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Hands-free toys for those with disabilities

A siltstone phallus found over 28,000 years ago in Germany was coined as the world’s first ever sex toy, and kick-started an evolution of a sexual landscape that offers a little something for everyone, and just keeps getting better.

From vibrating knickers, to sex mounts, love eggs, jiggle bells and everything in between, the future of sex toys is bright and exciting.

Now, we bring sex toys into the bedroom for all kinds of play. Whether we’re coupling up under the covers with a partner, or riding solo on the sofa, sex toys are fast becoming our number one companion and when we say there’s something for everyone, we’ve never meant it more!

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How do I Clean My Sex Toys?

After a great session with our favourite bedroom appliance, the last thing we want to think about is cleaning. Luckily, cleaning your toy is actually really easy. It literally can take 30 seconds - and here's how!

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