8 Ways to Use the Position Master Mega Bondage Kit 


Let me be clear from the start – there are far more than 8 ways to use the Position Master Mega Bondage Kit.

But if I were to write about every combination this bondage gear could bring to your bedroom, this would be less of a blog and more of a novel.

So, rest assured that while I've had to restrain myself (pun intended) to just 8 ways this time, you and your lovers will only be limited by your imagination.

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10 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Femdom


Firstly, let me get one thing out of the way – if you’ve come here to learn about ‘femidoms’, you’ve got the wrong article. “Femdom” is a BDSM term used to describe a female dominant or 'top' partner.

Femdoms may enjoy having their submissive partner call them “Mistress”, or they may prefer to refer to themselves as “Dominatrix” or “Domme”. They may not call themselves anything at all – the point is that many women take great pleasure in ruling supreme between the sheets.

If you get a kick out of being the lady in charge, maybe it’s time to embrace your inner Domme. Of course, the best thing about exploring any new kink or fetish is that you don’t have to dive straight in the deep end.

There are plenty of X-rated activities you can partake in that range from the saucy and the sensual to the down-right dirty and dominant.

If your inner Femdom is aching to make her debut, don't deny her a minute longer! Use any of the above 10 tips to embrace your dominant nature and you'll be BDSM-ing with the best of them in no time.

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8 Sexy Things You Can Do (That Don't Need an Orgasm to Be Fun)


Orgasms are absolutely fantastic, there's no doubt about that. But, there might be times where you or your partner cannot or choose not to reach climax.

Sex should be pleasurable and fun, whether you're orgasming or not. It's those sexy, fun feelings that bring us to orgasm, and we wouldn't be orgasming without them.

It's just like that age-old saying – the journey is better than (or even the reason for) the destination. You wouldn't do a hike to a lookout point and ignore the wildlife, plants and waterfall along the way, would you?

Also, I find that removing the sense of having a 'goal' (i.e. orgasming) when engaging in partnered or solo sex can make things much more enjoyable.

That way you'll notice all of the other sexy things happening along the way that you may have overlooked because you were so focused on achieving an orgasm.

Let's explore some other sexy and fun things that don't include orgasms.

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12 Weird Things People Used to Believe About Sex


When I was a kid, I thought that people got pregnant just by sleeping in the same bed.

To be fair to my younger self, I was on the right track, but my explanation was definitely missing a few crucial steps.

We may all have believed something funny or illogical about sex before we were given The Talk by our parents or sex ed teacher – but that's nothing compared to what people have believed throughout the ages.

Cornflakes, sneezing, pineapple juice, 'loose' vaginas – here are 12 weird things people once believed about sex!

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8 of the Best Sex Podcasts


I am so grateful for podcasts. They're the perfect medium for me to keep learning throughout my busy day without having to stop everything to read or watch something.

I listen while on the way to work, to uni, in the shops, doing dishes, folding laundry, tidying, doing puzzles...

I have too many subscriptions to keep track of and I'm obsessed. As it's me, the majority of what I want to know about is sex stuff, so I almost only listen to sex podcasts.

Here are eight of my top sex podcast recommendations!

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Why You Should Buy Your Best Friend A Sex Toy


The love you have for each other may be platonic, but that doesn't mean you can't buy your best friend a sex toy!

Not only can something new and buzzy relieve stress, it can also boost your pal's confidence and teach them more about what makes them tick.

So the next time your BFF's birthday rolls around and you're stuck for present ideas, why not browse our amazing array of sex toys and give them the gift of sexual happiness?

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9 Times Sex Toys Were Used in the Movies

9 Times Sex Toys Were In The Movies

If you've watched Olivia Wilde's recent hilarious movie, Booksmart, you'll have been given a whole new meaning of the term "sex toy". The smart comedy explores gives an honest look at masturbation, especially when Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) admits to using the face of her favourite stuffed panda for solo girl grinding.

Li Li becomes a bit of a celebrity in itself. But it's not the first time "sex toys" have caused a stir in Hollywood films – in fact we've done some thinking and come up with a whole list of brilliant cameos from our faithful friends.

It's true, some are used for laughs, but even those moments go great lengths to breaking taboo and bringing our favorite playthings into the media mainstream.

If you've missed these big-screen moments, read on, then add them to your must-watch list.

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Is My Sexual Fantasy Normal?

How Normal Are My Sexual Fantasies

Imagine being in a shop with a friend, choosing a bag of crisps. You go for ready salted, they opt for salt and vinegar. Is one of you a weirdo? Of course not.

Just like our choice in crisp flavours, our turn-ons vary massively from person to person. After all, if we all liked exactly the same things, what a boring world this would be.

The same goes for sexual fantasies. If we all had the same sexual fantasies, sex wouldn't be half as exciting and invigorating.

We wouldn't be intrigued by anything new, we wouldn't ever be surprised by our partners, and there would be nothing about our own sexualities to discover and explore.

So if you're concerned about what your secret fantasy says about you, we're here to put your mind at rest.

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