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      1. Lovehoney Rechargeable Mini Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece)

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Rechargeable Mini Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece) 8 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Rechargeable Mini Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece)
      2. Lovehoney Rechargeable Mini Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set (5 Piece)


    1. Pocket Rocket that hits the spot

      Reviewed: May 30, 2020 by Toys, Lingerie & Fun!, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Usual quick and discreet service from LH.

      All in a little box with instructions. Unlike toys I've had from other companies where I've had to guess how to charge, how to switch on and use the functions, love LH for the info they provide with all their toys!

      Fab feel to this toy, silky silicone, is firm but with enough flex not to be uncomfortable, the colour is a really nice purple.

      Charging is easy with magnetic connectors to USB.

      The charge is quick and seems to last for ages. I do top up after extended use, but it's never died mid-session.

      The vibrations are strong, very strong without the attachments, to point of little numbing sometimes, but once put on the attachment on, it's perfect!

      The pointed one and lipstick shape are great for clitoral play. The others are great for general use and found the bulb shapes good for a little external anal tease.

      This is one of our regular go too toys in the collection, we love it!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Different attachments and rechargeable.
      Nothing, a firm fave with us!
      Bottom line
      Great little toy, great versatility, always a firm favourite in our toybox.
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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: April 28, 2020 by cutebutpsychobutcute

      So... being that we’re self isolating I found myself browsing Lovehoney more than usual. Decided to place an order using PayPal credit because as well as being bored and sex deprived I’m also poor. However, I do not regret this decision.

      My package arrived at 10:28 this morning and I’ve been trying to wait for bedtime to try it out, but here I am writing this review at 14:25. I bought this little number thinking I’ve tried numerous bullets before it’ll probably end up in the drawer with the rest. There’s where I was wrong.

      It is very powerful and the extra attachments just make it more fun. The flame/tongue looking one, I know you looked at it and thought hmm, well yes! I don’t think I’ll need a man ever again. That attachment + a cold glass dildo = amazing. Thank me later.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Attachments, power, mains charged.
      The charger holds via magnets rather than plugging in.
      Bottom line
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    1. Pocket rocket indeed...

      Reviewed: February 23, 2020 by Forever his ♡, a Straight Married Female

      I've been after 'the perfect bullet vibe' for a while and was thrilled to receive this. I was not disappointed and this has become a regular in our play as I am certainly a clit girl..

      The sleeves are a fantastic addition as they offer such versatility depending on if you like pinpoint action or a wider base. My favourite was the lipstick shaped one... The material is soft and smooth and felt delightful in the right places meaning it can be used on other erogenous zones. The colour is beautiful too!

      I love the fact that this is rechargeable and the battery seemed to last for a good couple of sessions before it needed a charge again.

      The added bonus is that this is waterproof, which also adds another element of play.

      I would recommend this to all types or players, newbies or the more experienced.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The versatility the sleeves added.
      Bottom line
      Perfect addition to anyone's set.
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    1. Strong Quietest Vibrator

      Reviewed: July 7, 2020 by SophiM11, a Straight Single Female

      If you're looking for an extra quiet vibrator, this one is fantastic!

      Absolutely love it and get a fantastic orgasm every time.

      Plus the shapes allow me to hit the all the different arousal spots. As someone whom has been looking for a very quiet vibrator for a long time (as I live in a old house with thin walls), this is the quietest I’ve found so far.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Extra quiet, strong vibrator.
      Bottom line
      Extra quiet, sleek, strong vibrator.
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    1. Petite and powerful

      Reviewed: February 17, 2020 by LeilaK, a Straight Engaged Female

      The Lovehoney Pocket Rocket Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set comes packaged in a well-designed small box. The front of the box displays a product photo, on the reverse of the box, you will find a product description, and instructions on how to use the pocket rocket. The box is sealed with plastic. I appreciate this as it gives me piece of mind that no one has opened the box. I wish all sex toy packaging was like this!

