Sex Toys for Erectile Dysfunction:
The Ultimate Guide

Sometimes it’s hard to get and stay hard. No worries – ED sex toys can help you obtain a satisfying sex life regardless of the state of your erection.

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED), you may be entitled to financial compensation. JK! But ED is just about as ubiquitous as financial compensation PSAs, impacting somewhere around 30 million individuals in the U.S., according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

For a diagnosis so common, the number of open conversations surrounding ED and ways to help those diagnosed improve their sex lives isn’t nearly as high as it should be, which is precisely why we wanted to increase ED visibility and discussions with this guide!

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction and Its Impact

Medically speaking, erectile dysfunction is a condition where someone has persistent problems with obtaining or maintaining a penile erection that is hard enough and lasts long enough for satisfying sexual encounters, whether those encounters be solo or partnered. General dissatisfaction with penis function, such as erections that aren’t as hard as they once were or premature ejaculation, are commonly mistaken for erectile dysfunction but do not align with the true medical diagnosis of ED.

There are a wide range of possible ED causes, both physical (such as high blood pressure, clogged blood vessels, obesity, and medication side effects) and psychological (such as stress, anxiety, and depression).

Erectile dysfunction can take a toll on someone’s confidence and make it more difficult for them to have a sex life that satisfies them. However, embarrassment and lackluster sex are not symptoms of ED but rather symptoms of a society that prioritizes P-in-V (penis-in-vagina) sex over other sex acts and falsely equates virility to a man’s worth and sexual value. That may sound dark, but it’s actually good news – shame and bad sex can be overcome, no ED treatments necessarily required.

How Sex Toys Can Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Adding sex toys to shared passion can quickly elevate pleasure for both parties and can be a game changer for those who suffer from any type of sexual dysfunction. ED sex toys can be a great way to combat symptoms, whether that be in addition to or in the placement of other types of ED treatments.

Not only can sex toys for erectile dysfunction act as symptom solvers, but they can also lessen performance anxiety and stress. By having alternative methods of providing pleasure and obtaining and maintaining erections, you’ll likely find the pressure for your peen to behave perfectly diminishes as a result.

Top Sex Toys for Erectile Dysfunction and How to Choose Between Them

When choosing which ED sex toys to bring to bed, you’ll want to consider your specific ED symptoms and what your sexual goals are.

Individual ED symptoms will come into play in toy choices as different pleasure products offer different benefits, and you’ll want to find a sex toy that speaks to your specific concerns. For instance, if you struggle greatly to obtain an erection but have no problems keeping it up once you get one, erection-inducing penis pumps will likely help you out. If you can easily get a hard-on but have trouble maintaining it, products like cock rings that help erections stay put might be your best bet. Those with cooccurring ED symptoms may find a combination of sex toys for erectile dysfunction a good fit for their needs.

In terms of sexual goals, think about which sex acts you’re looking to enhance. If you want to stick your penis in your partner, opt for toys that make penetration more accessible and pleasurable. If other forms of touch are on your path to pleasure, you might want to look into ED sex toys that don’t focus on penile penetration.

ED Sex Toys for Penile Penetration

Whether you want to facilitate a hard-on or give your hard-on a boost, these sex toy categories are fab options for those with erectile dysfunction who still want their peen to enter their lover’s sweet hole(s).

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are sexual wellness products consisting of a tube and a tension ring. Also known as ‘vacuum pumps’ and ‘vacuum erection pumps,’ these ED symptom fighters pull blood into the penis using air suction, which enlarges the peen and prompts an erection that should last long enough to engage in sexual activity. Pretty nifty, huh?

To use a penis pump, simply insert your wiener into the tube (PRO TIP: use lube!) and activate the suction with the suction starter (this piece may vary depending on what type of penis pump you choose). Let the pump do its thang for a few minutes (but no longer than 30 minutes!) until you’re satisfied with the state of your erection, remove the penis pump, and get to bangin’! After using a penis pump, you may want to add other sex toys like cock rings, penis sleeves, and penis sheaths into the mix to enhance or prolong your erection.

Penis pump safety tips:

  • As previously stated, only use your pump for 30 minutes max.

  • Carefully read and follow the instructions that come with your penis pump.

  • Consult with your doctor before trying penis pumps.

When choosing a penis pump, make sure you factor in your penis size, as you may need a wider or longer version of the pump you’re considering to accommodate your length and girth. You can learn more about the different types of penis pumps in our Beginner’s Guide to Penis Pumps.

Popular Penis Pumps

Cock Rings

If you’re able to obtain an erection (whether that be naturally or assisted by a penis pump) but have problems keeping it up, you’ll find cock rings a perfect match for combatting your ED symptoms. Cock rings work by trapping blood in the penis, preventing or slowing blood flow that goes back into the rest of your body. By keeping the blood pumping in your peen, a penis ring should keep your erection going strong long enough to pump your stuff! Not only can cock rings extend the longevity of erections, but they can also make them harder.

But wait, there’s more! Depending on the design of your cock ring, it can achieve even more erotic benefits than prolonging and strengthening erections.

Vibrating cock rings transform you into a human vibrator, providing rumbly delights to both you and your partner. Many vibrating penis rings feature a protruding bit at the very top of them that targets the clitoris, making them a fan fav for wearers who want to give their vulva-owning darlings a little something extra during P-in-V sex.

