1. We-Vibe Moxie Remote and App Control Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator

      Average customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars8 reviews

      Meet Moxie, a cheeky remote control clitoral vibrator with 10 rumbly yet discreet vibration modes. But that's not all – Moxie is equipped with a magnetic clip, allowing you to turn almost any pair of plain ol' underwear into exciting vibrating panties.


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    1. Product Description

      Meet Moxie, a cheeky remote control clitoral vibrator with 10 rumbly yet discreet vibration modes. But that's not all – Moxie is equipped with a magnetic clip, allowing you to turn almost any pair of plain ol' underwear into exciting vibrating panties.

      With an ultra-slim profile and a smooth silicone finish, Moxie adds a sexy secret to your day to day routine, and no one but you (and your partner, if you invite them along) will know you're playing.

      Moxie comes with a remote control or can be controlled from anywhere with an internet connection via the free We-Connect™ app, so you can make distance disappear and put sensual fun front and centre. It uses Bluetooth bonding to prevent other signals from disrupting your connection, so you can stay focused on your enjoyment.

      Plus, it's USB rechargeable and runs for up to 2 hours on single charge, with advanced sleep settings keeping Moxie ready and waiting until you press start.

      Dab your Moxie with water-based lubricant before use to get the best pleasure from your toy.

      Key Features:

      • Rumbly yet whisper-quiet and rechargeable remote control knicker vibrator with 10 vibration modes
      • Held in place magnetically for precise stimulation during long-term wear
      • Remote control has a range of up to 3 meters
      • Use with the free We-Connect™ app to control from anywhere
      • Includes satin drawstring bag and USB cable and 2ml We-Vibe lubricant sample

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    1. How it measures up

      • Circumference: 3 inches
      • Length: 3.5 inches
    2. Power and speed

      • Run Time: 120 minutes
      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
    3. How it feels

      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Material: Silicone
    4. Essential info

      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Allergens: Latex-Free
      • Allergens: Phthalate-Free

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    1. We-Vibe Moxie App Controlled Wearable Panty Vibrator

      Meet Moxie, a cheeky remote control clitoral vibrator with 10 rumbly yet discreet vibration modes. But that's not all – Moxie is equipped with a magnetic clip, allowing you to turn almost any pair of plain ol' pants into delightful vibrating knickers.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      We-Vibe Moxie Remote and App Control Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator 8 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

      5 star
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      1. We-Vibe Moxie Remote and App Control Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator
      2. We-Vibe Moxie Remote and App Control Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator


    1. Pretty Little Thing

      Reviewed: May 5, 2020 by alex5890

      First of all, I'm obsessed with the aqua colour.

      This toy shipped so quickly and super discretely which I appreciated. I loved the idea of handing the remote over to my boyfriend and having him control it. Unlike other panty vibes I've tried, it was super comfortable and easy to wear (and it didn't move an inch even when I did!).

      Overall I love this little thing and will be using it again and again.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Super strong vibrations and pretty colour.
      Remote could be cuter.
      Bottom line
      Best panty vibe out there.
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    1. Marvellous Moxie

      Reviewed: June 13, 2019 by jengles, a Bisexual Married Female

      I love the quality of We-Vibe toys, they always feel sleek and sensual to touch, and they are classy.

      Moxie comes beautifully packaged in a classy box with a picture on the front and nestled inside a layer of foam, alongside the remote control and complete with a magnetic charging cable, a satin storage pouch, instruction manual and a sample of pjur lube. The perfect gift for yourself or someone special, but enough talk about boxes, Moxie is waiting to be explored, so much more exciting than talking about packaging.

      Moxie is a beautiful shade of turquoise blue, sleek to the touch and sits beautifully against my clit, the vibes are rumbly and despite me being a power queen I even found the power pretty good, although I confess to mainly using the highest setting.

      Moxie isn't whisper-quiet on the highest settings, people would definitely hear it, but on the lower settings it is okay to wear for some outside fun, I've tried it all over town, I've worn it while shopping and drinking coffee and on a night out and nobody has guessed that I was using a knicker vibrator.

      And yes Moxie is great fun, it's really got my clit buzzing with excitement and after using Moxie I've been reaching really intense orgasms, so something must be working well. I haven't managed to orgasm from using moxie but it's certainly doing a great job on warming me up, which is probably what Moxie is really intended for more than anything. In fact I'm slightly addicted to Moxie, I just love the sensations I'm getting from it pulsing away against my clitoris.

      There are 10 rumbly settings, low, medium, high, ultra, pulse, wave, tease, ramp, tempo & massage, which are controllable using the remote or the button on the end. Using the We-Connect app you have the same 10 settings, but you can also create your own vibes too, great fun, you can have them as powerful or as quiet as you like, as you can guess mine are all powerful.

      The We-Connect App worked great for me, I had no problems with connecting, and it was great fun allowing someone else to take control, definitely recommend it if your in a long distance relationship, it was easy to use, simply use the option to connect a lover in the App on your mobile and once your lover accepts your good to go.

      To connect Moxie to the remote you hold down the button on the underneath of Moxie and the sideward direction button on the wireless remote for 5 seconds, they both buzz twice and you know they're connected, it's the same to connect to the App, hold down the button on moxie and press connect device on the App.

      Moxie always starts on the last setting used, which is very useful.

      I found the magnetic charger has got a really good strong connection, no danger of it coming adrift, and Moxie takes around 90 minutes to charge up fully, I only seem to get 90 minutes of play or even slightly less from a charge, but I am mostly using it on full power so that's probably why.

