AI Creates Erotic Fiction

by Lucy

on Jan 25, 2023

Sexual wellness experts use AI to create the ultimate erotic novel.

AI has burst onto the scene in the past few months, so if you’ve missed all of the AI-generated images, videos and writings then there’s a good chance you’ve been living under a rock. Trying to outsmart us all, AI has created everything from haiku poems to Shakespearean soliloquies, imitated famous politicians, and even written hilarious TV adverts for celebs. The popularity of AI doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, with this exciting technology having the potential to revolutionize how we work, live, and… masturbate?

Once seen as a guilty pleasure, erotic fiction has now made a space for itself within online communities. You’re never short of recommendations for hot new novels, with millions of users posting their favorite steamy books all over Tiktok’s hashtag #SmutTok. It’s not just Fifty Shades of Grey anymore, which saw everyone from your mom to your grandma waiting, rather impatiently, to get their next Christian Grey fix; erotic fiction is now way more mainstream, with people everywhere choosing to pick up a book when they are feeling turned on.

So, we thought, why not combine these two things that are taking the world by storm? To really test the extent of the AI’s skills, we’ve conducted an experiment to see if it can produce an original erotic story that would do E.L. James (author of 50 Shades of Grey) proud.

After discovering the five highest-rated erotic novels on Goodreads, we fed the titles, book covers and some sexy excerpts of each novel to our trusty bot. The AI then used these book extracts to come up with a saucy original story.

While it’s safe to say that AI may not be quite ready to take over the erotic fiction world, see if it has the ability to get you feeling steamy by reading the bot’s creation, Viper’s Desire, below...

Viper's Desire - Front cover
Viper's Desire - Back cover

Viper’s Desire

Chapter 1: The Beginning

"And then he put us on stage together the next week," I recalled, laughing a little. I was sore for days, but the troll had a dry sense of humor, whispering poetry as he took me through multiple orgasms. I shot Zane a wicked grin as I tore off my robe. "He was great fun."

I rolled over to face Selena, who was lying next to me in bed. She was a serpent kin, with the ability to shift into a half-snake form. I had always been fascinated by the serpent kin and the way they moved, and Selena was no exception.

She looked at me with a mixture of curiosity and desire in her eyes, and I couldn't help but feel a spark of excitement. I had never been with a serpent kin before, and I couldn't wait to explore my desires with her.

"Tell me more about that troll," Selena said, her voice low and husky.

I smiled as I recounted the story, reliving the passion and intensity of that night. Selena listened intently, her eyes never leaving mine. I could see the desire building in them, and I knew that this was just the beginning of our journey together.

As I finished my story, Selena leaned in closer, her lips brushing against mine. I moaned as her tongue slipped into my mouth, exploring every inch of it. Our bodies pressed together, and I could feel the heat emanating from her.

I knew this was just the start of our journey and couldn't wait to see where it would lead.

Chapter 2: The Intensity Build

As Selena and Zane spent more time together, the intensity of their desire for each other continued to grow. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other and were constantly exploring new ways to pleasure each other.

One day, as they were lying in bed, Zane couldn't help but be struck by Selena's serpent kin form. He had always been fascinated by the serpent kin and the way they moved, and Selena was no exception. She was a serpent kin, with the ability to shift into a half-snake form, and he had never been with one before. He was drawn to her in a way he couldn't explain.

"Selena, I've always been fascinated by serpent kin and I want to explore my desires with you," Zane said, his voice low and husky.

Selena smiled, her body responding to his words. "I can't shift into the half-snake form that serpent kin have sex in," Selena said. "But I can't help but be drawn to your human features."

They began to kiss, their bodies pressing together as they explored each other's bodies. Zane's hands roamed over Selena's curves, his fingers tracing the lines of her body. Selena moaned as she felt Zane's touch, her body responding to his touch.

As they continued to kiss, Selena could feel Zane's desire building. She could feel the heat emanating from him and knew that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him.

"Zane, I want you inside of me," Selena gasped, her body trembling with desire.

