1. Now Casting! Enter to Win 3 Best Selling Clone-A-Willy Kits (Worth $125+)

    clone-a-willy giveaway

    Have you ever wanted to be in two places at once? Has your lover wished they had a detachable version of your cock to keep at the bedside? Love to take your DIY spirit into the bedroom?

    Here's your chance to create 3 masterpieces! Clone-A-Willy kits allow you to create a buzzing replica of your own member at home.

    All Clone-A-Willy kits are platinum-cure silicone, creating a 100% body safe final product. Plus, they are made in the USA in Portland, OR.

    We'll be choosing one very lucky winner to win three kits and the chance to create clones of their goods in three different colors; the original light tone, bright pink, and green glow in the dark.

    Click through to enter to win and tell us why you'd like to clone your (or your friend's) willy in the comments below for even more chances. Contest ends March 18, 2016.

    More to love…

    There are a bunch of reasons to cast your willy with a Clone-A-Willy kit, and the winner of our giveaway will have the chance to make a trio of fun colors.

    Why do we love Clone-A-Willy kits? Double the pleasure, double the fun. Who doesn't want to be in two places at once? Your clone will last forever and go all night long. It's really all about sharing the love and creating something that lasts.

    The Prize Includes:

    1. Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit

      "Absolutely brilliant fun to make and plenty of fun when it's made, I love looking at my man's cock, even when he is not in the building I still feel close to him." - FruityBabes, Lovehoney customer

    2. Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit Hot Pink Hot Pink Vibrator Molding Kit

      "I overall love it! It would also be very good for long distance-lovers who want the real thing, not just a random mould lol." - MommaBear94, Lovehoney customer

    3. Clone-A-Willy Kit Glow In The Dark Vibrator Kit Glow In The Dark Vibrator Kit

      "Making the vibrator is one of the funniest things I've ever done, and broke down some barriers for us…" - dodgyrider, Lovehoney customer

    How to enter:

    To get in on this giveaway, simply use your email or Facebook account to log in to the Rafflecopter widget below. Don't worry, we won't save your information.

    Next, leave a comment on this post telling us why you'd like to win all three of these Clone-A-Willy Kits. Earn extra entries by checking out our social media profiles and sharing this giveaway.

    Competition ends March 18, 2016. Please read our Terms and Conditions here.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    If your penis already has a following like our friend Little D on his tumblr site ThingsMyDickDoes (NSFW), your clones might be in high demand. Are you ready to get your hands on yours in all three colors to keep for yourself or to share?

    things my dick does

    Can't wait to create your own?

    Check out our complete range of Clone-A-Willy kits and find the perfect one for your next DIY adventure. Watch our tutorial with Annabelle Knight on Lovehoney TV for best results, Clone a Willy: How to Get a Second Penis (That Vibrates), or read our step-by-step guide to making your clone.

    Many thanks to our friends at Clone-A-Willy for co-sponsoring this giveaway. Check out the Clone-A-Willy blog for more tips, tricks and life hacks for making the most out of your clones.

    Clone-A-Willy Kits

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    Comments (126)

