10 Best Sexy Lingerie Gifts for the Holidays

With the festive season fast approaching, buying the perfect lingerie gift for the lace-lover in your life can be a daunting prospect.

Cue the sweaty palms, the sudden inability to make a decision and the dreaded “lingerie shakes” (we made that bit up). Suddenly a box of chocolates is the best gift idea. Ever. But does anyone really put that on the holiday wish list?

Fear not. We’ve quizzed the Lovehoney lingerie experts and rifled through our customer reviews to come up with a list of quite possibly the 10 Best Lingerie Gifts you could ever pop under the tree for the one you love.

Forget the sweaty palms. This list is your new best friend - and you can thank us later, once you've finished up with those mistletoe kisses.

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4 Lingerie Styles That Suit Everyone

4 Lingerie Looks to Suit Everyone

Nothing feels quite like knowing you look stunning in a set of lingerie, and with the variety available there really is a style to make any body type feel amazing.

From bodies, to corsets, to nipple pasties, to G-strings, there's a whole world of styles out there, each designed to create a different bedroom look.

It’s easy to be intimidated, however, by the choices available and not know where to start, and sometimes you just want an easy go-to that you know you’ll rock with little risk of the look not working.

But we think there are certain styles that can make every single body shape and size feel fantastic, so here are the top 4 lingerie styles that suit everyone.

Do you have any to add? Don't forget to let us know in the comments below!

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