1. Top 10 Sex Toys for Couples

    1. Lovehoney Desire Luxury Sex Toys
    2. How do I choose my first sex toy?

    While solo toys have been popular for decades, only recently have toys that couples can use together become common in the bedroom and now, more and more couples are experimenting with toys together for shared pleasure.

    These are the 10 best couples sex toys according to our customers. Dive in!

    1. Sex Toys For Couples

    2. If you’re new to couple’s sex toys and you don’t know where to start, the Wild Weekend 11-Piece Kit is sure to have something to suit your sexual needs. Take the plunge and experiment with the magical mixture of cock rings, vibrators, jiggle balls, anal beads, rabbit and male stroker.

      You don’t have to be a beginner to enjoy this kit; the selection features a range of products suitable for all users. Many of them can be used for solo pleasure as well as couple’s play.

      • 11 different toys to tantalise all of your pleasure spots
      • Designed to pleasure both sexes
      • Fantastic value and quality
      Ideal for:
      • Exploring and experimenting
      • Use in solo play, foreplay and during sex
      • Users of all levels
      What they say:

      "This bundle is a fantastic choice for beginners. The selection of toys included are perfect for experimenting, but subtle enough for us to remain comfortable and confident to try out new things. Good value for money without sacrificing on quality."

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    1. 2. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring

      Bionic Bullet Cock Ring

      Small and sleek, the Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring cock ring has benefits for both partners. The vibrating cock ring can potentially boost the size and hardness of his erection, while the dual rings ensure that it stays in place so you can enjoy the vibrations of the full-sized bullet as you make contact.

      • 2 loops for gentle constriction
      • Textured for extra stimulation
      • 2 speeds and 3 patterns of vibration
      Ideal for:
      • Longer-lasting sessions
      • Intense stimulation for both partners
      • Added excitment to lovemaking
      What they say:

      "We both really enjoyed this and it made us both cum a lot harder than usual. We would definitely recommend this." - Bluelad83, Lovehoney customer.

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    2. 3. Massage Wand Couple’s Gift Bundle

      Massage Wand Couple’s Gift Bundle

      When people think of wands, they often think of women’s pleasure. But not anymore. Wands have moved on and this Massage Wand Couple’s Gift Bundle has enough to have both you and your partner giddy with pleasure.

      • Unisex Magic Wand Gift Bundle for powerful intimate massage
      • Mains-powered Magic Wand vibrator for intense vibrations
      • Fantastic value - items are worth £110+
      Ideal for:
      • Couples looking to add power to their play
      • Use in solo play, foreplay and during sex
      • Adding variety to your sex life
      What they say:

      "A must-buy and a totally essential piece of kit for any couple or solo use. Five stars!" - risky86, Lovehoney customer.

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    3. 4. Desire Luxury Love Egg Vibrator

      Love Egg for Couples

      Although it sits inside the vagina emitting sumptuous vibrations, a Desire Love Egg is a brilliant couple’s play toy. A wireless remote control means you can hand it over to your partner and let them have the fun - even from 8 metres away!

      • Luxurious silicone remote control love egg
      • 8 modes of vibration, each with 12 custom speeds
      • Whisper-quiet and wirelessly operated
      Ideal for:
      • Intense internal stimulation
      • Solo arousal or foreplay
      • Handing control to your partner
      What they say:

      "My partner loved being in charge of the control and fantasised about using it in public… We left the party early and the orgasms were amazing. Smooth texture and just so worth the money!" - TheBigO69, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. 5. Hot Date Remote Control Vibrating Panties

      Lovehoney Hot Date Remote Control Vibrating Panties

      Remote control toys are a discreet and seriously arousing way to indulge in a little exhibitionism with minimum risk. Slip these Hot Date Vibrating Panties on before you leave the house and enjoy a sensory sex secret only the two of you know about.

      • Panties feature ribbon-tie sides in hot cerise satin
      • 3 x speeds and 7 x patterns
      • Fantastic fun for couples at home or out and about
      Ideal for:
      • Exciting foreplay
      • Discreet vibrations
      • Use together or independently
      What they say:

      "This is an amazing product and worth every penny. I can't wait to use it again for foreplay – it's superb. Very quiet and discreet and my Mrs said it was really comfortable to wear." - Madforit7, Lovehoney customer.