    • Couple looking to spice things up: February 17, 2016 16:48
      Good luck everyone x
    • Norm: February 17, 2016 17:25
      Had fun making the first one, let's play again.
    • Tim: February 17, 2016 19:17
      My wife has been asking me to make one for when she travels for work and a good man listens to his Lady.
    • Maya: February 17, 2016 21:18
      I want this so the next time I tell someone to 'f' themself, they can.
    • shallot: February 18, 2016 02:28
      Id love to win this because my bf lives states away and id love to mold him so i can enjoy him while hes not around. He also goes offshore alot so plenty of use to get out of them
    • Alexandra: February 18, 2016 05:59
      I've always wanted to try this. ??
    • Caitlin: February 18, 2016 07:21
      I want to win these because this is like the ultimate DIY craft project. "Oh, you made a necklace this week? Guess what I made..."
    • dv8: February 18, 2016 10:19
      I want to win so I can sculpt objects and clone them to make strange dildos. I also want to make a silicone keyboard wrist rest.
    • Bum wiggles: February 19, 2016 16:22
      I'd love a replica of my partners penis, there's nothing quite like it ;)
    • Aaron: February 19, 2016 23:51
      Been looking to try this product for a while! Apparently I'm in demand...
    • kinkykittenkim: February 20, 2016 12:32
      fingers crossed we tried one previously and failed :(
    • Kitten: February 21, 2016 20:00
      Now to find volunteer cocks....
    • Moops: February 21, 2016 21:38
      Been wanting to do this forever
    • Cougs: February 22, 2016 01:16
      I love my partner's cock, I only wish it came in hot pink!
    • Dana Martin: February 22, 2016 17:34
      I want to clone a willy because I have done it in the past my first attempt was a failure. second attempt was a semi success, by partner went semi limp in the process leading to a semi hard clone, also i had to put the vibe in it because i didn't have enough of the silicone the second time around i want to make a dildo not a vibe and i want it full size!! Plus my favorite sex toy was glow in the dark and my mans penis is the best so a glow in the dark jakeyg peen will be the best!!!
    • Sabrina B: February 22, 2016 19:02
      I would LOVE to win the giveaway. My boyfriend and I are long distance, soon to be longer because he's moving back home to Australia, and we're always talking about making one so I can still have with him in spirit and in dick. Plus, who wouldn't love a glow in the dark version of their fav toy!
    • Ron: February 22, 2016 19:03
      I want to clone my own willy and actually finally see an uncut dildo most of the ones ive Seen were cut and even though thats cool itd be nice to see uncut. I also have a person in mind i want to help me clone theirs because i know hes leaving and i dont want to miss out on that.
    • April P: February 22, 2016 19:17
      I want to clone my boyfriends willy because I don't get to spend enough quality time with his Willy. With these kits it'll be like he's always with me.
    • Sheila: February 22, 2016 19:38
      My boyfriend's willy is the most gorgeous I've ever seen (sorry Little D), and I want to keep it always! I'm pretty sure that making him watch me use it (or all 3?!) would drive him absolutely wild. We've both always wanted to try it. And I trust this one because it comes from Lovehoney!
    • Tonya: February 22, 2016 19:48
      I hope I win! Really want one :)
    • Danny: February 22, 2016 20:09
      Love to be able to clone myself for the wife to Play with when I'm not around and to Play with together.
    • Anthony: February 22, 2016 20:25
      Tbh I wanna clone myself and well, fuck myself, hahah
    • Marta: February 22, 2016 20:59
      My bf lives over a 1,000 miles from me, so the sexual frustration is real
    • Rachel S: February 22, 2016 21:12
      Been wanting to clone my beau for a while. Would love to do DP with it.
    • Renelle: February 22, 2016 21:34
      I would love one of these to use with my husband! I bet he'd get a kick out of it!
    • Rebekah: February 22, 2016 22:11
      I am a recent widow who is not ready to date for now but has a friend who is willing to clone his cock so I have it to use anytime I want with no commitment!
    • helge: February 22, 2016 22:31
      Wanna hav a kit cos we have a long-distance relationship. So we can feel us when needed....
    • Lea: February 22, 2016 22:57
      It's simple, I would love to have another of my husband ;)
    • Michelle: February 23, 2016 00:29
      This is awesome a great way to spend time with my guy when he's away...
    • Rey: February 23, 2016 01:12
      I am in long distance relationships with *three* men! I am a poly woman that couldn't pass up the opportunity to pursue my dream PhD project, so I left my husband, primary boyfriend, and casual lover to move 500 miles away, for maybe five years! It's terribly lonely up here, and I miss my partners every day. A copy of each would be wonderful! (Not to mention fulfill a few fantasies unlikely to happen 'in person'...)
    • Cherry: February 23, 2016 02:30
      I'd love to win because I'm poly and in three long distance relationships. Being able to have clones of ALL of my partners would help me a lot!
    • Brittany: February 23, 2016 06:02
      Why would I *not* want to clone my man? I already miss him when he's not around...why not make up for a little bit of that? ;o)
    • Sarah Smith: February 23, 2016 06:55
      I would love this!
    • Katrina: February 23, 2016 13:40
      I love my boyfriend and sex very much. I want a DP, but a bit shy to find another guy. Clone a willy will give me another of my man! It'll be so FREAKING AWESOME!!!
    • Kat: February 23, 2016 18:00
      I think it would be fun to try pegging my guy with a copy of himself!
    • Lesley: February 23, 2016 21:54
      This would be great for when the bf isn't around :)
    • Sage: February 23, 2016 22:19
      Would love to have a friend to use when husband is busy, or even with him!
    • Pedro Cavalcanti: February 23, 2016 23:54
      Everybody knows that all gay people want is to date versions of themselves. Now I kinda can!
    • tphunk: February 24, 2016 01:18
      My lover lives 3550.05 miles away in iceland. I live for his perfect beautiful uncut cock. I would die to have a clone or three "to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part" mm mmmm mmmm
    • Stacy braunworth: February 24, 2016 03:04
      My boyfriend and i enjoy entertaining additional women and this would help for there to be enough of him to go around
    • Marius: February 24, 2016 05:27
      I want to give it to my ex-boyfriend! :)
    • Chrispey: February 24, 2016 14:10
      Stop motion animation.
    • Elizabeth: February 24, 2016 21:53
      I really want my boyfriend to have his guy in both options down there ;)
    • Melanie: February 24, 2016 22:59
      This is a great idea. I didn't know something like this was possible. Now I can enjoy my man's little dude even when he's not there. :)
    • Sam: February 25, 2016 04:57
      This kit would actually help me out a lot. My boyfriend is going to college in England while I'm here in the U.S. (we met in the use and dated here before he left) And i love him so much, but the only thing that has us at a stop is our affection and sexual desire being made. I've heard of the kit, and told him, and he would be very excited to try it for us.
    • Jeanne Miller: February 25, 2016 07:09
      I want to clone my hubby. :D
    • Brooklyn: February 25, 2016 07:36
      I would love this to clone my boyfriend, he works all the time. With the clone a willy I won't miss out on him while he's gone. Oh by the way he's the best lol.
    • Cheve: February 25, 2016 09:50
      My friends and I would like to see who make the better looking Clone-A-Willy! Like they say 3 is better than 1 :)

