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POTW Tongue Tied

Position of the Week: Tongue-Tied

Leave your lover lost for words when you give them a taste of your control in the bedroom. This intimate oral bondage position lets you and your partner get up close and personal while satisfying one’s sweet tooth with an extra tasty slice of the action.

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POTW X-Marks the Spot

Position of the Week: X Marks The Spot

Get ready to put on a show as you stop at the sexiest letter in the alphabet. X Marks the Spot is one for those of us who aren’t afraid to flaunt what we’ve got, while also being effortlessly perfect for those at the very beginning of their bedroom bondage journey.

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Two's a Wow 1000x1000

Position of the Week: Two’s a Wow

Twice the action, twice the fun, twice the pleasure. Two’s A Wow is an intimate position that puts all the focus on one partner to really show them an incredible time. Perfect for throuples and exploring the pleasure of three-way intercourse, this steamy sex scenario is sure to hit the right spot for all.

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Position of the Week: Lock 'n' Rock

Create a love locket for two this Valentine’s and rock your way to orgasm in this thrilling position inspired by the more traditional doggie-style. Entry from behind gives the receiver sweet, sensational control over stimulation of their internal hotspots like the G-spot and P-spot.

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