This Week on YouTube: How to Make Your Orgasms Stronger

Discover how to improve your sexual happiness with our resident sexpert, Annabelle Knight. This week Annabelle talks about how to make your orgasm stronger and even more fun. She guides us through a few ideas to help aid pelvic muscle strength and enhance arousal.

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Position of the Week: Bridge to the Heavens

Bridge to the Heavens is a sex position that is ideal for all penis sizes, be they small, medium or on the larger side. Both partners can tailor it to what works best for both them and their partner with a simple tweak of his hip height or her leg position. Experiment and enjoy!

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Position of the Week: Cheek to Cheek

Oh boy, oh boy, is he going to love this one. Do a flip reverse on the traditional forward facing blow job position and gain full access to titillation of his most explosive spots - his penis, balls and anus. Now there's a triple whammy to write home about.

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This Week on YouTube: Leap 'Back-into-Bed' Day

2020 is a leap year. You know what that means? An extra day in bed to fool around and have some fun. Join our resident sexpert Annabelle Knight, as she gives you a few ideas on how to spend your extra day this leap year.

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How Erotica Can Benefit Your Sex Life, by Cara Sutra


Books are one of life's great treasures. Whether you prefer to leaf through a paperback or swipe an e-reader, books unleash a world full of fantasy and magic upon your imagination.

What about erotica? Can erotic books enhance your sex life at all? Yes! In plentiful ways.

Shelve any thought of dreary tomes, these carefully crafted stories are fine dining for your heart and soul.

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Introducing Melt by We-Vibe

Melt Blog Product Image

How is most of your time taken up in the sack?

These days, portable tech – including social media, gaming, and streaming services like Netflix – is getting devilishly distracting from a) sleep and b) steamy sex sessions (gah!).

That's why we're massive fans of tech-savvy sex toy brand, We-Vibe, which actually harnesses the power of apps and uses it to help us up our sexytime in the bedroom, with ourselves and with our kinky confidantes.

We-Vibe's high-end vibrators, stimulators and massagers boast app control as a key feature. This means you have quick and simple touchscreen controls at your fingertips, giving complete command over your toy and all its settings.

It also means, no matter whether near or far, your playmate can help you turn up the heat on your solo sessions and you can experience epic pleasure together. Yup, that's right – whether you're on separate continents or just across the other side of the king-size, your pleasure can be amped up at the swipe of an app.

So, we always look forward to We-Vibe new launches, and every now and again along comes one that blows us away – and this time it has, quite literally.

The brand new Melt by We-Vibe borrows amazing Pleasure Air technology from fellow sex toy guru, Womanizer, and combines it into one sleek and smooth clit stimulator that takes your flower festival to full-on Coachella proportions.

Seriously, this is one pink puppy that you'll always want to reach for, no matter what after-dark antics you're up to.

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How To Have Happy, Confident Sex

How To Have Happy Confident Sex

“It was the best ever.” “I came 10 times.” “We did it in the frickin’ rabbit run.” These are the kind of tales about mind-blowing romps shared down the pub, and in books and movies. In reality, not every single session is a swinging-from-the-chandeliers affair. And that’s the first thing to remember.

However, this doesn’t mean your best sex ever is out of reach – all you need is a bit of body positivity and bedroom confidence.

Easier said than done though, right? Having total sex confidence can be hard. Really hard. You can be 100% comfortable in your day-to-day life, but stripping off and bumping uglies with that sexy someone is a whole different ballgame.

Check out these simple solutions for getting to know yourself, and to thinking and acting more confidently in the sack, and you’ll be enjoying supercharged sexytime in no time at all.

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Sizzle in Lovehoney Summer Lingerie: The White Edit


Glimmering in the sunshine, showing off sun-kissed skin and highlighting the flash of a white smile, white lingerie is perfect for summertime.

It’s simple, chic and the ONLY shade you need if you're jetting off to the Maldives for a week of sun, sand and, let’s face it, non-stop sex.

Despite its connotations of innocence, white lingerie is flirty and fun – slink onto your balcony in a crisp white bra set or basque and your beloved’s thoughts will be far from pure.

So, whether you’re having a lazy weekend somewhere local, or off for a week of frivolous fun, these gorgeous get-ups will make your getaway a total moan-zone.
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