Who's Sqweeling? Oral sex in the palm of your hand? Don't mind if we do...

by Krista

on Nov 1, 2012

It’s hard to believe that the Sqweel has only been in existence for three years. No sooner had we fallen for the softly rotating wheel of lapping tongues, the designers were dreaming bigger and better, listening to women’s wants and needs and creating the Sqweel 2, improving the toy’s speed, power and motion to give an even bigger range of blissful sensations.

The Sqweel is back and better than ever for round two! A lot of feedback, hard work and love went into this Sqweel update and we are so excited to share it with the world. Your satisfaction and sexual happiness is our main goal. The best way to make an informed decision about any sex toy is to ask the experts.

We took care of that and sent the Sqweel 2 out to some of the most thoughtful and outspoken sex educators and sex toy reviewers we could find.

Here’s what they have to say about Sqweel 2:

Check out Tizzy Wall's show and tell, where she reminds us that water-based lube is wonderful and necessary and it goes great with Sqweel 2.

Shanna Katz is a passionate body positive, all inclusive and well respected sex educator. She let us know that she’s been recommending the original Sqweel to clients and in workshops over the years. Here are her thoughts on the new improved version.

"This version is much easier to open to place batteries, and the front buttons make a lot more sense, and if you’re a partner using this on someone, you can actually see what is going on more. Plus, there are a lot more functions of the tongues going this way, and thata way, and back and forth, so you have a lot more options for figuring out what works for you." - Read the full review.

Jenn.nugives us the straight dish. Simulating the bliss of real oral sex is no easy task. While the Sqweel 2 will never be exactly the same, from Jenn’s experience it comes "pretty damn close".

Sqweel 2

"Now I must tell you: nothing will be able to replace the experience of oral sex with another person. Nothing. But the Sqweel 2… comes close. Damn close. ;) The Sqweel 2 is a large cylinder, fitted with 10 incredibly soft and incredibly flexible silicone tongues. They’re flat and broad, similar in design to a real tongue, and when the Sqweel 2 is turned on, the tongues rotate. Choose from 3 speeds or the interesting flicker (back and forth) mode, and go to town!" - Read the full review.

True Pleasures loves trying out unique body friendly sex toys. Here she gives us the low down on how the Sqweel 2 goes down:

"Regular mode is my favorite. It’s the most gentle on my clitoris, and the most pleasurable. I generally start out on the lowest setting and work my way up. The medium and fast speeds are way too much for me to start out on. On my labia, though, I’m fine with any speed." - Learn about all the juicy details from the packaging to the experience in the full review.

Kira's Kink was curious about what the Sqweel 2 had to offer. She was also intrigued by its unique appearance.

"How to describe the look of the Sqweel 2? 'Different' and 'interesting' come to mind. I have nothing that looks anything similar to this toy. So I guess I’ll just try to explain how it all connects. Inside the case is a wheel of tongue shaped flaps. These flaps are widest around the middle and come to a bit of a curved point, just like a tongue." - Read Kira’s in-depth review The Fan That Makes You Sqweel.

/product.cfm?p=24042"Piph likes it!" Just like Mikey and his breakfast cereal, Epiphora has a discerning taste for her sex toys and she doesn’t mince words. Here’s what Epiphora says:

"And you know, I do like this silly device. It is strange and abnormal and unlike anything else. It’s flapping and ridiculous and yes, pleasurable. Very pleasurable, at times, when enough lube is used and I’m holding it just right. But it has many caveats…" - Read the full review on Epiphora’s blog.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves… Speaking of, here’s one last review from little old me at adultproductreviews.

"Sqweel 2 doesn’t vibrate, there are plenty of great vibrators out there if that’s what you’re looking for. Unlike any other toys on the market, this unique wheel of tongues is unrivaled at providing a realistic oral sensation. It also has a third more power than the original for those who like their slippery tongues moving fast and furious." - You can read my full review here.

I think Jay might enjoy an updated version too:

Jay Leno enjoying the Sqweel

Are you starting the think Sqweel 2 might be just the oral sex toy you’ve been looking for?

Get your Sqweel 2 right here and enjoy! Feel free to comment below or tweet to @lovehoney_com with any questions.


Written by Krista.

Originally published on Nov 1, 2012. Updated on Aug 5, 2020