Top 20 Sex Positions

The greatest hits collection of position of the week favorites from over the years.

So you’ve tried missionary, doggie style and cowgirl but know deep down that there's got to be more. What do you do when you want to mix it up a little? At Lovehoney, we’re all about great sex for all parties involved, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sex positions for making sure your pleasure sessions are orgasmic and fun.

Trying out new sex positions can be the key to a fulfilling and playful sex life. We've been creating new sex positions for you to try every week for years. What better way to ensure that no stone is left unturned than with our most popular positions from our Position of the Week series to keep you and your partner busy and brimming with excitement?

POTW Up and Over_1

Up and Over

Lovers of deep penetration and bondage, sign up here. Forget bending over backwards, the submissive will be simply folding under the control of their dominant lover with this bondage position which will have you finessing your flexibility in no time. You’ll need a pair of ankle restraints or a spreader bar for this one.

The receiver wears the restraints and lies on their back with their legs in the air and feet up near their ears. The giver faces the receiver and positions themselves on their knees with hands on either side as they penetrate. Depending on how flexible your submissive is, use the restraints as leverage to reach their ankles towards their ears. The angle of the submissive’s hips and legs creates an intensely satisfying fullness and tightness for both receiving and giving partner. Plus, both partners stay face-to-face in this surprisingly intimate bondage position for both vaginal and anal sex.

Bondage Queen

The Bondage Queen

Partial to face-sitting? This variation takes the Queening oral sex position and makes it even more dominant with some cheeky bondage added in.

The submissive (giving) partner lies on their back with arms overhead. The dominant (receiving) partner cuffs their lover’s wrists to the bed and facing their feet, gently straddles the head below, being careful not to kneel on their partner’s shoulders. From here they can lean over to steady themselves on their hands while the submissive partner below licks, kisses and sucks their front or back door. The dominant partner is in full control of the situation here while the submissive gets full access to their partner’s crotch.

Power hose sex position

Power Hose

The shower is the perfect place to get wet and wild. With this steamy solo sex position, you’ll splish and splash your way to soaked-through satisfaction (yeah, we mean it that way).

Stand comfortably in the bath, and brace one leg against the edge so it’s easy to spread your thighs apart (we also recommend investing in some anti-slip treads for your tub). If you have a shower cubicle and don’t have a sturdy ledge to use, bring a waterproof seat to give you the leverage you need. Once you’re in position, take your shower head in hand and aim the water towards your erogenous zones. The warm water provides a firm massage on your hotspots, while also flowing into erogenous areas you may not always consider, like the backs of your thighs. Plus, clean-up couldn’t be easier.

The grind sex position

The Grind

Grind it real good with this rear-entry position. With Grind, the giving partner takes control of the pace of penetration, while the receiving partner enjoys multiple sweet spot stimulation.

The receiving partner bends over with their back straight and their elbows resting on a bedframe, table or window ledge. The giving partner penetrates from behind, holding on to their partner’s waist to pull them in closer as they guide their penis or strap-on into their vagina or anus. This position provides direct stimulation of the G-spot or P-spot, and is perfect for those looking to explore strap-on play and pegging for the first time. The receiving partner can also spread their legs further apart for deeper penetration, or squeeze them tightly together for more shallow penetration.

Hard press sex position

Hard Press

This rear-entry position allows the penetrating partner to ease slowly into play and control the pace of penetration, while the receiving partner revels in G-spot or P-spot stimulation. A win for both!

The receiving partner lies on their front, resting on their elbows with their legs pressed together. The giving partner kneels behind, placing their hands on either side of their partner's back in a press-up-like position as they thrust away. This position is perfect if you want to take things slow. The receiving partner’s legs are pressed together, which means their lover slides between their thighs for access. This reduces the depth of penetration and could potentially help to delay climax. It’s also ideal for people who may experience discomfort due to their partner having a larger penis.

Apple bobbing sex position

Apple Bobbing

Much more pleasurable than dunking your head in a bucket of cold water, this whole new take on apple bobbing rewards both partners with much more than just a bruised apple.

One partner positions themselves on their knees (spread apart) on the edge of a bed or sturdy object of a similar height. The other partner kneels on the floor in front of them and holds on to their partner’s buttocks to bring their pelvis closer to their face. The elevated position of the receiving partner’s pelvis brings them to head height for the giving partner, so they don’t have to strain their neck when treating their lover to oral pleasure. This in turn gives each suck, lick and tease a lot more strength, control and stamina, minus the neck ache.