Zane growled, his desire for Selena reaching a new level. "I want to mark you, Selena," he said, his voice low and husky. "Your skin, your pussy, your very soul."

Selena moaned as she felt Zane's touch, her body responding to his words.

She knew that this was just the beginning of their journey together, and she couldn't wait to see where it would take them.

Chapter 3: The Fulfillment

The room was filled with the sound of our heavy breathing, the only thing breaking the silence. Selena's body was covered in a sheen of sweat, her scales glistening in the dim light. I could feel the warmth of her body against mine, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. We had finally fulfilled our desires and fantasies.

"Maybe I'll feel less possessive after I've cum deep inside you," Selena said, as she lay next to me, her hand trailing down my body. "I guess we'll soon see."

I couldn't help but moan at her touch, my body responding to her every touch. I knew that what I was feeling was wrong, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted her, and I wanted her to mark me, to claim me as her own.

"No. I want you. I want to feel you inside me," I gasped, unable to resist the pull of desire that she had on me.

Selena growled and bit into my neck, ghosting her fingers over my pants. "I don't know what it is about you... but I want to mark you up. Your skin. Your cock. Your very soul."

Pleasure swept over my being like a firm, warm, electrically charged hand. My back arched, and I sucked in a breath. Jesus Christ. It was like being touched... everywhere.

I heard myself say, very quietly, "Yes."

I knew what I was agreeing to. I knew what she was asking me.

Selena's pre-orgasmic litany of "Zane, yes, yes" intensified as my tongue explored her sensitive skin.

Her body trembled under mine as she cried out, her back arching off the bed, her entire form stiffening in ecstasy. I moaned in pleasure, then laughed hoarsely as I felt her fluids hit my forehead and slide down my nose. I licked them up greedily as they reached my upper lip, moaning again more sharply as I ground my throbbing desire against her.

As the pleasure subsided, Selena pulled me close and whispered in my ear, "I have marked you, my viper. You belong to me now."

I couldn't help but feel a sense of fulfillment, knowing that I had finally fulfilled my fantasy of being with a serpent kin. I knew that my life would never be the same again, but I didn't care. I was willing to risk it all for one night with Selena. And as I lay in her arms, I knew that I had made the right choice.

Why do we love erotic fiction?

Viper’s Desire may not get the global fame of Bridgerton, but this AI certainly knows how to get us feeling hot under the collar, or scales in Selena’s case. However, Zane and Selena’s lustful love story isn’t the only one - there are over 100,000 erotic novels listed on Goodreads - but have you ever wondered why they’re so popular? Luckily, our Sex and Relationship expert Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, and social psychologist and research fellow at The Kinsey Institute, Dr Justin Lehmiller, were on hand to answer all questions about the newfound erotic fiction obsession.

Why is erotic fiction so popular?

Put simply, erotic fiction will get you in the mood and could even introduce you to a spicy new fantasy or two. Sexual fantasies can sometimes feel embarrassing to share, but erotic fiction, including kinks like foot fetishes and gagging, helps readers feel accepted, as well as turned on.

Dr Justin Lehmiller says: ‘Normalizing diversity in sexual fantasies allows us to set our minds at ease, to feel more confident exploring and communicating about our sexuality, and to experience more pleasure.’_

So, the more erotic fiction, the better! Whether that’s human or AI-generated, these X-rated stories are normalizing our kinks and helping our sex lives flourish.

Dr. Jessica O’Reilly discusses this further:

“Erotic fiction allows you to explore new sexual worlds, roles, dynamics and fantasies and insert yourself as a character into any scenario. Many people find it difficult to picture themselves as characters in visual porn because the actors are visible; but with erotic fiction, it can be easier to picture yourself (and/or a lover) as one of the characters.

Its popularity is also rooted in its capacity to put you in the mood for sex. Taking a few minutes to read a few steamy pages (or listen to a sexy story via audio) can help create (responsive) desire. For many, erotic fiction helps to put them in the mood for sex in spite of the distractions of work, kids, et cetera.”

How can erotic fiction contribute to our sexual happiness?

