Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About
Ejaculating Dildos

Ejaculating dildos can make your cream dreams cum true.

Have you ever wished you could feel a load of warm jizz splashing on your skin or inside your holes but didn’t have access to an able and willing peen? Or perhaps your cum dreams involve you being the jizzer, but your anatomy or sexual function isn’t aligned with your splooge-specific desires. In either case and many more, ejaculating dildos are here to fill your spunk void.

What are Ejaculating Dildos?

Ejaculating dildos are a type of dildo with the ability to squirt out a liquid of the user’s choosing. As they simulate the realistic functions of penises, most ejaculating dildo designs are anatomical, though non-representational ejaculating dildos do also exist. Common alternative names for this dildo category are “squirting dildos” and “cumming dildos”.

Excellent Ejaculating Dildos

How do Ejaculating Dildos work?


Ejaculating dildos with internal activation mechanisms boast concealed liquid reservoirs that lend to a more realistic aesthetic and can be either manual or automatic. Manual ejaculating dildos with internal activation mechanisms (try saying that three times fast!), A.K.A. pump-style squirting dildos, generally host a reservoir in either the dildo’s shaft or balls, which users squeeze to trigger the squirting process. Automatic ejaculating dildos activate via a remote control.

Cumming dildos with external activation mechanisms utilize either a removable squeeze pump at the dildo’s base or a syringe pump to get things flowin’...


Syringe pump ejaculating dildos have a hidden internal tube starting at the dildo’s tip, where a hole will be present for the liquid to squirt out of. On the other end, the internal tubing extends outside of the dildo’s body, connected and eventually leading to the syringe, which users will fill with lube or another type of liquid. To activate syringe pump squirting dildos, users press down on the syringe’s end until its contents have been emptied into the tubing.


A squeeze pump ejaculating dildo will have a cylindrical hollow center that leads to a small exit hole at the toy’s tip. These types of squirting dildos use a removable pump as a liquid reservoir that users can fill before reattaching to their toy for jizzy joys. To trigger squeeze pump ejaculating dildos, simply squeeze the pump, and you’ll receive a lovely cum dump!

Why people use Ejaculating Dildos

Struggling to see the appeal of cumming dildos? The perks of squirting dildos are as vast and varied as the people who use them! Below are just a few reasons why someone may be drawn to ejaculating dildos:

Ultra-Realistic Solo Sessions

Perhaps the most straightforward benefit of ejaculating dildos is their high level of peen-related realism. Ejaculating dildos are typically anatomical in design, and it’s hard (heh) to get more realistic than pairing lifelike aesthetics with simulated ejaculation

Best Ejaculating Dildo for Extra-Realistic Experiences

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Ejaculating Dildo 8 Inch
$42.99 $59.99 You save: $17.00 (28%)

Featuring amazingly lifelike details, this gorgeous dong has everything going for it, from 5 inches of girth to squeezable balls that set its load free whenever you're ready. Measuring in at 5 insertable inches with 5 inches of girth, this dildo screams realism from the tip of its head to its bulbous balls. Its suction-cup base means you're free to enjoy its pleasures hands-free, but it also slides into a harness for shareable delights.

What customers say: "Looks incredibly realistic and lifelike, even including slight creases in the skin. Feels absolutely amazing, has the right blend of soft and hard to both feel realistic, and is also easy to get in for anal and feel amazing once it's in there."

Buy it here
Kink or Fetish Fulfillment

Squirting dildos are a fab erotic tool for those with a breeding fetish or for people who are into creampies or watersports. Individuals with the aforementioned kinks or fetishes may use ejaculating dildos for solo play to simulate those acts sans a real dong or with a partner if their partner isn’t able to perform those actions anatomically or if the involved parties don’t want to risk the potential consequences of using actual semen or urine (such as unplanned pregnancies).

Threesome Simulation

If the idea of threesomes gets you and your boo hot and bothered, but the reality isn’t something you’re ready for or want to enact, you’ll find realistic ejaculating dildos a fine replacement for a third sex partner who owns a penis. Squirting dildos are also a great alternative for threesome lovers who don’t currently have access to a third lover.

Artificial Insemination

If you fill up your ejaculating dildo with actual semen, it can actually get you pregnant! The sex toys’ orgasm potential may also increase the odds of a fruitful insemination; the contractions that occur during vagina owners’ orgasms improve chances of conception if said climax transpires at the same time that semen spurts inside the vagina.

Combatting Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) and want to use your penis for penetrative sex despite having a flaccid or semi-flaccid peen, you can insert your wiener into a hollow ejaculating strap on dildo for an erotic experience that closely mimics what it would be like if your penis were functioning as you desire it to.

