What Your Favorite Sex Toy Says About You


Whether you've got a single toy hidden away in your night stand or a gigantic collection that's taking over your whole house, everyone has that one favorite toy they always find themselves coming back to.

You know the one. The old reliable that you never can quite replace.

But have you ever wondered - what does your favorite sex toy say about you?

From the classic dildo to the beasty butt plug, we've looked at seven different sex toys, and what we think your preference could indicate about your personality.

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We Tried Out Clitoral Balms and This is What We Found

Clitoral balms have quite the reputation. Boasting the seemingly incredible ability to give you easy access to incredible orgasms, they might at first seem too good to be true - which is why we decided to see just what they were capable of.

We put a range of 4 different orgasm-boosting clitoral balms and gels through their paces to see how things really went down when push comes to 'rub'.

They included the Tracey Cox Supersex Orgasm Gel, the Lovehoney Desire Luxury Orgasm Balm, the Crazy Girl Wanna Be Explosive Clitoral Arousal Gel, and the Lovehoney Oh! Cherry Orgasm Balm.

Two balms and two gels, all promising a souped-up O - but how did they all stand up to a very thorough testing?

Just keep reading to find out.

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Which is the Best Vibrator for A Sensitive Clitoris?

What's The Best Vibrator for a Sensitive Clit?

The clitoris is quite fairly seen as a nexus of sexual pleasure for women.

Everyone has their own tips and tricks for getting the most out of clitoral stimulation, but what is often overlooked is the huge number of people out there with more sensitive clits.

For those of you who fall into this camp direct, extreme clit stimulation can be overwhelming, but this doesn't need to be a hindrance.

As with everyone's body, the pleasure attainable from sex and masturbation all comes down to knowing your body and what works for it.

So I've picked out some of the best vibrators to help you avoid over-stimulation.

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Valentine's on a Budget: The Best Sexy Gifts Under $40

Valentine's Gifts Under £30

After Christmas comes the inevitable period of 'I spent HOW much?', which most of us are well familiar with - and for those of us with a monthly pay check, the wait between the early December pay day and the one at the end of January seems endless.

This can turn Valentine's Day from the relaxed, carefree expression of love it should be to a looming specter threatening to drain your bank account dry.

This is where Lovehoney and the Oh! Spot comes in.

We've got a list of the sexiest gifts you can get, all for under $40, so there's something to suit every single budget.

From underwear to dildos, and games to handcuffs, we've picked 15 of our Lovehoney favorites to ensure this is your steamiest Valentine's Day yet.

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3 Sex Toys Every Man Should Own

3 Sex Toys Every Man Should Own

Sex toys are wonderful things in far more ways than may immediately spring to mind.

The sheer variety available is especially noteworthy, and with the quantity of categories of toy and the level of variation within each of these categories, there really is something for everyone.

That said, can it ever be too much of a good thing?

That's where this post comes in - to help you navigate through the weird and wonderful world of sex toys to the essential few every man should own.

They're not the be all and end all of the sex toy world, but with these to hand you'll have a great starting point from which to branch out into whatever toys appeal to you specifically the most.

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4 Lingerie Styles That Suit Everyone

4 Lingerie Looks to Suit Everyone

Nothing feels quite like knowing you look stunning in a set of lingerie, and with the variety available there really is a style to make any body type feel amazing.

From bodies, to corsets, to nipple pasties, to G-strings, there's a whole world of styles out there, each designed to create a different bedroom look.

It’s easy to be intimidated, however, by the choices available and not know where to start, and sometimes you just want an easy go-to that you know you’ll rock with little risk of the look not working.

But we think there are certain styles that can make every single body shape and size feel fantastic, so here are the top 4 lingerie styles that suit everyone.

Do you have any to add? Don't forget to let us know in the comments below!

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15 Things People Believe About Masturbation (That Just Aren't True)

15 Things People Believe About Masturbation

When it comes to masturbation, everyone has an opinion.

For some, it's the highlight of their day, and they can't get enough of it; for others, the appeal is completely unfathomable.

Over the years, a ton of myths have sprung up around the concept of self-love, and it can be tricky sometimes to seperate the fact from the fiction.

Will you go blind? Is it bad for you? Will it ruin sex if you do it?

Particularly when it comes to our upbringing and the beliefs of those around us, the benefits of masturbation can be a bit of a murky area.

But the good news is, if you're still on the fence about flicking the bean or doing the five-knuckle-shuffle, here are 15 common beliefs about masturbation that just aren't true.

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Why You Should Be Masturbating Right Now


If someone asked you why you masturbate it might seem like an odd question – surely it’s obvious? It feels great, relieves sexual frustration, and some of us even do it just to kill time!

But what if we told you that dabbling in a little ménage à moi may well benefit more areas of your life than you might realise?

With positive impacts on your health, mood, sex life and more, masturbation has been proven time and again to be one of our healthier habits as a species.

To find out why a fap a day can keep the doctor away, keep reading.

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Undercover Pleasure: Top Tips for Masturbation in Shared Accommodation

Lovehoney Student Sex Advice

For many people, there are few things more mortifying than the idea of someone hearing them masturbate.

While there's no reason to be ashamed of masturbation at all, the social stigma, fear of a certain reputation and many other reasons mean that most people would rather keep their private pleasure just that: private.

College is a time of juxtapositions. A wealth of nightlife and no money to explore it, a world of academic study and no time to embrace it and, for many, a new horizon of sexual possibilities and far too little privacy to comfortably enjoy them.

Statistically, college is one of the most common times for a woman to start experimenting with masturbation and sex toys, but it is also frustratingly often one where privacy is at an all time low due to the paper thin walls and shared dorm space.

That’s where this handy guide comes in, to help you maximize your potential you-time while minimizing the need to worry about nosy roommates asking awkward questions.

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