1. Pocket Pussies

    When realism is what you crave, pocket vaginas and pussies are the perfect sex toy for you.

    Soft real-feel material surrounds your penis while exciting internal textures offer super-stimulation for the ultimate in satisfying solo pleasure experiences. These versatile male sex toys provide intense, lifelike sensations, especially when combined with your favorite water-based lube. See our Male Sex Toy Guidesto find the pocket pussy to take you all the way.

    Common questions about pocket pussies

    1. What is a pocket pussy?

      A pocket pussy is a handheld masturbator designed for penetration with a penis. They often have a textured canal to enhance stimulation, and are sometimes referred to as a stroker, sleeve or fake pussy. What makes a realistic vagina or stroker count as a pocket pussy is its lifelike design and internal length. A pocket pussy’s opening is designed to look like the external parts of a vagina, with an anatomically correct vulva and clitoris, and the canal length is usually around 5 - 6 inches.

      As the name suggests, pocket pussies are usually portable and easy to stick in your bag (or pocket!) for a quick weekend away. This also makes them easy to store discreetly between uses.

    2. What kind of pocket pussy can I get?

      Pocket pussies are often made of realistic-feeling materials, like skin-safe rubber or silicone. Some companies have proprietary names for their realistic material, like Cyberskin, UR3 or Fanta Flesh.

      Pocket pussies come both with and without cases and can even be molded from the body of your favorite adult film star. Pocket pussies also feature tantalizing internal textures, with ridges, bumps, twists, and nodes contributing to a unique feeling inside each stroker.

    3. Will a pocket pussy fit my penis?

      Yes, it’s very likely a pocket pussy will fit your penis! Pocket pussies may have small openings, but they’re usually made of stretchy material and can accommodate most sizes.

      Many pocket pussies also benefit from an open-ended design, which allows you to enjoy stimulation across your whole length, no matter how long your erection is.

    4. How can I use a pocket pussy?

      The best way to use a pocket pussy is with plenty of water-based lubricant. Using a good quality lube alongside your toy enhances glide and sensation for a satisfying experience that feels just like the real thing.

      You can make playtime even more lifelike by placing your pocket pussy in warm water 10 minutes before play to warm it to body temperature.

      Just remember, these toys are usually made from realistic material that can be damaged by silicone or oil-based lubes, lotions and other lubricant substitutes, so always use a proper water-based lube designed for sex toys.

      Pocket pussies are a great way to enhance solo or couples play; why not ask your partner if they would like to play with you and a pocket pussy?

      Take a look at our guide to using male masturbators for top tips on enjoying a pocket pussy.

    5. How do I care for a pocket pussy?

      You should wash a pocket pussy straight after use with a specialty sex toy cleaner and warm water, and be sure to thoroughly clean all of the internal textures. It’s important you let your toy dry fully before putting into storage.

      To keep the real-feel material feeling like real skin, follow up after cleaning by dusting the entire surface of your toy with sex toy renewer powder. This will return your toy to the way it felt when it was brand new, and also soak up any remaining moisture from cleaning.

      Once clean, store your toy in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, and separately from other sex toys.

      Learn more about how to clean and care for your pocket pussy in our useful guide.

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