Best Ejaculating Strap On Dildo for People with ED

Fetish Fantasy Ejaculating Hollow Strap-On 7.5 Inch

Ditch the bulbs and syringes, this hollow ejaculating strap-on is here to simplify your spunk-shooting. Its tip holds a liquid reservoir for sucking up your favorite cum-like lube, so all you need to do to spread your seed is give it a good squeeze. This 7.5-inch hollow strap on is ultra lifelike, with a shaped head, veiny texture and pronounced balls. The internal canal is 4 inches long, letting you wear it over your wang to increase your length and girth. It's a fulfilling 6.25 inches around at its widest point. The adjustable harness fits waist sizes between 30 and 52 inches around and is made entirely from stretchy elastic for a comfortable fit.

What customers say: "First time buying an ejaculating dildo and it exceeded our expectations by far. The elastic strap is incredibly easy to slip on and I prefer it over the other straps I own. My fiancé really enjoyed the firmness and texture (they found it quite life-like) and the large size of it too. It fits quite a lot of lube in the liquid reservoir – didn't have to worry at all about filling it up again. It's very simple to use, and I much prefer this design over using a syringe – you can really stay in the fantasy of it."

Buy it here
Combatting Gender Dysphoria and Exploring Gender

Gender dysphoria refers to uncomfortable or upsetting emotions that stem from an individual’s sex (in the anatomical sense) misaligning with their gender identity. Transmasc people (in particular, but not exclusively) suffering from gender dysphoria may use ejaculating dildos to closely replicate the experience of having a penis. Ejaculating dildos are also a hot tool for anyone curious about gender play or tapping into the experience of having a penis.

How to use Ejaculating Dildos

Now that you’ve been enlightened on how ejaculating dildos can bring more joy to your sex life, it’s time to learn how to put their benefits into action!

Step 1: Clean that thang

No ifs, ands, or butts about it: you should clean your sex toys before (and after) every use. Scroll down to the “Cleaning and Care for Squirting Dildos” section of this guide for detailed instructions.

Step 2: Fill ‘er up

If you want your cumming dildo to squirt, you need to give it something to spurt! The proper steps to equip your ejaculating dildo with fake cum (or whatever liquid you’ll be using, but we’ll delve into that later) differs based on the dildo’s reservoir and activation mechanism types. No matter which reservoir style you’re working with, be mindful not to fill it up with too much liquid when playing anally, lest your squirting dildo suddenly transforms into an anal douche instead.

To fill pump-style squirting dildos:

Pour some of your liquid of choice into a clean bowl or cup. Hold your dildo upside down and squeeze its reservoir (which should be in the toy’s balls or shaft) until all air has been pushed out. Place the ejaculating dildo’s tip into the pool of liquid you’ve prepared and release your grip on the reservoir, causing your dildo to suck up the liquid. You may need to repeat the process several times to fill the reservoir completely. When repeating the action, squeeze the reservoir using delicate pressure to prevent accidental squirting activation.

To fill squeeze pump cumming dildos:

Detach the pump from the dildo’s base and follow the same fill instructions laid out above for pump-style squirting dildos, only sucking up your fill with the pump tip instead of the dildo tip. Once your pump is full of spunk, reattach it to your dildo, and you’ll be good to go!

To fill syringe pump ejaculating dildos:

Detach your syringe from the dildo’s tubing if your syringe has the ability to do so; if not, carry on. Remove the syringe’s stopper and pour your liquid fill into the syringe’s chamber (read your squirting dildo’s instruction manual to determine how much liquid to use). Put the stopper back in, making sure it sits only within the empty portion of the syringe chamber. If you detached the syringe from the dildo tubing earlier, securely reattach it; if you did not previously disconnect the syringe from the dildo tubing, carry on. Easy peasy dildo squeezy!

Step 3: Lubricate, insert, and enjoy!

Apply a generous amount of lube (with a formula that’s compatible with your dildo’s materials) to the ejaculating dildo and whatever orifice you’ll be thrusting it into (feel free to skip this step if using the dildo for mouth fuggin’). Once things are nice and lubey, you’re ready to start the show! Use the squirting dildo to penetrate whichever hole is eagerly awaiting its presence and thrust away at whatever tempo feels best for you (and your partner if one is present).

Step 4: Pump up the jam (or jizz)

When it cums to pulling the trigger on your squirting dildo’s squirting function, there’s no wrong or right time to blow your artificial load. Some people enjoy the sensation of a simultaneous “finish,” activating blast-off once the person being dildoed (yes, I created a new verb) reaches their climax. Others prefer a sploogey load help them cross the finish line, activating their ejaculating dildo when the dildoed party is nearing their orgasm. And others still might instead enjoy entering ejaculation station towards the beginning or middle of their dildo dance. When you can make a substitute peen come at the drop of the hat (or the push of a button or any other activation method), the timing is totally your call. Heck, you could even split the jizz stream into multiple smaller spurts delivered at various times if your cumming dildo’s activation mechanism allows for it.

