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    1. Bathmate HYDROXTREME9 Penis Pump Clear

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      Pump it up with Bathmate's most powerful penis pump. Using the power of water, the HYDROXTREME9 pump creates a vacuum around your penis that can increase its length and girth. Includes 11 different accessories for optimum results.


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      1. Bathmate HYDROXTREME9 Penis Pump Clear

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    1. Product Description

      Pump it up with Bathmate's most powerful penis pump. Using the power of water, the HYDROXTREME9 pump creates a vacuum around your penis that can increase its length and girth. Includes 11 different accessories for optimum results.

      Train in the privacy of your shower or bath and monitor your growth with ease thanks to the transparent finish and measuring gauge on the side of the pump.

      The included comfort pad and lubricant offer pure comfort during pumping - just one session a day involving up to 3 reps of 5 - 6 minutes can help to deliver impressive results.

      Results may vary.

      Key Features:

      • Hydraulic penis pump for men with a pre-pump erect length of over 7.5 inches
      • 250 times more powerful than a standard air pump
      • 35% more suction power than the Bathmate HYDRO7
      • Set includes: X40 hydraulic penis pump, 15.5 inch hose with connector, hand-held ball pump with valve, comfort pad, cleaning brush, large luxury case with security lock, shower strap, measuring gauge, cotton Hydromax towel, 10ml Pjur Man water-based lubricant, user manual
      • May see results within 60 days when following the exercise regime
      • Swivel gaiter bellows allow 360° pivoting for use in any position
      • Hand-held ball pump for alternative pumping motion
      • Measurement gauge on pump
      • Results may vary
    1. How it measures up

      • Canal diameter: 2.5 inches
      • Internal Length: 11.5 inches
      • Opening:
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: Plastic
      • Texture: Smooth
      • Waterproof: Submersible

    Product Videos

    1. Buyer's Guide: How to Choose and Use a Bathmate Pump

      Thinking about a Bathmate but not sure which to choose? Annabelle Knight explains the benefits of the Bathmate and helps you choose the right one for you. She also demonstrates how to use a Bathmate for maximum gains to your length and girth.

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      Bathmate HYDROXTREME9 Penis Pump Clear 1 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Bathmate HYDROXTREME9 Penis Pump Clear
      2. Bathmate HYDROXTREME9 Penis Pump Clear


    1. The best a man can get

      Reviewed: September 20, 2015 by Red Nose, a Straight Single Male

      The product came triple wrapped. The actual Bathmate logo'd box was inside a taped up anonymous white cardboard box, which then is inside the first brown postal one. This was impressive as no one could have opened it and 'accidentally' learnt what it was without you knowing they intentionally were trying to. Good move there as customers value their privacy.

      The supplied case was very nicely made, and came with additional 'extra' parts such as a cleaning tool and a little towel to dry it off after use (useful). So although expensive, I felt the 'full user experience' with this product, was better than lesser models due to it coming with everything you need and if you look after it, it will last years.

      I ordered the X40 Extreme due to becoming temporarily 'stuck' in the X30 for a few moments! This hair-raising experience called for an upgrade to the X40 Extreme and laid to rest my own skepticism if these pumps work over time or not - they do.

      Using the X40 Extreme for the first time, what immediately satisfied me was that after use, the pump did not produce the sore 'gaitor bites' (the wider diameter X40 prevents this) where the rubber base digs into the base of the organ and pinches it, as you expand inside. Thus it was nice to be able to use the product and not worry about being squashed at the sides and it felt able to accommodate me, without being massive.

      I had read online some people commenting that it was hard to get pressure in the X40 due to it's large diameter. Well I had no such problem myself, in fact the pressure in the X40 (without using the optional hand pump to further increase pressure) blew the X30 away, perhaps as they have redesigned the valve at the top of the cylinder with a locking feature - which I will discuss in a moment.

      Also I noted, despite impressive pressure levels, the X40 Xtreme didn't cause the usual donut effect where lymph fluid is pulled into the skin that is hard to avoid - or so I thought, as this product doesn't do it! Instantly I used it, I knew it was a worthwhile investment and the best product I have ever used for this purpose, without question.

      A small niggle for an otherwise perfect product: The hand pump attachment (optional) irrespective if I place the red hose into the top of the cylinder when it is 'locked' or 'unlocked' I got immediate depressurisation when doing this until I figured out you have to place the connector in very gently. Also, when storing everything away I found the hand pump ball, was still full of water, so I had to remember to squeeze and shake this all out carefully.

      When disconnected from the cylinder, when squeezing it (to expel excess water) it makes a loud high pitched squawking noise rather like a fire alarm test 'peep'. So don't do this if you want to use it quietly with other people in the house as they'll ask what the noise is!

      Also there are no markers on the valve at the top of the Bathmate cylinder that you turn to lock and unlock the unit (not the black 'pip'), so you have to remember if the cylinder status is locked or not when letting water out by pressing the top of the unit down, or you can't remove it from your body! Hopefully in future versions the manufacturer can have an etched coloured indicator (green and red) to show when the unit is locked to avoid confusion.

      Other than this, I can see no negative points, it's a great product and definitely produces results better than anything else I have ever used, including my old X30, this is far superior.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Quality of construction, very powerful, nice bag with lock.
      The hand pump.
      Bottom line
      You won't be disappointed. The best on the market.
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