was worried at first we would need something smaller. Not the case at all! It doesn't allow me to get a proper erection; it does feel a little uncomfortable at first but you get used to it. No more late night hentai for me until I can get the key back! Another bonus is that you can't tell that you are wearing it through your trousers. I think it would definitely be suitable for average or larger guys.

      When me and my girlfriend managed to meet up next, we tried out some of the other functionality. Now she hadn't let me use the urethral sound up until that point, as I'm a bit of a pro in that area. This one felt great, plenty of lube and it slid straight in.

      You will need some Extra attachments to use all the stimulating pads, but luckily we had all those. I can't describe the feeling to you, but we found a happy medium (somewhere towards the higher end of the scale) and it's feel incredible. Let me tell you, I was literally leaking.

      It's easy to clean, just make sure that you have the right products. 100% recommended this, it's brought and extra edge to our sex life.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use and clean.
      Nothing at all!
      Bottom line
      Brilliant device for keeping the man in check.
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    1. Oh my God

      Reviewed: September 29, 2016 by Estim

      This is the second chastity device I have used. I really like the E-Stim range and this was a perfect choice for me.

      It's just... so kinky in many ways. You're locked up, your balls are tight, and the more aroused you get the more intense the pulses through your cock.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      You can edge for ages and ages and ages.
      You do edge for ages - what's not to like!
      Bottom line
      At this whenever I can. It's worth every penny.
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    1. Impressed with this device...

      Reviewed: September 13, 2016 by Soforlorn

      I am a past user (and general fan) of the CB2000, 3000 and Curve, so have a deal of experience with this type of device. This one is relatively solid and well constructed (apart from one minor issue) and serves as both a good chastity device and an eStim device.

      As a chastity device it is well built, better in general than the CB series, to which it is very similar in looks and operation. I found it more comfortable and also secure than the CB 3000. It is just as easy to put on as the CB series. The only point I would make with regard to quality of the build is the locking pin, which is very flimsy. I half expect this to fail over prolonged use, but I think that it should be easy to replace in a DIY fashion without too much fuss.

      I have my own TENS machine from another eStim experience, which uses the same connectors (by the way, you will need to purchase/obtain another connector to use all four of the eStim 'ports'). The eStim works really well with the silicon pads, and I have yet to be able to turn the dials right up - halfway seems to be the limit for me, due possibly to the silicone pads being placed right on the corona of the penis. Also the dilator is pretty intense.

      The dilator itself is too thin, in my opinion, and has a sharpish end, which actually drew blood the first time I used it (my hands were trembling so much I think I managed to jab it in too enthusiastically. Also, I have a PA piercing, and with the ring left in there wasn't too much room for the dilator. I now take the ring out.). I should like to see a thicker and more rounded dilator, and may well try some more DIY on this. Overall, a really good eStim device too.

      I'm delighted with this product - a little pricy, especially for the full monty including the eStim machine, but hey, that's what people like us expect... Very satisfied with both the product and the excellent delivery and packaging service from Lovehoney - 5 stars from me all round!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Works well as a cage and an eStim device.
      Locking pin a little flimsy, but certainly not a showstopper. Dilator too thin.
      Bottom line
      I like it a lot - better than the CB series devices.
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    1. She has the key

      Reviewed: December 16, 2015 by Stuburns, a Straight Married Male

      I think I am now ready to write this review. I have now been locked in this cage for 20 days. Totally under my OH’s control. Other than supervised cleaning and 1 full release I haven't been out of my manhood prison. I am absolutely loving it, and my OH is enjoying the control. This is a completely new direction for us and something we plan on continuing for the long haul.

      The item arrives in a standard box highlighting the product and the usual type of info. Once opened, you are presented with a luxurious zipped travel case. On opening the case you find the inside is full of all wonders. In fact, it's quite a jigsaw of parts that make up this cock cage, but from just looking at the images it's really simple how to fit the parts together.

      Firstly, in the kit you find the cage, hinged ball loop with multiple settings so it should fit around anyone, 3 spacers, padlock with 2 keys, 5 plastic easy to cut locks, 3 removable silicone surfaces, 1 removable dilator, 1 cable for Mystim power pack, sachet of water-based lube, sachet of conductive gel and all important instructions.

      Really is a quality piece of kit.

      First I'm going to talk about the cage without the silicone Mystim surfaces and dilator fitted, because this is how I am wearing the cage mostly. On first fitting I fitted the ball loop quite loose. Not so loose that they could slip out, but plenty of room for movement. I also fitted the 3 spacers. I did this because I am fairly long when limp. Obviously it needs fixing whilst limp, which is a challenge in itself when testing anything new there is excitement. I applied water-based lube to myself and presented the cage to the ball loop.

      All fairly straight forward. Take it very slowly because the spacers will move and you could pinch any loose skin. You will know when it's fully presented to the ball loop because you will be able to get the padlock through the first hole and voila. Locked.

      For my first 2 nights we kept it like this. It was comfortable to wear and with no problem or large bulges showing in my pants. That was until my OH decided to give me a little tease, and even though it's stops a prominent erection it still pushes out a little and just looks like I have a large package in my pants. Strange feeling though because of the hard plastic cage you can only expand so far and then it feels like you are being squeezed but not like you are squeezing yourself.

      There is no interaction with your penis, so it's like an invisible force squeezing. I wouldn't say it was enjoyable but it isn't totally frustrating. What is, is you can't do anything about it. You can't play with it because it's a hard plastic cage. No feeling transfers through it. You certainly can't give yourself relief unless your key holder is willing to give you the key. It completely serves its purpose.

