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13 Toys for the Most Common Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are imagined scenarios that arouse us, and almost all of us (a whopping 95%) have had one. Plus, a lucky 50% of us have one every single day!

We have them most commonly when we're daydreaming, masturbating and when having sex. And the best bit – lots of us are fantasizing about the same or very similar things.

Most of us fantasize about things that fall into three main genres: group sex, novelty, and power/control.

Having sexy fantasies enhances our masturbation and sexual experiences and they're a fantastic and healthy tool to rehearse, anticipate or explore future or past experiences.

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This Week on YouTube: What is an A Spot Orgasm?

Just when you've discovered your G-spot, Annabelle tells you there's another internal hot spot to discover.

Join her as she discusses the elusive A spot, including; how to find it and what toys work best to get you saying: 'Aaaaaaah!'.

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