Position of the Week: Rubdown

Lie back and take each other to that extra-special destination with the Rubdown position – the ultimate way of getting each other off while learning about what makes one another tick. Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings when you’re craving satisfaction, minus too much physical exertion.

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Position of the Week: Sexy Squat

Doing squats has never had so many benefits, thanks to this gym bunny of a sex position. Perfect for athletic couples who love to incorporate a workout into their sex life, the Sexy Squat has got it going on in all the right places, and then some.

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Position of the Week: The Embrace

The Embrace isn’t just a deeply intimate position, it also creates optimum angles for genital stimulation, and can easily lead to oral delight. Plus, it’s an access-all-areas type of position, whether you’re reaching to pleasure the nipples, perineum or clitoris.

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How To Have Incredible Oral Sex

Go down, give head, lick out, suck off, give a mouth job, give a blow job - however you refer to cunnilingus (on her) and fellatio (on him), oral sex is one of the most satisfying and intimate sexual acts you can perform on, or receive from, your partner.

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Top 6 Oral Sex Positions

So you've tried and tested different techniques, but what happens if you want to mix it up a little and enter dizzying new heights of oral pleasure? Fear not, here we have our pick of the Top 6 Oral Sex Positions to ensure your tongues are waxing orgasmic lyrical down under, whatever the weather.

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