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Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview: Pam Costa


Pam Costa, M.A. left her high-tech career at Apple and Facebook to found Down To There, to help the world talk more openly about sex.

Through her writing and speaking, she encourages deeper exploration of our sexual self and how that impacts our relationships. Pam is also passionate about raising awareness within medical and mental health communities about the positive impact of peer support on female sexual health, recently presenting her research on this topic at TEDx Palo Alto.

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Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview: Zoë Kors

Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview Zoë Kors

Zoë Kors is a sex and intimacy coach, writer, speaker, and sought-after thought leader in the field of women's sexuality. Based in Los Angeles, she works with women and couples all over the world to reclaim their essential sensual nature and embrace sexuality as a natural form of self-expression.

She is the former Senior Editor and Creative Director of LA Yoga Magazine. She is a contributor to many online publications, including Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, Fabletics, and Brentwood Home, as well as the author of, 6 Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex, which quickly went viral and is currently at over 2 million views and over 100K Facebook shares.

In addition to a thriving private practice, Zoë offers her services through The Center for Relational Healing, which specializes in the treatment of sex addicts and their partners. As a team member, Zoë works with clients to reintroduce healthy sexuality and intimacy after the trauma of betrayal.

She is a certified Co-Active Coach with the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA. Zoë is initiated in the Sri Vidya tantra lineage. Her work reflects her extensive study of Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, and other Eastern disciplines, which she blends with more process-oriented modalities of Western psychotherapy and Co-Active Coaching.

Learn more about Zoë Kors and her work at zoekors.com.

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Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview: Kimberly Johnson


Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner, Sexological Bodyworker, Structural Integration Practitioner, yoga teacher, and single mom.

She is the creator of Activate Your Inner Jaguar, an online course ushering women into their full voices and sexual expression, and the author of The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality. Find more about her work here.

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Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview: Barbara Carrellas


Barbara Carrellas is the author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century, Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide to Sex, Relationships, Oh So Much More, and Luxurious Loving. She is the founder of Urban Tantra®, an approach to sacred sexuality that adapts and blends a wide variety of conscious sexuality practices from Tantra to BDSM, and the Urban Tantra® Professional Training Program, a comprehensive training program in the practice and application of conscious sexuality. Her pioneering Urban Tantra® workshops were named best in New York City by TimeOut/New York magazine.

Barbara brings a holistic, metaphysical, practical, humorous, entertaining, and gender-fluid approach to conscious sexuality and to all her work. Her books, workshops, lectures, and coaching sessions are an eclectic mix of sexual and spiritual practices designed to encourage readers and participants of all sexual preferences and genders to expand their capacity for both pleasure and spiritual fulfillment.

Find more about her work here.

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Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview: Dr Adam Sheck

Dr Adam Sheck Lovehoney Sexpert Interview

Dr. Adam Sheck is a licensed psychologist, couples counselor, relationship coach, and sex therapist and has been in practice for over 25 years, supporting couples and singles in connecting to their passion and purpose.

An MIT graduate and engineer, he pursued a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology later in life. His reputation as the "Passion Doctor" came early in his career when he discovered his gift for supporting long-term, committed couples reignite their romance, intimacy, sexuality, and passion.

He's also coupled his engineering skills with his psychotherapy and counseling skills to create multiple websites and teleseminars to support people with their personal trust issues online.

Dr. Sheck's practice is based in Los Angeles and he currently works with clients all over the world through telephone and Skype. Find out more about his work at thepassiondoctor.com.

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Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview: Michelle Hope

Lovehoney Sexpert Interview Michelle Hope

Michelle Hope is not your average sexologist – she is an award-winning, passionate edu-tainer and combines her love of pop culture, entertainment, and sexuality into events and media content that educate and motivate.

A speaker with over 15 years of experience, Michelle has delivered lectures nationwide, working to help contemporary millennials make healthy decisions for their sex lives in pursuit of successful, holistic living.

She has trained and facilitated national programs for Harlem Children's Zone, Community Health Network, LAPD, Pacific Oaks College, and many others. Her sexual education seminars, lectures, and workshops educate on safe sexual practices and prevention, including therapeutic alliances dealing with trauma, reproductive justice, youth rights, LBGTQ inclusivity, parenting skills, and creating safe spaces and healthy relationships.

Michelle has appeared on News One Now with Roland Martin, Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, Lip Service, The Brilliant Idiots, and more.

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Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview: Sunny Rodgers


Sunny Rodgers is a Certified Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist, and serves as Ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association.

She is also the Brand Manager and Sexual Health Educator for three top intimate products manufacturers: Pipedream Products, Jimmyjane and Sir Richard's.

Since 2000, Sunny Rodgers has worked in the pleasure product industry, helping thousands improve their relationships and understand how pleasure products can enhance their sex lives.

She has made it her mission to help educate people on the intersection of pleasure products and sexual wellbeing.

Sunny uses her two decades of experience to help people reach their intimate goals and experience successful sex lives.

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Lovehoney Sex Expert Interview: Dr Lanae St John

Lovehoney Sexpert Interview Dr Lanae St John

Dr. Lanae St.John, DHS, ACS, is a board-certified sexologist, sexuality educator, and writer. She received her Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality where she focused on Child and Adolescent Sexuality.

She develops curriculum, teaches classes, and works with clients to normalize conversations about sexuality between parents and children. Her writing and sex expertise have been featured in various publications, websites, radio shows, and on YouTube.

She believes that we must help adults discover a positive outlook on sexuality before they can impart wisdom to the young people in their lives. By teaching parents to nurture the budding sexuality of their children in ways that foster self-respect and acceptance for the totality of their personhood, she helps them raise children who become empowered, beautiful, strong, sexually healthy adults.

She often incorporates pop culture, current advertising, music, and movie references into her teachings and blogs about sex, parenting, relationships, and gender at TheMamasutra.net.

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