Ep.3: Play At Home: Solo Sexual Happiness

by Lovehoney

on May 6, 2020

Welcome to our new 'Play at Home' mini series, where we aim to keep you entertained, coping and sexually thriving during Lockdown.

This week, Sammi and Nick catch-up (remotely, of course) and share their thoughts and advice on how you can still have great sex when you are single and self-isolating.

We also cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Sexual happiness starts with you", where we share real tips and tales from our lovely Lovehoney customers.

Have you got a top tip or amorous anecdote to tell? Email us at podcast@lovehoney.com or comment below.

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The Sexual Happiness Podcast · Play at Home: Solo Sexual Happiness


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Originally published on May 6, 2020. Updated on Jan 25, 2021