      Inside the box you receive the pocket rocket bullet, four different sleeves and a charging cable. The Pocket Rocket Bullet Vibrator is made from silky smooth silicone. It feels lovely to touch. The overall length of the bullet is 2", and it measures 4.5" in length with the pointy sleeve attached, and 3.5" with the other three sleeves attached. The four sleeves fit snugly over the top of the bullet, once on, they are really secure. The pocket rocket has one continuous speed, and 7 various patterns. I was surprised by how powerful it was for its size. The vibrations are more on the buzzy side, but I have no problem getting off with this toy.

      The Pocket Rocket Bullet Vibrator is rechargeable. Before using it has to be fully charged. It's simple to charge via the magnetic/USB charging cable. It takes 60 minutes to charge and this will give you 60 minutes of playtime.

      The on/off and control button button is on the base of the vibe. To turn the Pocket Rocket on, press and hold this button. To cycle through the patterns, press this button continuously. You have to press quite hard, which is slightly annoying. The Pocket Rocket may be small, but it's quite noisy. Just something to bear in mind if discretion is important to you. I'm not sure if the pocket rocket is waterproof as it doesn’t state on the packaging, so I just washed it carefully and didn’t submerge it in water.

      Having four different sleeves is really fantastic, depending on what kind of stimulation you are in the mood for/or prefer. Each sleeve has a different shape. The one with the long pointed tip is perfect for pinpoint stimulation. This does feel quite intense, not for ladies who like a softer touch, but this attachment has a rounded bulbous side that feels lovely.

      The smooth flat angled one is my favourite as it’s great for broader stimulation. The other two sleeves can be used for external and internal use: the curved one is great for G-spot/stimulation, and the other round mini-wand shaped sleeve is good for clitoral stimulation and shallow penetration. The Pocket Rocket can also be slipped in between two bodies and used during sexual penetration.

      I was impressed with the Lovehoney Pocket Rocket Bullet Vibrator and Sleeve Set. It's a very clever little toy! I loved it because it's powerful, high quality, and definitely versatile. It is a bit noisy and the control button is hard to press, but I can put up with these minor flaws. I would highly recommend this toy, as it's perfect for all different kinds of stimulation and small enough to keep in your pocket for pleasure on the go!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Size, attachments, high quality, power and smooth silicone.
      A bit noisy/control button hard to press.
      Bottom line
      A must-have vibe for your pocket!
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    1. A bit buzzy but overall a good vibe

      Reviewed: September 17, 2020 by addicted 2 my vibrator, a Bisexual Single Female

      Bought this because it was rechargeable and I liked the look of the different sleeves. I really needed a quiet one so this was a bit of a gamble but it's not loud, especially when it's got a sleeve over it! I love that it's rechargeable because I hate using batteries. I was really surprised and happy with the amount of power in this little thing!

      The bad parts would be that it's a bit buzzy and numbing, and really hard to hold in your hand when you're using it. However, it's made easier if you put a sleeve on the end you're holding it, but then you can't change the patterns. I don't like that it only has one constant speed, but to be fair you can change the intensity with the different sleeves. The patterns themselves are really nice, I usually stay away from pattern functions but I like the ones on this one. I do think this vibrator tends to numb me before I reach orgasm which is a shame, but a given with intense buzzy vibes like this one. It's still enjoyable.

      The different heads are nice, but I find the spherical wand looking one doesn't carry the vibrations that well. The other one I'm not sure about it the G-spot one, it's really too short to hit the G-spot but works alright externally. The flick one is my favourite, it's very intense but good. If it gets too much you can use the round bit of it for some more spread out vibrations. And the lipstick one is nice as well!

      Overall I think this is a good vibe for the money, especially as it's rechargeable. I'd say it's the best one you can get for 20 quid but if you can go a bit higher maybe look for one that's less numbing and has different speeds. I personally am looking forward to getting We-Vibe's Tango when I win the lottery. ;)

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Rechargeable, fairly quiet, different heads, really powerful for the size.
      A bit numbing, wish it had more intensities, G-spot sleeve is slightly too short!
      Bottom line
      Amazing if you can outrun the numbing effect.
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    1. Veriety is the spice of life

      Reviewed: January 28, 2020 by Green Eyed Girl, a Straight Single Female

      This little bullet really packs a punch and if you get on with its strong and reasonably rumbly vibrations, the variety of the sleeves and selection of patterns makes this a great kit for experimentation. Sadly, its lack of more than one speed (especially a lower one for warm-up) may leave you wanting something with more options.