And then there are cock ring combos that feature a secondary toy type attached to them, like penis rings with anal plugs attached so the wearer can enjoy some effortless booty stimulation and double penetration cock rings that allow the wearer to fill a vulva-owning partner’s vagina and asshole simultaneously.

It’s essential that your cock ring fits properly in order to enjoy it safely and effectively. If your cock ring is too loose, it won’t constrict blood flow, making its benefits null, or it may fall off during play. A too-tight cock ring, on the other hand, could result in pain or injury. Another crucial safety measure is to wear a cock ring for no longer than 30 minutes.

Best-Selling Cock Rings

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are a bit like superhero suits for your junk – the fancy types that provide function like Iron Man’s, not decorative types a la Superman, of course. They’re sheaths that fully or partially cover the shaft, adding extra elements to your johnson like texture, vibrations, or more girth. Penis sleeves can also be beneficial in delaying ejaculation by acting as a barrier that lessens intensity for the wearer. Some penis sleeves are worn and kept on much like a condom, while others feature a ball loop to keep them extra secure while you do your biznass.

Sleeves can be helpful for those with erectile dysfunction by providing a coating of additional hardness. However, penis sleeves typically aren’t very hard (materials generally range from flexible to floppy), so you may want to use a penis pump before slipping one on if you need some assistance in achieving firm erections.

One significant differentiator between penis sleeve designs is the level of coverage they provide - full, partial, or minimal:

  • A full-coverage penis sleeve wraps around the entirety of the penis and has a closed end, letting the wearer and their partner experience the FULL impact of its effects.

  • Partial-coverage penis sleeves envelope most or all of the shaft but feature an open end that leaves the head bare so that the wearer can still have some direct contact with the inside of their boo’s hole.

  • Minimal coverage penis sleeves cover only a portion of the wearer, like the top or underside, to provide maximum skin-to-skin contact while still providing pizazz like added girth or vibrations.

Putting on a penis sleeve is supes easy – just add some lubricant that’s compatible with your sleeve’s material to your penis, and then inside of the toy, slip into your superhero suit, and voila! You’re now ready to go to pound town.

PRO TIP: If delaying ejaculation isn’t a goal and you’re worried about decreased sensation, you can opt for a penis sleeve with a textured interior that essentially acts like a stroker as you get your stroke on inside your partner!

Stellar Sleeves

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are the intense cousin of penis sleeves (everyone has a super extra cousin, right?) - they, too, cover the shaft and can provide many of the same benefits as sleeves, but also fully cover the cock head with either a little or a lot of extra material at the tip to add inches to your wiener. Extenders tend to be a bit firmer than penis sleeves, especially girthier penis extenders, making them the unsung heroes of ED sex toys as they can quickly add extra hardness to your hard-on.

If you’ve ever wished your penis had shapeshifting powers, stop wishing and stock up on a variety of penis extenders instead! You can find these size-enhancing sheaths in an array of lengths and girths to suit your boo’s hole stretching goals. Penis extenders come in myriad colors, from realistic flesh tones to badass jet black. I also recommend purchasing a standing wardrobe meant for medium-sized dolls to keep your peen’s new jackets in. Not for any reason besides me thinking it would be cool, though. But, I mean, wouldn’t it be?!

Like penis sleeves, all you need for wearing one is compatible lube you’ll apply to the sleeve’s interior and your penis and the desire to rock on with a brand-new cock on.

ED-Fighting Penis Extenders

Hollow Strap-On Dildos

Hollow strap-on dildos are invaluable tools for ED sufferers who want to have penetrative sex using their penis – even those who can’t obtain an erection whatsoever can use them! But first, a little background knowledge for those unfamiliar with standard strap-ons: strap-on dildos are dildos that can attach to a strap-on harness, allowing the wearer to penetrate their partner regardless of their anatomy or erectile state.

While traditional dildos are solid, hollow strap-on dildos are – you guessed it – hollow instead, meaning you can stick your peen inside it before sticking it inside your partner! Hollow strap-on dildos come in many forms: realistic, non-representational, and even vibrating! If you haven’t yet explored the world of hollow strap-ons, you’re in for an always hard and ready treat. Just make sure that the dildo’s canal isn’t smaller than your member’s girth, and you’re good to go!

Happy-Making Hollow Strap-Ons

Toys for Non-Penetrative Play

There are myriad ways to have sex and be sexually intimate that don’t involve your penis entering your partner’s body, which can be just as pleasurable (if not more so) than P-in-V, P-in-A, or P-in-M (mouth) sex! Open your mind to all the other erotic possibilities out there, and your sex life will surely thank you.

Male Vibrators

If you thought vibrators were only for vagina owners, you’ve been missing out on a hell of a good time! Rumbly vibrations can feel delightful on a wealth of different erogenous zones, including the penis! And that’s precisely what male vibrators are designed to do: stimulate your cock using the beauty of modern technology. Whether you’re rock hard, semi-erect, or completely flaccid, a male vibrator can do wonders for your penile pleasure receptors.

The ways to incorporate male vibrators into partnered sex are aplenty. You could use one on yourself while you go down on your partner or pleasure them in other manners, have your partner use one on you, bring it in during mutual masturbation – the sky’s the limit!

Marvelous Male Vibrator Picks