      Who knows we might just make great friends for LD

    • Cheve: February 25, 2016 09:54
      I would love to be the first three in South Africa to Clone-A-Willy!

      I've seen it in videos and who wouldn't love gifting a clone of a willy to that special someone ;)

    • Daniel: February 25, 2016 13:50
      My gf said only way she's going to try anal with me is if I try first, and what better way than my own penis?
    • Tuuli: February 25, 2016 14:42
      I'd love to do something fun sex-related with my boyfriend to make our sexlife a bit more relaxed. Also it would be great to have his penis as a vibrator, how cool is that! :D
    • Christine: February 25, 2016 18:49
      What a great giveaway.
    • Yoann: February 25, 2016 21:22
      I want to clone my ex-boyfriend's willy! I miss it so bad
    • Davis: February 26, 2016 05:15
      This is such a great idea! So useful!
    • David Smith: February 26, 2016 05:45
      I want to clone my willy, because, let's be honest, who wouldn't.
    • Rebecca: February 26, 2016 22:15
      I've always wanted to try these
    • dana: February 27, 2016 04:00
      need 3 clones of my bfs penis 1 for his ex wife so she can remember what shes missing, and one as a joke for his friend haha, and one for me!!
    • Allyson: February 27, 2016 04:04
      My husband is deployed for the next year and a half...I...uh...miss him...

      Next time he visits on leave I would love to go all clone wars on that.