      Moxie's waterproof and very easy to clean too and the little satin storage pouch is beautiful quality.

      So overall, even though I haven't managed to orgasm while using Moxie, I've come pretty close and I've had some awesome orgasms after using Moxie so I can't complain, and I'd definitely recommend getting one.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Sheer quality and a great turn on.
      Absolutely nothing.
      Bottom line
      Moxie warmed me up so that I had some really intense orgasms after using it.
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    1. Exciting toy

      Reviewed: April 23, 2020 by candycane98, a Bisexual Married Female

      This fits in pretty much every pair of panties I have and it's super fun on a night out with my husband.

      Sometimes we like to pretend we don't know each other when we're out, and this adds a very exciting twist, I hand him the remote and he surprises me.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Very discreet.
      Bottom line
      Fun addition to my collection!
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    1. We-Vibe does it again

      Reviewed: June 14, 2019 by Mr-Mrs-Sexy, a Straight Married Male

      First off I got my confirmation email on Wednesday and it arrived Friday morning, discreet unbranded packaging.

      Opened it up and inside is a lovely, well designed box, sort of reminds me of a new mobile phone box. Inside is an annoying plastic cover, which although looks smart and probably there for a display item in a shop, it's quite annoying part of the packaging. Included is a manual with pictures, sachet of water-based lube, an amazing double lined satin bag and the toy itself.

      The Toy:

      This We-Vibe Moxie is very well designed, silky smooth with no edges whatsoever, it has a magnetic style charging port and comes with two magnets, one of which sticks to the toy then the other goes the other-side of your underwear and holds it in place. These are very strong and should work through most types of underwear. Out of curiosity I tested the magnet and it worked through double layer cardboard so it should do the job well no problem. Just 1 button turns it on and selects through the different patterns.

      The Patterns:

      This We-Vibe has 10 patterns, nothing unusual compared to other vibes, has 4 speed variants, few pulses and increasing/decreasing patterns plus one rapid fast mode (my favourite). Only downside I have found with this toy, although it is super quiet when wearing it and in a silent room I still don't think anyone could hear it, you do have to be careful how and if you sit down because the vibration noise will travel through a chair et cetera and become reasonably obvious. This is only an issue on full speed setting and sat down at such an angle that it would make contact... so not really going to be a common problem.

      The Remote:

      Comes with a very nice but basic remote. Has 4 buttons and a key ring hole. The instructions don't mention what button does what, but it doesn't take long to work it out plus fun trying it. The left/right go through the modes and up/down change power (which you can not do from the toy itself).

      First Use:

      We gave it a trial run while going for a walk, gave it a quick wash under the tap as it's waterproof, applied a bit of lube and used the magnets to secure it in place, all very painless and easy… Took a few tests and adjustments to get it into the right place, but once set it stayed strong. Walked around for a bit, testing out the buttons and different patterns. Some felt okay but nothing to rave about. Then others made me stop walking in my tracks. I guess it will depend on what the individual likes. Needless to say, I was quite happy with its power and performance. It is up there with my bullets and wands for the punch it gives. I returned from the walk incredibly aroused and raring to go. If I had longer with it, such as a long shopping trip or a day in the office, it would have been enough to get me from start to finish quite happily.

      Overall I'm really impressed with the design and operation of the Moxie and hopefully be using it a lot more!


    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Design and power!
      Bottom line
      Amazing, strong vibe for all day use!
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    1. App, app and away!

      Reviewed: July 10, 2019 by The Big Gee, a Straight Married Male

      Ever wish you could have a knicker vibrator in your comfy pants? Then read on the Moxie could be just the toy your looking for.

      The packaging is everything you'd expect from a luxury toy. A well-designed box with foam inlay and a compartment underneath to hide all the non-pretty bits like the charging cable.

      It charges via a USB lead with a magnetic attachment which connects to the vibe. A little light tells you it's charging.

      The Moxie has a soft silicone feel to it, and is completely sealed so is totally waterproof. The remote is not so luxurious and feels like a bit of an afterthought (design wise at least), I'm not sure if the same remote us used with all We-Vibe toys or it is specific. The Moxie connects to the remote wirelessly and has a decent enough range for home play- unless you live in a mansion in which case you might struggle!

      The really clever bit of the Moxie is the app, this allows you to control it from anywhere in the world, so long as you both have a phone, one is connected to the Moxie via Bluetooth and your phone links to your partner's!

      The app allows total control, varying patterns (and even creating your own) and intensity. The app works with a lot of different We-Vibe products so you can have a pleasure party from Preston to Portugal! The app works well once you get it set up and although, admittedly we haven't tried it at any real distance (ie we've both been in the house) the connection has always been okay.

      The other clever part is the Moxie's magnet, on the front of the Moxie there's a magnetic section and in the box there are two magnetic discs (one spare). You simply put on your preferred pants, get the Moxie in place and put the disc on the outside of your chosen pants and it's held in place through the magic of magnetism. We didn't notice any slipping or moving, I think the silicone coating helps give it a bit of grip too.

      The vibrations are pretty strong and it's not too loud, not sure I'd describe it as whisper-quiet, but certainly quiet enough that I think you'd only hear it in a pretty quiet room!

      All in all, it's good fun and a bit geeky at the same time, a perfect combination. :-)

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The App control and that you can use any pants!
      Not much really, the remote could be better.
      Bottom line
      Good old dirty geeky fun!
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes