POTW Starry Ride

Position of the Week: Starry Ride

Throw out the mere expression 'seeing stars' and chase the real thing. Combining eyes-upward visibility with fantastic depth, it's the sex position for you when you want to see stars in the literal and that-was-the-best-sex-ever sense at the same time.

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POTW Silent Vibe

Position of the Week: Silent Vibe

Forget calm and bright; with Silent Vibe, you're all cued up for an exhilarating evening of sensation. Lock your door and lube up your fave clitoral suction vibrator, then lean back and enjoy puffs of perfectly pleasurable air against your oh-so-sensitive clit.

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How Many People are Masturbating at Work?

Being able to work from home has opened up not just a new way of working, but also a new way of living. We now take meetings in our pyjamas, and we’ve turned our beds into our offices; it has given us the power to work in any way we want. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

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