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    1. Bathmate HYDROMAX 7 Penis Pump Clear

      Average customer review 5 out of 5 stars7 reviews

      Aim for the big time with the Bathmate HYDROMAX7. The hydraulic penis pump uses water rather than air pressure which can assist potential penile engorgement, and features 35% more suction power than the Bathmate Hercules model.


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      1. Bathmate HYDROMAX 7 Penis Pump Clear

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    1. Product Description

      Aim for the big time with the Bathmate HYDROMAX7. The hydraulic penis pump uses water rather than air pressure which can assist potential penile engorgement, and features 35% more suction power than the Bathmate HYDRO7 model.

      HYDROMAX7 is designed for use in the bath or shower for men with erections of 7.5 inches and under in length, and 4.7 inches in girth. And how does it work? It's as easy as 1,2 3:

      1. Fill the cylinder with water and insert your flaccid penis, pressing back against the groin to seal.

      2. Slowly pump the HYDROMAX7 to increase the pressure inside the chamber, to draw blood into the penis which can help to engorge it beyond your usual size.

      3. When water stops coming out of the end it indicates maximum pressure has been achieved. Hold for 5 - 6 minutes then flick the quick-release valve. Repeat up to 3 times.

      Just 60 days of repeated use can produce eye-popping results, for a partner-pleasing length and girth and increased sexual confidence.

      The HYDROMAX7 boasts a range of innovative features unique to this product to boost its performance, including a removable, insertable comfort pad made from skin-safe elastomer that helps to provide an extra-tight seal around the base.

      Results may vary.

      Key Features:

      • Hydraulic penis pump for men with a pre-pump erect length of under 7.5 inches in length and 4.7 inches in girth
      • 250 x more powerful than a standard air pump, and with 35% more suction power than the Bathmate HYDRO7
      • Measurement gauge on pump displays progress so you can track your gains
      • May see results within 60 days when following the exercise regime
      • Manual features easy-to-follow instructions and includes a measuring chart
      • Results may vary
    1. How it measures up

      • Canal diameter: 2.2 inches
      • Internal Length: 10 inches
      • Opening:
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: Plastic
      • Waterproof: Submersible

    Product Videos

    1. Buyer's Guide: How to Choose and Use a Bathmate Pump

      Thinking about a Bathmate but not sure which to choose? Annabelle Knight explains the benefits of the Bathmate and helps you choose the right one for you. She also demonstrates how to use a Bathmate for maximum gains to your length and girth.

    1. Customer Reviews

      Bathmate HYDROMAX 7 Penis Pump Clear 7 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Bathmate HYDROMAX 7 Penis Pump Clear
      2. Bathmate HYDROMAX 7 Penis Pump Clear


    1. Works brilliant

      Reviewed: November 17, 2017 by Mr&MrsC2009, a Straight Married Male

      I was a little sceptical about shelling out the money for this so called miracle enlarger but I was shocked at would this can do. I not going to be a bore and go into the size gains. I find things like that a little off putting and frankly some untrue. However this does work!

      You need to be persistent with it know your body limits and don’t go all hells bells on it because injury can occur. Getting a good deal is key so keep well trimmed down there. A small amount of lube can sometimes help your member slide up the tube easier but not always necessary.

      Can be used in either the shower or the bath.I find it easier to use whilst in the bath ( a lot more comfortable) however, I have just purchased a Bathmate Shower Strap which I’m hoping will make the showering experience better and a lot more hands-free.

      It does come with a comfort sleeve/ring that pops on the bottom of the gaiter. I recommend using this as the rubber gaiter can dig in, also makes it easier on the pubic bone region as using the new to using the Bathmate can make it a little sore (this does pass after a week of use).

      Delivery was fast and discreet (as always) and the packaging is very professional.

      All in all, a brilliant buy! Happy me and happy wifey.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Results straight away, keep at it for permanent results though.
      Errr, what’s not to like? Nothing!
      Bottom line
    3. 1 person found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Great, but best used in the bath

      Reviewed: September 20, 2016 by MJ25, a Gay Going Steady Male

      I'll admit upfront, I only have a wet-room shower and this is best used in the bath (hence Bathmate).

      I'm about 7.2 inches upfront and I'm not shy about it. I just like to buy new stuff and try it, and it's nicer to say 7.5 when people ask than to seem picky over the 0.2 bit. So, my expectations were for a marginal 0.3 increase. I'll admit too that I wasn't expecting much. I mean, I kind of half-arsed most of the instructions, but after two weeks I had gone up by 0.4! Really impressive increase and the girth had gone up to (but I forgot to measure that at the start...).

      So, for quick gains it works well. The point I'd raise is for long term increases you need months and months of ongoing work. I retained about 0.2 of that increase after doing 4 weeks and stopping for 2 months before measuring again. So there is progress, just don't be to awed by the initial increases. You will go up, but long term use is essential.

      Using this in the bath is great and no problem at all. I used it when staying around my partner, who has a standard tub. But using this in the shower can be a major pain in the arse. The strap for this keeps it up, but doing anything else in the shower makes the thing move around too much and the seal breaks a tiny bit. Although irritating, I found this to be quite useful after some thought, as the pressure is released slowly due to the movement so your penis can unpump in a more natural way.

      Despite the shower problems, I use this for a month at a time then stop for several months, since purchasing this a few years ago I can honestly say I'm around 7.4-7.5 comfortably. The real effect was on girth (again I forgot to measure, but my partner said I'd gotten thicker).

      If I used this properly I have no doubts the increase would be larger, but something always gets in my way of keeping the routine up. If you are a routine-type person then this will give you a good increase - no miracles, but enough to give you an ego boost.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft, equal pressure applied.
      Fiddly in the shower.
      Bottom line
      Buy this. You can't go wrong if your expectations are reasonable.
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    1. Had made a big difference

      Reviewed: April 27, 2016 by ToyReviewGuy, a Bisexual Single Male

      I purchased the Bathmate Hydromax X30 after previously owning the Bathmate Hercules and wanted something stronger and a bit bigger.

      First thing I would say is that the suction is noticeably stronger! The new gaiter comfort pad at the bottom is also a really good product update from the previous model. It's much more comfortable and doesn't end up leaving rings from the rubber on your shaft.

      The instructions that came with the product are very easy to follow, which is worth doing so as it would be easy to over do it.

      The pipe at the end of the product is another handy upgrade as you can slide it to the side to lock the water in making it easier to put on in the shower, although I mainly used it in the bath.

      It has made a real difference to the size and strength of my hard-ons. I have gained about an inch in length from it, and it has made a difference to the head size. I was just under 7in in length hard prior to using this. The biggest change is to the girth of my dick. it is considerably thicker, veinier, weightier and made a big difference when having sex with the other half.

      The only thing that I don't see as being an issue is that I may be upgrading to the Xtreme or X40 purely down to size growth!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Does exactly what it says it does.
      Bottom line
      Amazing, 100% worth buying.
    3. 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes