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How To Communicate Your Desires

Tight-lipped about your sexual desires? You’re not the only one. Despite the majority of us being sexually active, it seems we can be a little reluctant to talk through what happens (or what doesn’t happen) in the bedroom.

Results from this survey, suggest that using sex toys, bondage and BDSM, multiple partner sex and watching porn are all amongst the top ten fantasies we struggle to talk about with our partners. Two out of five of us are hesitant to spill the beans when something turns us off, and on average, men are twice as likely to worry about their partner’s reaction when discussing their own sexual fantasies.

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valentines gift ideas

10 Romantic Gift Ideas

Shopping for romantic gifts can be tricky, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or any other time of year. We often end up resorting to the old reliables; flowers, chocolate, aftershave, jewelry… you know the drill. Sure, they’re safe options, but they’ve been done time and time again.

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