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    Welcome to our new 'Play at Home' mini series, where we aim to keep you entertained, coping and sexually thriving during these interesting and unique times.

    Want to reingite the spark in your relationship that you've possibly been taking for granted, but without necessarily just jumping straight into bed?

    This week, Sammi and Nick catch-up (remotely, of course) and share their thoughts on the different ways to boost intimacy and show appreciation of your partner that don't just involve sex. Time to start thinking outside of the box!

    We also cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Sexual happiness starts with you", where we share real tips and tales from our lovely Lovehoney customers.

    Have you got a top tip or amorous anecdote to tell? Email us at podcast@lovehoney.com or comment below.

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    This month I did something that I never in my wildest fantasies thought I would ever do – and that something was trying the ElectraStim EM60-E Flick Single Output Stimulator and ElectraPads Set (and no, that isn't a lesser-known Star Wars character) in conjunction with the ElectraStim Lula Noir Silicone Kegel Balls with E-Stim.

    Prior to test driving ElectraStim's wares, I knew next to nothing about the Electro Sex toys available on the Lovehoney website. I knew they were sex toys, and I knew electricity was somehow involved. That was it! Now, after experiencing both products, my interest in Electro Sex toys has been well and truly sparked!


    Just mentioning 'masturbation' brings to mind solo pleasure like no other, but did you know that mutual masturbation is a thing too? It's pretty great! It lets you and your lover share intimacies in new ways and if you've never tried it before, you're totally missing out.

    If you've got a partner and a willing set of palms then do we have the list for you. All these positions are great for couples with any gender configuration – if we haven't mentioned your bits, we promise the feel will still be good with whatever you've got.

    So invite your lover to join you, and take a look at our top 6 mutual masturbation positions.

    Position of the Week: Dinner Date

    Nipple Play

    Due to the vast number of nerve endings, your nipples are a super-sensitive area of your body, making them more responsive to touch.

    Without getting too scientific, it's been found that the pleasure we feel from nipple play can light up the same part of our brain as when we stimulate our genitals – so incorporating them in foreplay and sex can really add to the experience.

    Now you're interested, let's jump into nipple play. But before we do, let's bust a myth.

    The Male G Spot

    Do men have a G-spot? Do you mean a P-spot? Isn't it just women who have G-spots? How utterly confusing.

    If the male G-spot is even half as pleasurable as the female G-spot, it's probably worth us trying to get to the 'bottom' of this.

    Here goes...

    Position of the week: Deep G Diving

    How to masturbate with a vagina

    Let's talk about how to 'self pleasure' or 'masturbate' if you have a vagina. For centuries the concept of female masturbation has been a taboo subject, but following a good shake off of its negative baggage and it's now pleasure a yes-yes for those with vaginas.

    If you have a vagina and want to find out how to masturbate, have had the odd fiddle but don't feel like you've ever quite hit the spot or are a masturbation aficionado and want to add to your pleasure artillery - we're here to help.

    Read on to find out the whats, the whys and the hows of how to masturbate if you have a vagina.


    Quarantine is the perfect excuse to take a hiatus from your tweezers, fall in love with elasticated pants, or forget the meaning of the word 'exercise'.

    But it's not an excuse to give up on romance.

    Call us old softies, but love, intimacy and romance is the strawberry-flavored lube that makes the world go around. It's essential for our mental and physical health (and it gives us the warm and fuzzies).

    During quarantine, we challenge you to show your lover the best time they can have between four walls. We've compiled 8 quarantine date ideas perfect for passing the time and lighting your fire.

    From virtual date nights, to romantic date ideas (including romantic bedroom plans) we've got dates to suit every occasion.

    Everyone has a butthole and that butthole is packed with sensitive nerve endings, meaning everyone – no matter your age or sexual orientation – can find joy in anal play. Go a bit deeper, and you could stimulate the sensation highway that is your pudendal nerve (which also connects to your most sensitive sexy areas), or, if you have a penis, the pleasure centre that is the prostate. Hey, with practice, you might even be able to enjoy an anal orgasm.

    There are many different types of anal toys and while you might be aching to jump headfirst into exploring them, due to where the anus is and what it does, it's essential to prep properly and ease yourself in (especially if it's your first time).

    Read on to discover our top tips for using toys for anal play in the most pleasurable way possible.

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