Position of the Week: Zen

Zen is all about being in the moment and slowing things down a little when the Big O is in sight a little too early. Pause, take a break and gradually build the arousal up again for bigger and better things...

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Position of the Week: Yogi

Break a sweat, get a good stretch and indulge in G-spot, A-spot or P-spot action with Yogi. Rumour has it that you can also experience enhanced arousal in this bridge-pose-inspired position, even before the giving partner arrives to do their thing...

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Position of the Week: X Hits the Spot

If you’ve ever had the desire to make a human X shape with your partner, now’s your chance. X Hits the Spot also has the benefits of magnificent views for the giving partner, and the chance to explore being in complete control for the receiving partner.

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Position of the Week: Nose Dive

Go headfirst and deliver a show-stopping display of tongue skills and bedroom gymnastics. Perfect for no-holds-barred cunnilingus or rimming while you work on your core muscles and balance. Who knew working out could be so much fun?

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Position of the Week: Queen

Queen is a position that lavishes the receiving partner with tongue action that’s worthy of royalty, and puts them in a position of power as they sit directly above their partner’s face. An up-close-and-personal position, Queen gives you an irresistible combination of sensation overload and the exploration of power roles.

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Position of the Week: Kanga-ooh!

Hop to it and embrace your inner animal with Kanga-ooh! – a position that takes inspiration directly from the mating position of our marsupial friends. Thrust and hop your way around the bedroom, and you’ll find G-spot or P-spot heaven before you can say bounce!

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Position of the Week: Intersexion

Meet at the Intersexion and enjoy sweet, languid sex that can go as slow and sensual or as fast and passionate as you like. Perfect for fans of shallow or deep penetration, Intersexion also offers up new angles that may be the key to outrageously powerful orgasms.

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Position of the Week: Space Hopper

Jump aboard the Space Hopper position and bounce your way to orgasmic galaxies, while hitting some key pleasure spots along the way. Perfect for both vaginal or anal sex, it puts the top partner in the driving seat of some hoptastic, mid-level penetration fun.

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Position of the Week: Sunday Brunch

Nothing beats a nice bit of Sunday Brunch, especially when what’s on the menu is bursting with pleasurable possibilities. Find your best spot for dining and get into position as one partner devours the other while enjoying a spectacular view and build-up to an explosive finish.

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