Lazy lovers sex position

Lazy Lovers

Laid-back mornings are made even better with Lazy Lovers. Perfect for a weekend lie-in, this position allows you to get up close and personal with your lover. While they are granted direct access for penetration, you hold on tightly to their hands, controlling the pace of your play.

The giving partner lies on their back with their legs spread. Facing the opposite direction, the receiving partner squats over their lover and then lies on their back between their legs with their feet on either side of their arms. The receiving partner can use their feet as leverage to thrust, while the giving partner holds their lover’s hands to support their body weight during penetration. Lazy Lovers allows you to effortlessly connect with your partner, by positioning you perfectly between their legs. This position is a fantastic way to even out any height and weight differences.

Squat strokes sex position

Squat Stroks

Did you get your squats in today? You definitely will with this masturbation position. Make it mutual and have your gym buddy join you for a workout that’s all about the pleasure.

Both partners face each other, placing a suction cup dildo on the floor underneath one or each of you. Squat down on to the dildo, resting your hand against the wall, bed or each other if you’re both feeling steady. From here as you bounce and thrust on to your respective dildos (anally or vaginally), you can go to town on yourself or reach over to rub one another down. As you squat and lift on to your own toy, you’ll be able to control the depth and speed of the penetration while still involving your partner. For the voyeurs, getting a full view of your partner will be a real treat.

To the edge sex position

To the Edge

Flip oral sex on its head (heh) and really up the ante with this advanced upside-down position. Whether it’s cunnilingus or fellatio, this one is not for the faint-hearted.

The giver lies on their back on the bed with their head hanging off the edge. The receiver stands next to the bed facing their lover with their crotch close to their head. The giver can use their mouth to pleasure the receiver, controlling the depth and speed by holding on to their lover’s hips and guiding them. This one is all about the receiver; they get an excellent view of the giver’s body while they stand in the dominant position and get pleasured. The tilt of the giver’s head, mouth and neck in this position also minimizes the angle of the throat, making it prime for deep throating.

Bound and bend sex position

Bound and Bend

Let your partner discover how you best like pleasure with this intimate sex position that ensures your partner takes the lead. With the help of a spreader bar, and an open mind to explore your vulnerability in the bedroom, this bondage-inspired POTW is one you can both enjoy.

The receiving partner places themselves into the classic ‘doggy position’, with knees and elbows to the floor and legs slightly parted. The giving partner kneels behind and locks their lover’s ankles into a bondage spreader bar to help them maintain their position. With the receiving partner knelt over and intimately exposed, the giver can enjoy getting up close and personal with their partner's body, exploring the scent, sight, feel and taste of their genitals. This position is perfectly angled for deeper penetration and good for those who want to experiment with power play and anal play.

No peep show sex position

No Peep Show

If you and your partner have had so much sex you’re sure you could do it with your eyes closed, you simply must try the position that challenges you to put your pleasure where your confidence is and prove it.

Both partners slip on a comfortable blindfold. The penetrating partner sits on the bed and leans against the headboard with their legs outstretched. The receiving partner plants their feet to the side of the penetrator and rocks forward onto them. With your sense of sight extinguished, every touch becomes even more electric and enticing. This position encourages you to get up close and personal with your partner, together using your hands to guide your bodies into the intimate contact you crave.

Front Row Seat sex position

Front Row Seat

Like the most coveted seat at a concert but without the whopping price tag, this multi-partner position puts you in a prime spot to enjoy your very own private show. Oh, and audience participation is very much encouraged.

The observer sits in a comfortable position where it’s easy for them to watch their lovers. The receiving partner bends over them, giving them a glorious view as the penetrating partner gets to work. The observer masturbates as the session heats up. The coupled-up partners can change position as the mood takes them, but the observer should always be able to see and feel involved with this erotic feast for the senses. This position is perfect for playing with all kinds of power dynamics and it’s totally versatile, so everyone can take a turn in the hot and bothered seat.

Taste of tantra sex position

Taste of Tantra

Heighten and transform the consciousness of your next sexual encounter – a Taste of Tantra lets you embrace the waves of emotion and physical connection with your partner as you escape into an envelope of mutual sexual satisfaction. Ready? Breathe slow and take it all in.

The receiving partner settles into a side recline position, with legs spread open to give their partner full, unrestricted access to their genitals. The giving partner lies flat on their stomach, perching on their shoulders for support and nestling their head in-between their lover’s legs for a session of curious pleasure-giving. This position is about much more than just the physical act of oral. It’s about focusing on all the other, more intimate aspects of lovemaking. A Taste of Tantra allows you to embrace your partner’s scent and taste, and the way their body feels against yours.

The knot sex position

The Knot

Harder. Tighter. Faster. Stronger. If these are qualities you'd like to add to your intercourse or orgasms, The Knot is the position for you.

