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Best Places to Have Sex at Home

Let's face it, we're all going a bit stir-crazy during this unprecedented and drawn-out period of staying at home. Home improvements have been attempted, baking triumphs (and heroic fails) have been executed; and we've all sat glassy-eyed through endless boxsets.

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Lovehoneyposition of the week - take a knee

Position of the Week: Take A Knee

Simple is sometimes better, and Take A Knee is a prime example of this when it comes to sex positions. Think no fancy pants balancing acts, no need for Olympic level weight-lifting training – just basic (but intensely pleasurable and intimate) fun.

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Lovehoney position of the week - hold on tight

Position of the Week: Hold On Tight

The perfect choice of position for reenacting those frisky film scenes we all love but never get round to doing! Hold On Tight requires core, leg and upper-body strength, but it's worth it for the incredible range of sensations you'll both enjoy from every thrust and grind.

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lovehoney position of the week - hot squat

Position of the Week: Hot Squat

Are you ready for the Hot Squat? Designed to give you so much more than pert buttocks, this position will see you wave goodbye to the gym as you get those hot spots singing and those glutes working hard for one helluva climax showdown.

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Position of the week - the close up

Position of the Week: The Close-Up

A cuddle with the naughtiest and most pleasurable of intentions, The Close-Up allows you to get up-close, very personal and in a prime position to please. Go slow or turn it into a fast and explosive sex session – you decide.

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