According to Dr. Jessica O’Reilly: “Any time you expand your sexual repertoire, it has the potential to improve your sex life. You may learn something new about yourself, which can lead to more authentic experiences if you talk about erotic fiction with a partner, you may discover more about one another. If you try something new based on a scene in erotic fiction, you may discover a new pathway to pleasure. All of the above can boost sexual happiness.”

With erotic fiction including everything from butt play to bondage, picking up a steamy romance book could introduce you to your new favorite fantasy. If you read about something you’ve been wanting to try for a while but haven’t mentioned to your partner, now’s the time to bring it up. Lead a happier, healthier, and kinkier, sex life by letting them know exactly how your favorite smutty book gets you in the mood.

Erotic fiction and the real world

You may get swept off your feet by what you’re reading, but sometimes we need to remember the distinction between the real world and fiction. Unfortunately, we can’t all have scales like Selena does! Dr. Jessica O’Reilly discusses how you can enjoy a healthy sex life with erotic fiction...

How can we set realistic and healthy expectations for our own sex lives after reading a lot of erotic fiction?

Dr. Jessica O’Reilly: “We have to remember that fiction can be drawn from and influence reality, but it’s not reality. Just because you read about something in a story doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy it in real life. You might enjoy parts of it, but you don’t have to live out every fantasy to a tee.

You need not feel guilty about your sexual fantasies - whatever they entail. Even if your fantasies fall outside the boundaries and agreements of your real-life relationships, they can improve the quality of your sex life and deepen connections. Not only do your fantasies help you to learn more about yourself (and your partner if you share and discuss), but they also prime your body and mind for arousal. Most folks find that the more they fantasize, the more sex they desire.”

Writers of erotic fiction make everything sound great - that’s their job in every chapter, women are having mind-blowing orgasms that never end. Just remember, something may sound great in a story, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be an earth-shattering experience for you. There’s no harm in trying new things (actually a lot of pleasure can come from this), but if you don’t like something, don’t be disappointed - everyone’s sexual tastes are different.

How can you talk to your partner about trying new things in the bedroom based on what you read and find arousing in an erotic novel?

Our resident sexpert Dr. Jessica O’Reilly gives a few tips to help you get things going in the bedroom: “Some people will highlight the sections they enjoy and ask their partner to read through those sections. Others ask their lovers to read a story aloud before climbing under the covers. And some will read a chapter as a voice recording, which is especially exciting for audial lovers. Sharing your reactions to stories, scenes and characters is also a great way to provide insight into your interests and desires. It can often be easier to talk about fictional interactions before you start discussing your own feelings, desires and fantasies. You might share:

  • How you feel about a character - what appeals to you about them? What do you find off-putting?

  • How do you respond to their body language?

  • How do you feel about their verbal cues?

  • How do you feel about their appearance?

  • How do you feel about the way they approach sex?”

Erotica can be a great way to talk about introducing new things into your sex life, like toys such as dildos or vibrators. So, whether you take inspiration from Selena or any of the other countless erotic novel characters, have a conversation with your partner about what makes you hot under the collar.

Is erotic fiction 'healthier' than pornography when it comes to setting realistic expectations in the bedroom?

Obviously, everyone is different. You may find literary porn more to your liking, whereas your partner may be more interested in visual porn, and that’s perfectly normal! Everyone will have their own preferences.

Dr O’Reilly adds: “Some people are more comfortable with literary porn (as opposed to visual porn), but neither form is universally preferable (or healthier). If you find visual porn off-putting, then literary porn may be a healthier option for you. But the opposite could also be true. You’re the expert in your own needs, boundaries and preferences.”

Is AI erotic fiction going to be the new norm? Only time will tell. The romance between the serpent kin and the human in Viper’s Desire may not be for everyone, but for some this AI-generated story could lead to improved sexual happiness, open discussions with a partner, and a really great night.


We scraped the first page of the erotic novels genre on Goodreads to reveal the five highest-rated erotic novels. We then fed the titles, book covers and excerpts of each novel to AI. The AI then used its creative abilities to generate an original story based on those extracts. The text was then slightly edited manually in order to allow for a consistent story. The characters and storyline were not changed.

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