The receiving partner lies on a hard surface at the right height for their partner. The giving partner penetrates them, holding onto the receiver's upright legs, which should be crossed at the knee. Crossing the legs or ankles is an easy way to help tighten up the receiver's internal canals. This technique and position works great for both vaginal and anal penetration. Squeezing the receiver's thigh muscles narrows the entrance even more to grant the giver delicious extra friction. For extra positioning support, consider sliding a position enhancer under the receiver's hips.

The elevator sex position

The Elevator

Enjoy the most erotic of views and take full advantage of the versatility that The Elevator lends to fellatio, cunnilingus and light bondage. This position will take you straight to the top level of intimate pleasure.

The receiving partner stands with one leg raised, resting on a surface. They can lean against a wall to help them balance if needed. The giving partner crouches between their legs and nuzzles into their crotch to delight the receiving partner with their tongue and hands. They can relish in having no-holds-barred access to their lover's most explosive pleasure zones. The receiving partner's standing position gives them a wonderfully erotic vista of their partner pleasuring them, as well as a feeling of empowerment. Giver can choose to go to town with their tongue, digits, toys, or all three.

Bendover babe sex position

Bendover Babe

The Babe Bendover is a perfect for those looking to add a touch of power play into their usual antics. Not only can you achieve incredibly deep penetration, but the giver gets one heck of a VIP view all-session-long.

The receiver stands with their back to the giver. The giver holds their partner’s hips while the receiver leans forward onto their hands, putting their legs behind their partner’s. The giver runs the show and is in complete control of the depth of penetration, angle and pace - they can also stop or slow down to edge their partner towards ecstasy. Introducing a mirror while getting down to it is a quick and effortless way to up the spice factor. Not only do you get to see your bodies from a whole new perspective, but the added visual element could really push you over the edge.

Deep diving sex position

Deep Diving

Get into position and prepare for a whole lotta pleasure from your Deep G or P Diving expedition. There are many treasures to be discovered with this deep penetration position, whether it's the incredible stimulation of the Prostate or G-Spot or handing over control to the giving partner, with full access to all of the receiver's most pleasure-hungry zones.

The receiving partner kneels on all fours. The giving partner kneels behind with one knee raised. The giving partner picks up their partner's leg and rests it on their raised knee, tilting the receiver's hips into a right angle and supporting their raised leg and body with their hands. The giving partner can then maneuver into the best proximity and angle for penetration. Deep Diving is one of the best positions around for deeper than deep penetration. Thanks to the strength of the giver's stance and the angle of the receiver's body, the P or G spot can be stimulated with powerful precision.

Head turner sex position

Head Turner

Show your partner, or partners, that you’re a head ringer for love with this raunchy oral position that puts you center stage of the thrill-packed action. Head Turner is certainly one for all to enjoy! Don’t be fooled into thinking this exciting oral position is just for trio relationships – using a suction cup dildo, anyone can replicate the scene.

The giving partner positions themself on bended knees with a standing and receiving partner to either side. Simply position yourselves close to a wall, attach your suction toy and get to work turning heads as you set about your agenda for pleasure! For those who just love to be in the spotlight, this position is a sensational choice for showing off your brilliant oral talents. For the receiving partner/s, there’s an element of anticipation as they wait for their turn. This oral position is a non-intimidating option for couples who are dipping their toes into experimental three-way sex.


The Hammock

Challenge yourself to an athletic sex position that pulls no punches when it comes to pleasure. The Hammock will help you feel like you're flying.

The penetrative partner sits on a sturdy surface. Facing in the same direction, the receiving partner lowers onto their lap. The penetrative partner holds onto the rider’s wrists and leans back, while the rider leans forward until almost straight and braces with their ankles behind their partner’s back. This position makes it loads of fun to try thrusting (it’s way more challenging than it looks!) If the pseudo-mile high experience gets to be too much, it’s easy to gather the receiving partner back into their partner’s lap for a more supported sex position.

POTW-Hot Seat

The Hot Seat

A sturdy chair or couch is all you need to rock and roll to G-spot or P-spot orgasmic bliss on the hot seat.

The giver sits upright on the chair and the receiver straddles them with their feet flat on the seat and their arms on the giver’s shoulders. From here they can grind, thrust and rock with the extra support of their partner holding their hips. With the receiver on top, they can control the angle and speed of the penetration and the deep penetration allows the receiver to hit all the right spots internally. Holding the giver’s shoulders for support helps the receiver let loose. You can also switch it up and have the receiver face in the opposite direction for an entirely different experience.

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