1. Write a Winning Adult Product Review for Lovehoney

    Review your sex toys at Lovehoney

    After accumulating over 280,000 sex toy reviews Lovehoney now has the biggest resource of sex toy reviews in the world.

    When you write a review on Lovehoney's site, you’re automatically entered to win $150 of Lovehoney store credit in our monthly competition. To get started, click "Add your review" on any product page. Read on to learn how to write a winning review.

    When reviewing on Lovehoney.com, your goal is to provide information that can't already be found on the product page. Include your opinion on performance and the price.

    The best reviews help customers make educated decisions about what will work for them. Whether you loved or hated the the product, the most helpful reviews will discuss qualities that someone else would encounter if they purchased the same item.

    Remember to use the product a couple of times before you write your review. First impressions are important, but you might find your feelings could change after a few more uses.

    Here are some things to consider when writing an adult product review for Lovehoney:

    What would I say if I had to sum up the product in just a few sentences?

    The primary thing others are looking for in your review is your concise personal experience.

    "Awesome when used on my clit during penetration", "Lacking the power I look for", "Surprisingly snug feeling" are all helpful things to say about the products, and they include important and useful information for curious customers.

    Did you repeat information from the product description?

    We most often list measurements and materials on product pages, no need to rewrite them in your review unless something is unclear e.g. "6 inch circumference doesn't sound like a lot, but combined with the hard material this toy feels really thick". If the product description includes photos of the packaging, a detailed description is unnecessary.

    It's much more helpful to comment on aspects of the product that people can't tell from the information already provided. For example, how loud was the item or how strong was the vibration?

    If you think something might be off in the product details, please contact us so we can check and correct the description if necessary.

    Am I getting to the point?

    Often Lovehoney customers take a quick look at a handful of reviews before they place an order, they don’t want to spend a lot of time reading just one. Make sure your ‘pros’, 'cons' and 'bottom line' include the most important information. A good length is between 4 and 10 paragraphs. If you wrote a more detailed review for your blog, pick out the most important points when posting to the product page.

    Is this TMI?

    It might seem impossible to not reveal too much information when writing an adult product review. The truth is readers don't need to know the details of your business to better understand the product. Try to stick to the key features and avoid detailed descriptions of your anatomy or anything verging on pornographic.

    Finishing up

    When you’re done read your review over one last time, make sure you’ve described:

    • How the product works.
    • Your most/least favorite features.
    • Your experience with the product.
    • How the product might (or might not) work well for others.

    write a review

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    • Dirty Girl 68: August 02, 2014 09:37
      I cant find products you put out to choose from if i was asked to review an item. Ive already wrote a review but lost page needed. Im only on my phone so that maybe why. I will ask my partner to look on his laptop. Great idea allowing customers to test products too. I used to believe companirs really wrote there own until now
    • Lisa: December 22, 2015 00:43
      I'd love to give this a try - I just recently bought a sex toy online <a href="http://www.lusting.com.au"></a> and I love it! How to get started with the reviews?
    • Karen: November 10, 2016 14:01
    • Yana Taylor: January 18, 2017 17:31
      Inquiring about your sex toy reviewers I feel I would benefit and promote your product and company greatly by the work I do and the following I have
    • BR: June 12, 2017 22:13
      I believe I could provide valuable reviews as i've now owned 7 different toys of different sizes and styles.
    • Danielle: July 18, 2017 15:25
      I have the waterproof multi speed Nubby Rabbit Vibrator with a bumpy shaft. I really love it. The rabbit ears on my clit is such an amazing feeling and gives you an orgasm faster than you would expect. And it's even better when your partner does it for you.
    • Paul: October 07, 2017 11:36
      I recently tried your Lakota Rosa prostate masager! I must say at first I thought it's was same as all older ones and basic but then after inserting the pleasure was fanominal
    • George: December 01, 2017 18:24
      Throw can I become a sex toy tester?
    • Eric Grauf: December 16, 2017 05:40
      I am interested in becoming a sex toy tester. My wife and I are becoming more and more adventurous and we are sure we can write some awesome honest reviews.
    • George: December 16, 2017 21:48
      Krista, how do I become a sex toy tester? Wouldn't you like to hear from us over 60 floks that still love sex.
    • Lisa: December 20, 2017 23:45
      I would love to become a sex toy tester. I have over 50 toys and i have experience in the sex toy testing area. I would love to share my experiences with toys from lovehoney! :)
    • Christina: January 02, 2018 19:55
      Hello I would like to become a product reviewer/tester for you. I have lots of experience testing different products and then writing my unbiased opinion of the product. I have a YouTube channel as well. Hope to hear back from you and looking forward to testing your products.
    • Donna: January 31, 2018 00:02
      Would love to become a sex tester Reviewer i orgasm a lot and play with toys while having fun and give you a review of toys and vibrations as well .. with all the details..
    • Mark: March 13, 2018 03:34
      I'm new to this but I'd love to give it a try. Just bought my first toy!
    • N'Shaia T Swindeman: April 12, 2018 05:27
      Hello. My name is N'Shaia but most people call me kitty. I'd LOVE to be a product tester for you. I currently have a been group, and we're looking to spice up our group chat. I think this would be a really fun way to do that.
      I hope to hear from you soon ??
    • Joe: April 15, 2018 20:36
      My wife and I are new to this but would love to review some toys for the site. We love trying new things and having fun. We have a decent selection of toys right now but are always looking for new ways to enjoy each other.
    • Lovehoney - Leanne: April 16, 2018 10:45
      We are always looking for new people to join the tester team. Take a look at this link to get set up: www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/testers/.
      We look forward to your reviews.
    • Anonymous: July 21, 2018 09:31
      Can someone plz contact me about getting free items to review
    • cubb luvily: November 06, 2018 23:58
      I would luv to be a sex toy tester and blogger
    • Whiteoak: November 27, 2018 19:30
      My wife and I want to spice our sex life up with some toys and want to try some out before we buy them
    • Adultscare: July 29, 2019 07:10
      Yeah, great information. thanks from Adultscare.com for sharing this kind blog.
    • Chips: September 03, 2019 00:43
      53 yr male pain and pleasure fine line my nipples are pierced, as well my penis reverse prince albert, frenum and I'm currently have a double ball stretching leather strap on.would love to cum and give a review for you.
    • Zobeida: November 10, 2019 22:41
      I want to become a sex toy tester i love to try new things
    • Carolyn Lewis: November 30, 2019 17:40
      I want to become a reviewer. I love trying out new toys
    • John Craft: December 15, 2019 17:26
      I think it's just all right for men
    • John Craft: December 15, 2019 17:27
      Very good for men
    • John Craft: December 15, 2019 17:29
      It's very important for me to have an opportunity to get to know what I want
    • John Craft: December 15, 2019 17:33
      I love this toys but I don't know if I can get it free
    • John Craft: December 15, 2019 17:35
      I love the fact all vibrator gets me off
    • Anna Cecilia pettiford: January 05, 2020 23:28
      To have a giveaways of the sex toys free samples with the thank you now
    • Leslie: January 06, 2020 07:51
      I have a better sex life after being introduced to Lovehoney products! More intense, exciting nights in the bedroom, There is no boredom in my relationship. My soon to be husband enjoys Lovehoney just as much as me!! I’d love to try out & review new products! It would be my pleasure because Lovehoney gives me much much pleasure like never before ??
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