    • Ben: February 27, 2016 04:29
      So when people tell me to "go fuck myself" I really can.
    • Mike X: February 29, 2016 02:41
      I want to clone 2 Willy's for my Hotwife. One clone of my long willy & 1 of my wifes lovers thick Willy. That way she can always be completely satisfied and use whichever she is in the mood for at the time. Or both : simultaneously :)
    • Lilli: March 01, 2016 06:05
      I want one so I can clone a toy to my very personal liking
    • J. Scott: March 01, 2016 22:06
      I want this because it would make for a great photo shoot. Not to mention the fun my girlfriend and I would have making it before my models got to shoot with them.
    • Tanya T: March 02, 2016 04:27
      It would be a dream to win this all three of these wonderful Clone-A-Willy kits because penises are truly a gift to this world. To immortalize my favorite penis so that I can have pleasure when my partner is away is literally a gift that keeps on giving. And I wouldnt be selfish, I would joyously share these amazing kits with other women that I know so that the can also duplicate their favorite phallus for uh, recreational or educational purposes. :-*
    • Geovanni C: March 02, 2016 05:46
      I want to clone a willy because me and my partner live in separated cities And it would be fun to have our own replica of each other, even kinkier to have my replica for myself, so that’s it! 3 kits! Two for me and one for him!
    • Jen: March 02, 2016 07:55
      I'd love to have a clone so when hubby has to leave in the middle of the night for a call (he's a firefighter) while we're in the middle of sex, I can keep myself occupied til he gets back! ;) and I would love to have a clone of him anyway!
    • Teresa A.: March 02, 2016 19:07
      As my partner is getting older and things dont always work like they used to, it would be nice to still enjoy "his" manhood.
    • Ed. H: March 03, 2016 04:59
      Long distance relationship, would be nice to have a detachable version
    • Larry N: March 03, 2016 07:36
      I would love to win so i can trade willies with my hubby while we r apart!
    • smitten kitten: March 03, 2016 08:54
      spreadin the love
    • Star: March 03, 2016 14:37
      Some fantasies require the real thing in more than one place at once. Lovehoney is a place where dreams can come true!
    • Max: March 03, 2016 16:07
      Because my willy has always wanted to have a twin!
    • Mike: March 03, 2016 19:14
      sounds fun
    • Psoli: March 03, 2016 20:41
      Who wouldn't want multiple coloured copies of their partner's dick? Glow-in-the-dark, here I come!
    • Anna: March 03, 2016 22:48
      Who doesn't miss their partners privates, when he's not around? This is the perfect solution! .
    • Gregro: March 04, 2016 03:54
      I've made one of myself (rather unsuccessfully) and now I want to make one of my husband and give myself another shot at it ;-)
    • Artur: March 04, 2016 20:43
      Hello, I'm gay and I love to play such. Whenever I go out with someone they really compliment my penis and so I have doubts about how it should be having sex with myself. sometimes even masturbate looking at me in the mirror (narcissism? maybe, but I think it would be self-love and be happy with yourself) to want to do with a penis like mine, and I must say that when I use the clone-a-willy will be singing: i'm Feeling myself, i'm feeling myself, i'm feeling my, feeling my ... - Nicky Minaj feat. Beyonce. Hahahahaha I hope to win
    • Cinds: March 04, 2016 21:39
      I'd like to own at least one because it would be my partner and I (three) first sex toys and would be plain fun to wiggle some of the clones in front of my art mates, as well as make some penis included sculptures for my assignments! Of course it would be as temporal sculpts only additive, but it could get some fame at my country someday and I'm definitely sharing the dildo data to everyone! :3
    • G: March 05, 2016 01:53
      Would love to get for both me and the wife !
    • Steven: March 06, 2016 10:05
      I'd like to win these so that I could send them to a friend I know that lives across the country, so when we 'play' online, things are a bit more intimate!
    • Yummymummy :-*: March 07, 2016 07:06
      I've been looking at these for a while... They look like they'd be fun to make and use!!!
    • Christian: March 07, 2016 09:59
      I'd like to clone a willy because my boyfriend lives 2000 miles away!
    • Michelle Ward: March 07, 2016 16:15
      My husband is jealous of my sex toys but a replica of his penis would be OK with him.
    • Foxboy: March 08, 2016 18:44
      Because my willy is worth cloning! But it sounds like a hilariously challenging process to actually do - a great partner activity, so much fun. And, if it goes well, a new toy to play with afterwards! With a few Kits, you'd have a couple tries to get it right, too.
    • Bombshell Blonde: March 09, 2016 03:39
      Been wanting to make some sexy films for/with my OH and these would be great for some 3-way play. Would be awesome to make a movie for my OH and for him to know it's his clone making me moan.
    • Roffia: March 09, 2016 16:26
      Good luck everyone !
    • A.J.: March 09, 2016 18:15
      One as a serious gift, two others as shock/gag gifts.
    • Cheyenne G: March 09, 2016 18:24
      Who doesn't want a clone of their favorite willy?
    • Mathieu: March 11, 2016 10:11
      Good luck!!