      Night-time was a struggle at first. Those night erections will wake you up. You certainly know when you get one and there is nothing you can do about it. First night I must have woke 6 times for 15 minutes at a time until I could calm myself down to get back to sleep. After a couple of days I found I had a little better control at night. Not with the erections but more control on getting rid of them quicker (think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts).

      What I did find was through the night with these erections the cage or spacers were pinching my penis. Quite a sharp pinch too. I was also left with a couple of marks where I had expanded in the tube and squeezed out of the holes where the silicone pads would usually sit. These marks soon disappeared though through the day once I had no reason to get those random erections.

      Over the next few days I removed the spacers and tightened the ball ring. My body seemed to get used to wearing it, and after reading into cock cages these are supposed to fit tight on a limp penis. Now I have no spacers and I can just about get my little finger through the ball ring.

      When my OH teases me my balls do become very tight in this. Not to painful but just tight and strained. I still feel a strong erection inside but it has nowhere to go. In all honesty it is now comfiest tighter and without the spacers.

      There is no pinching anymore. I actually forget I am wearing it sometimes. Sometimes, though, if I'm being teased by my OH and she has kept me excited for say 30 minutes, I certainly can't wait for a rest and quickly manage to think my erection limp. All part of the training I think. It has taken 3 weeks to get used to this cage and I love being locked and my OH loves keeping me locked.

      Now let's talk about the Mystim shock part. The silicone pads are easy enough to fit, but you will need an extra twin cable to use all 4 pads. Fortunately I have a Mystim unit that has some more cables. I would advise before putting the dilator in to fit the plug for the Mystim to this part first. As always with using the Mystim, read the instructions carefully before using and start very low and slowly find your threshold. Plugged in, tied, and raring to go, I gave my OH the Mystim unit. She had complete control and my trust to use this item.

      She started slowly and all I can say is wow. It started as a mild tingling and then slowly my OH reached a threshold I was happy with. It's hard to explain the feeling, but I can tell you I liked it. Maybe she could have really gone to town and turned the unit up and down, but we aren't really into the BDSM scene, just more mild. What I did find after about 10 minutes was I was leaking pre-cum. I mean leaking. I was thoroughly enjoying this tease I was getting. I may have not been able to masturbate whilst wearing this cock cage, but this was just the tease I needed. After 30 minutes of play my OH turned it off and everything felt normal. No after-effect, no burning, and the same feeling in my penis as I have had whilst wearing the cage.

      All in all, I have loved the whole caged experience. I have all enjoyed the Mystim sessions. We have both embraced this whole lifestyle and ready plenty about chastity relationships and the Mystim part has also brought another dimension to this play.

      I'm actually surprised the cage has remained in one piece because I have been like the hulk in there.

      If you want to embrace the chastity lifestyle with a twist then this is ideal for you.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Will fit most. Adjustable. Extra thrill of Mystim.
      Love everything.
      Bottom line
      Wow. Our relationship has changed for the good.
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    1. Imprisoningly frustrating

      Reviewed: May 10, 2017 by AwesomeMarriedCoupl, a Straight Married Female

      Delivered in a standard brown cardboard box with nothing but address label on it.

      This is a brilliant little gizmo. It's hold-on-tight, stop-all-stimulation and with an added function of electrocution! It definitely stops all types of stimulation. Yes, you can stick something in the end of it to rub your bellend, but that would be a little rubbish. The urination hole is huge, yet useless. Unless your meat is perfectly behind the hole your stream catches it's edge and goes everywhere like a sprinkler.

      A catheter urethral sounds would be brilliant on this. Although it does come with a sound, it is painful and not hollow, it is made of relatively hard plastic and not rounded at the insertion end so it just scrapes inside, it actually made me bleed.

      The way it attaches to the body is good but, it grabs skin like it's hungry, get an erection and it pushes skin up between the relatively tight plastic, which just hurts like mad.

      If you have the power supply as well, that just makes you crazy, no escape, you want it to stop then you don't. Feels good and bad all in one!

      A nice layer of lube is a must to get this on nice and smoothly.

      All in all, I do like this thing, it just has all few flaws.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      It stops all stimulation.
      Urine hole, urethral sound, gaps where plastic connects.
      Bottom line
      Deprivation at its best.
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    1. And I shall call him

      Reviewed: January 11, 2018 by 45h, a Straight Single Male

      I recently started getting into chastity play. This being my second piece. What did I think of it? Pretty gimmicky. Like a Meccano set for adults. I doubt whoever designed this actually wore it, and their quality testers were probably yes men. Let's start with the construction quality.

      It actually seems quite flimsy. The locking pin could break if you look at it hard enough and the plastic doesn't feel all that durable, so constantly readjusting against an erection might be a bad idea. The ball clip is a hoop with two pivots that pinch while being applied, and I'm not sure why they thought it was a good idea to use a handcuff style locking mechanism that's guaranteed to grab skin on the way in, but they did.

      The spacers aren't quite large enough for any number of them to line up with the locking holes, so as the piece moves around on your junk it's bound to also grab some skin. The interesting part about this device is that it's made to be used with the Mystim TENS device, which is actually a pretty interesting idea (I bought the device as an after thought because buying them together scored me 20% off).

      The sensations are unusual and have many variations. However, you're better off just getting the TENS device as they only thing this cage offers that you can't achieve with the TENS device alone is the urethral sound plug (which was amazing!). Between the pinching and the fear I was going to break it at any moment if I flexed too hard. The tensing capabilities just doesn't make it worth the asking price even at a discount. Skip this one and go straight for the tens device if you're after that functionality. Otherwise it's my opinion another device will probably be better for caged play.

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      The tens ports. Urethral sound.
      Pinches skin in various spots, wasn't comfortable to wear.
      Bottom line
      Too expensive, not that good.
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