      -First impressions

      The silicone is soft and very silky. The sleeves fit firmly and stay in place well. though it requires a little wiggling, I didn’t find them a problem to get on and off. The bullet is thicker than a standard, so sadly the sleeves didn’t work with other bullets.

      The bullet and sleeves are all seamless and finished well. The charger attaches readily, but can easily fall off if twisted to the side.

      The sleeves were easy to clean externally, but had some internal indents I did struggle to reach.


      This is easily the strongest bullet I own by a decent margin. Even stronger than the Lovehoney Magic Bullet (though a little buzzier). The vibrations reminded me of a much stronger love honey dream bullet. (It's also stronger and rumblier than a Rocks Off RO-80.)

      The vibrations are slightly buzzier than I prefer, this which meant I found it a little numbing on my clit unless properly warmed up. But I enjoyed them elsewhere and once I was ready for them, they were really pleasurable.


      The patterns are all pulsing. I did like them and there where definitely some I kept coming back to, but their variety wasn’t massive. They are all of a similar frequency though (2 where slightly rumblier) so if you don’t get on with the vibrations of the steady speed, sadly flicking through the patterns probably isn't going to help much.


      It’s unsurprisingly, loud for its size. The sleeves do muffle this considerably. But the bullet on its own can be heard though a door. Though this is easily covered by a duvet or music.


      The sleeves reduced the intensity of the bullet and also presented a nice variety of options with a range of broad to pinpoint stimulation to suit most tastes.


      Sadly too short for me to actually G-spot with, but presented a range of surfaces for broad stimulation and the tip worked well for something more direct. It also felt nice shallowly inserted and wrapped well over my clit.

      -Wand head

      This one did tend to slide around due to the flexible neck. The vibrations also travelled less into the head than the others and I found I noticed them in my fingers more. But once I got the hang of it though, I enjoyed it and also found this especially good on the skin. So possibly better for foreplay.

      -Lipstick shape

      I really liked this shape as it presented a range of surfaces that gave a nice variation of both broad and more focused stimulation it also fitted nicely against my skin and worked well elsewhere.

      -The pointy one-

      The tip presents a flickering tongue, which I found incredibly intense (but in a very good way). Not something could use every day, but great for nipples and other surfaces. The back of the tongue also gave strong stimulation without the flickering. I also really appreciated the bulb on this sleeve as it gave a change (and a break, as the tongues intensity) and presented broad stimulation that fitted against many surfaces

      -In use

      Found the vibe a little short and slightly awkward to hold at times. Especially when used without a sleeve. I also found the vibrations traveled into my fingers a bit, as I often had to press down quite high up on the vibe due to its length.

      Something about the bullet's intensity and the frequency of the vibrations, combined with the lack of lower speeds meant this wasn't a vibe I could use without being properly warmed up or for a quick session. More than once I wished this had a lower speed I could start with. But this is petty personal, and for others the vibrations and intensity may work much better.


      A powerful and reasonably rumbly vibe, that sadly lacks other speeds. Redeemed slightly by a very nice selection of sleeves that provide variety. Overall, a nice kit that would work better for lovers of strong vibes. Good for people wanting a more powerful bullet. People who want easy verity in their foreplay. May not work for people who need a lower speed for warm-up.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Great verity of sleeves and some nice patterns.
      Lack of different intensities in both speeds and patterns. Wished it was a bit longer.
      Bottom line
      Very strong reasonably rumbly vibe, great sleeves and some nice patterns, sadly lacks other speeds.
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    1. Disappointing

      Reviewed: September 2, 2020 by Scratchthatitch27, a Bisexual Single Female

      This is a great toy in theory and seems to be made well, but I hate the sensations.

      Totally buzzy, not at all rumbly. It gets numbing very fast. I love the different heads, but it’s just not fun to use...

      I also didn't like that, although it has many different patterns, it only has one intensity.

      The button is also very hard to press (especially in use) because it’s completely flush with the material, not raised. Would not recommend!

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      The heads are great! Fun shapes and easy to switch and clean.
      Numbing, buzzy sensations. :(
      Bottom line
      Great in theory, disappointing in executions.
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