To activate pump-style or squeeze pump ejaculating dildos:

Give your squirting dildo’s pump (which may or may not be visible depending on your dildo’s design) either one hella hard and long-lasting squeeze to release a full load or a few semi-firm squeezes for multiple, less forceful liquid spurts.

To activate syringe pump ejaculating dildos:

Press down on the syringe’s plunger so that it moves to the other end of the barrel, which will push your jizz substitute into the dildo’s tubes and soon into you! You can control the force of the load by tailoring the speed and pressure of your push to your stimulation preferences; squeeze slowly and gently to enjoy the sensation of your fill leisurely pooling inside of you, or press hard ‘n fast for a cum shot that mirrors your high-energy pushing efforts.

To activate remote-controlled ejaculating dildos:

Press the appropriate button on the remote control. ‘Nuff said.

Liquid options for Ejaculating Dildos

So, what exactly can you use to fill your darling dildo up with? Technically, any liquid with a low enough viscosity to flow through the sex toy’s tubing can functionally work with ejaculating dildos. That being said, not all low-viscosity liquids are a smart or safe match for squirting dildo play. Make sure your fill choice is body-safe, which will mean different things depending on what body parts you plan to involve in your cumming dildo sesh. For instance, sugary drinks or alcohol (but not the rubbing kind, duh) are fine to use if you’re only playing orally but shouldn’t be introduced to the vagina or rectum.

It’s not just your fill’s chemical makeup or ingredient list that impacts its safety rating for sex squirtin’, but the liquid’s temp, too. If using water as your squirting dildo’s squirt juice for anal or vaginal fun, do some temperature control to prevent discomfort or, worse, internal burns. Room temperature or lukewarm water is your best bet here.

Likely the most popular ejaculating dildo fill choice, however, is lubricant. Many jizz-loving squirting dildo users (please file that under “ways I never thought I’d start a sentence”) prefer lubricants with a white-ish hue to get that real deal look. Whether your lube resembles spunk or nah, we recommend choosing one with a water-based formula as they’re compatible with (read: won’t ruin) all sex toy materials.

Best Semen-Esque Lube for Cumming Dildos

Lovehoney Delight Silk Lubricant 8.5 fl oz

Perfect for exploring cum fetishes, creampie fun and ejaculating dildos, as well as regular everyday lubrication, Delight Extra Silky Lubricant is white in color for a visual treat that closely resembles semen. Its water-based formula also hydrates and moisturizes skin for satisfaction that lasts post-play.

What customers say: "The bottle is extremely practical and easy to use with the twist top and pump. The lube itself has a smooth and silky texture and makes everything slide without being too slick. If you like cum play, this is the one! It’s got a creamy, off-white color, slightly tacky and spreads perfectly to resemble cum."

Buy it here

Caring for Squirting Dildos

Ejaculating dildos are a bit higher maintenance than your standard sex toy due to their tubing and pumps that make them such a stand-out dildo category in the first place. When cleaning your cumming dildo, you’ll need to care for both the internal and external components to keep things hygienic.

To clean a squirting dildo’s tubing, you’ll follow very similar steps to the ones outlined earlier for filling and squirting activation – the main difference will be in the substances used and repetitions required. Essentially, you’ll want to employ the fill and ejaculation process, using warm water and soap (or, ideally, a high-quality sex toy cleaner like Lovehoney Fresh) instead of lube (or whatever else your pervy heart decided on as a fill). If you’re using a squeeze pump squirting dildo, detach the pump from the base before sucking and squirting out the cleaning solution, and use your standard flushing method to clean out the hollowed portion of your dildo.

It’s important to repeat these actions multiple times to ensure no residue of body fluids or fake baby batter gets left behind. Keep in mind that the thicker and stickier your liquid fill is, the more flushing repetitions you’ll need to do. Once you’re sure your cleaning solution has done its job, employ the fill and squirt process one last time using water alone. Failing to provide the dildo’s internal workings post-use is a recipe for bacteria growth, so don’t skimp on sex toy cleaning, folks!

For external cleaning, simply wash and rinse your dildo with toy cleaner or mild soap and water as you would with any other toy (you can learn more about keeping pleasure products hygienic in our How to Clean Sex Toys guide).

Make sure all components of your cumming dildo are 100% dry before putting your leaky lil’ friend away. Once the toy is squeaky clean and fully dry, you should store it somewhere cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight.

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