Position of the Week: Jigsaw

You already know how well you fit together, now prove it to yourselves with this smooth and satisfying sex position. With control squarely in the hands (and hips) of the partner on top, this thrilling position lends itself to long, languorous sex.

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POTW Domino

Position of the Week: Domino

Line up like dominoes and tip over your edges with this exponentially exciting position made for three-way sex. Whether you are giving or receiving (or the lucky one doing both), everyone can enjoy themselves during this play.

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Six Positions for Amazing Masturbation

Sure, sex is great when shared, but you don't need a partner to have a great time. In fact, certain studies have shown that those who indulge in a little solo play are more likely to experience better and stronger orgasms when having partnered intercourse too.

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POTW- Sidle Up

Position of the Week: Sidle Up

Why not kick back and relax as you go to town on your lover? Scooch up close, and slip onto your side, as you intend to tease your partner with the tip of your tongue. With this laid-back lounge position, you can sidle up for a lick-tastic adventure neither of you will forget.

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Red We-Vibe Tango X lipstick bullet vibrator in an open carry-on bag

How to Travel with Sex Toys

Sex toys make for fantastic travel companions - whether you’re flying solo or with your boo, adding some toy time to your getaway increases excitement during use and relaxation afterward, which is exactly how vacations should go!

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