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    2. 6. We-Vibe Sync, Couples Vibrator

      Sex Toys For Couples

      Created in a flexible 'C' shape, the We-Vibe Couple's Vibrator sits with one end inside the vagina, tucked up against the G-spot, and the other end on the outside gently nuzzling the clitoris. The range of speeds and patterns work on her most erogenous spots, while he enjoys a tighter feeling and deep vibrating stimulation.

      • Intense slimline wearable toy for couples
      • Designed to pleasure both sexes
      • Remote control-operable from up to 3 metres away
      Ideal for:
      • Vibrations against his penis and her G-spot
      • External stimulation on her clitoris
      • Hands-free vibrations during sex
      What they say:

      "Pretty fabulous. Due to the slim, wide G-spot arm it hit the perfect spot and didn't make me feel like I was being stretched beyond capacity." - Yummymummy :-*, Lovehoney customer.

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    3. 7. Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit

      Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Moulding Kit

      Now this is great fun. The Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Kit will produce a perfect moulding of your penis so your partner can enjoy you, even when you’re not there. It may not sound very romantic, but it’s a great way to share a laugh and give you that ‘team-building spirit’ which is so essential to being a happy, healthy couple.

      • Create a unique erotic gift for your partner
      • Special algae-based moulding powder sets quickly to capture every detail
      • Vibrating unit offers single, powerful speed
      Ideal for:
      • Creating a sexy gift
      • Replicating the exact size, shape and detailing of your partner
      • Double-penetration fun
      What they say:

      "My girlfriend absolutely loves it and says it's better than those she now refers to as 'pretend' ones." - Lee, Lovehoney customer.

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    1. 8. Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit

      Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit

      Take an anal adventure together with a Get Started Beginner’s Anal Kit. The fabulous 4-piece kit has a selection of sensations for both partners, including beads, tapers, plugs and probes. Slender, tapered tips on each toy ensure easy and pleasurable insertion. All you need is love lube.

      • 4 toys to treat your intimate anal pleasure spots
      • Designed to pleasure both sexes
      • Beads, tapers, plugs and probes for all kinds of sensation
      Ideal for:
      • Exploring anal play
      • Solo play and during sex
      • Users of all levels
      What they say:

      "We got the anal kit after trying butt plugs on one another. I have to say we were both blown away with this set. The choice of the 4 toys in the kit are amazing, with every one a different shape and size." - Hornycouple1990, Lovehoney customer.

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    2. 9. Bondage Boutique Under Mattress Spreader

      Bondage Boutique Under Mattress Spreader

      Dabbling with bondage is one of the most common ways for couples to reinvigorate their sex life. Slip this Bondage Boutique Under Mattress Spreader in place and adjust the straps to the correct length and strap them down. Bound and vulnerable in your power, both of your desires can be realised.

      • Complete restraint is yours in an instant
      • Cuffs fasten with Velcro and are fully adjustable
      • Straps extend to 4 feet 2 inches each
      Ideal for:
      • Easy-to-use transformative play
      • Adjustable levels of restraint
      • Either sex
      What they say:

      "It is a must buy for people new to bondage and even those that are not new to it. It's a great price, strong, effective and convenient. " - Mrs ND, Lovehoney customer.

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    3. 10. Lovehoney Perfect Partner Vibrating Strap-On

      Lovehoney Perfect Partner 10 Function Vibrating Strap-On 6 Inch

      Whether it’s for pegging or strap-on sex, the Perfect Partner 6 Inch is ideal for creating intimacy as a couple and giving your partner immense penetrative pleasure. For hetero couples it’s a great opportunity to explore prostate stimulation, and for lesbians it offers another dimension of sensory play and penetration possibilities.

      • Stretchy strap-on with 6 inch realistic dildo
      • Great for pegging or strap-on penetration
      • 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration
      Ideal for:
      • Exploring penetration options
      • Fantasy play
      • Beginners taking their first foray
      What they say:

      "The vibrations were great for the both of us. My personal favourite out of the 10 functions was the one that felt like it was throbbing - because I could feel it inside them and on myself, it really gave me the feeling that it was real." - KingPeps, Lovehoney customer.

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