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4 of the Best Sexually Happy Netflix Shows

As we as a society become more sex positive, so too do the TV shows we watch! There are many factors that can qualify a TV show as a sexually happy one.

Some of our criteria is as follows: The show tackles taboo topics like female masturbation. The experience of LGBTQI+ individuals is shown. The importance of consent and safe sex is stressed. The show calls out those who engage in ‘slut shaming’ or are homophobic. We’ve tirelessly trawled through the vast number of programs on Netflix (what a hardship, haha) and found 4 sexually happy shows that you can binge on now.

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Mutual Masturbation: Go Solo... Together!

We spend the entirety of our lives trying to have ten minutes of 'alone time' in peace and quiet, and now we're being told to have a solo session front of our significant other? The truth is, mutual masturbation can benefit both you and your relationship.

Want to know why? That's what this blog is here for!

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10 Things I've Learned Writing About Sex for Lovehoney


I started writing for Lovehoney in late 2016 – and this remains one of the most entertaining, rewarding jobs I've ever had.

Aside from making my browser history quite difficult to explain on occasions, writing about sex for Lovehoney has taught me a lot about sex toys, relationships and even myself.

Here are 10 major things I've learned whilst writing for Lovehoney.

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6 Ways Sex Can Help Your Studies


Nerve-wracking presentations, exams, endless essays...

Surviving your studies can be a real pain, because completing all this work takes away from the time you could be spending in between the sheets.

But what if we told you that sex could actually help you with the demands of your studies?

If that sounds too good to be true, read on to find out 6 ways sex can help your studies.

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