    • Chris Daniels: March 11, 2016 21:55
      I'd love to make a replica I can give my wife when I'm deployed.
    • Jhon: March 12, 2016 02:39
      It will be fun to have a copy of myself or someone else... It will be a good personalised thing :)
    • Kaiser: March 12, 2016 05:29
      Would love to see my little D in hot pink or heck, even glowing in the dark!
    • Emm: March 12, 2016 22:15
      Fingers crossed! Would be fun to have 2 D's! ??
    • Mina: March 12, 2016 22:59
      ay yai yai i need it!
    • Kelsey: March 14, 2016 03:50
      Long distance relationship!
    • Michael: March 14, 2016 19:47
      I'd love my girlfriend to have some kind of choice when I'll have to leave for week or something. Also would be a fun to use it in the bed regularly!
    • Knut: March 14, 2016 21:26
      Can´t wait for having a threesome with my gf anf the two of mine ;)
    • Amanda: March 15, 2016 03:31
      My fiance is very hesitant about using toys in the bedroom, but I think if it was a molding of him, he'd be a lot more open to it. He's mentioned it a time or two, so I think he'll dig this!
    • lucas de paula: March 15, 2016 21:39
      wow! i love it!
    • Allsweaty: March 16, 2016 02:13
    • Matthew: March 16, 2016 02:45
    • Who wants to know: March 16, 2016 03:50
      In like a villain dildo
    • Hannah: March 16, 2016 23:53
      Curiosity of making one and it could be good fun to try something a wee bit different!
    • Nina Joyce: March 17, 2016 02:49
      How much fun would it be to win?! LD made it look like a good time to be had with that special someone and then when we aren't together...we can be together!!
    • Morgan: March 17, 2016 02:52
      I'm poly and it would be really cool if we could clone our boyfriend's willy and give one to each of his three partners!
    • Her: March 17, 2016 02:58
      Wouldn't it be great to have a piece of Him when he's not home AND sure to be fun to make the clone(s) together! We've always wanted to make a copy for when we're apart.
    • Alexis: March 17, 2016 02:59
      I'd like to win because my partner lives 3,000 miles away and we've been in a long distance relationship for 5 years and I feel like this would be a fun thing for us to do
    • Jacqui Paltridge: March 17, 2016 03:10
      I would love this because my boyfriend and I rarely get to be together and this would make Skype sex that much more fun! Plus who wouldn't want to try dp ;)
    • Aaron: March 17, 2016 03:18
      I would love to win this because I want to start bottoming, and what better way than with toys. And I would feel the most comfortable with my own willy!
    • Sarah F: March 17, 2016 03:19
      Thanks for the chance! I love LD!
    • Codee: March 17, 2016 03:32
      I want to win because my boys are all over the country and I can satisfy them all at once. They need a little something so they can use me whenever!
    • Julie: March 17, 2016 03:34
      I'd like to win because my husband works out of town and it would be nice to keep a part of him home with me.
    • Jeremy: March 17, 2016 03:49
      I want my partner to get used to me.
    • Victor: March 17, 2016 03:58
      I want to clone my willy so I can actually fuck myself when my roommate tells me to go fuck myself.
    • Hannah: March 17, 2016 04:16
      I've always thought it would be so fun to have a toy that was made of someone I know.
    • Aria: March 17, 2016 04:23
      my long distance boyfriend will think it's absolutely hilarious if I win when I come visit him. I'll be happy to have a part of him to love while we're apart!
    • Laura: March 17, 2016 04:36
      My husband is thicker than my current vibrator, so I'd rather have something like him ??
    • Amy: March 17, 2016 04:40
      My partner is moving to Denver in a couple of weeks to be closer to his family while I'll be here on the West Coast finishing my Medic degree for the next year and a half. It would be really nice to have a "piece" of him here to enjoy while we're apart.
    • Kisha: March 17, 2016 05:05
      I really want to win so I can see if Little Dude will clone himself for me. Having a LD of my very own would be amazing because he's the most gorgeous cock I've ever seen!
    • Mindy: March 17, 2016 06:49
      I'm a Polyamorous girl with 3 partners, and two of them are on the opposite side of the country :C The clone-a-willy kit would be an AWESOME chance to keep one of my boys with me and help close that distance! :3
    • Mark: March 17, 2016 11:34
      Because I'm vein
    • Seth: March 17, 2016 12:22
      This will bring a whole new meaning to "go fuck yourself " ¯\_(?)_/¯
    • Ryan Stephen Surtees: March 17, 2016 12:43
      I'm gay and want to feel my own dick, I will also clone my boyfriends so I can have a copy of his.
    • Brock: March 17, 2016 17:16
      Definitely want to fuck myself, have my husband's clone on call, and the next time we come across a great third dick I'll be able to make a copy
    • Danae: March 17, 2016 17:51
      i would love to use this on my man and have a clone of him!!
    • Mandy: March 17, 2016 20:15
      I love to have sex, but when my boyfriend isn't around, I need other things to get happy. A cloned willy of my boyfriends penis would be perfect in those situations. If it's possible I would also like a cloned thingsmydickdoes ;) I'm a huge fan!
    • Dana: April 01, 2016 19:58
      did i win!!!!! who won!
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