Turn Us On: Watch Frisky Business On Netflix!

by Krista

on Jul 14, 2014

Frisky Business Content TeamYou might not know that Lovehoney Headquarters (HQ) has been the location and subject of not one but two documentary film crews. First, there was 'More Sex Please, We're British' and now 'Frisky Business'.

This time there are SIX hour long episodes available for your viewing pleasure. Are you curious about life working at Lovehoney?

Originally only available to watch in the UK, us yanks can now binge watch the entire season on Netflix!

After months of being followed by cameras and being interviewed on a daily basis, the folks at HQ announced 'Frisky Business' back in March.

Throughout the series, you'll see average days working in the sex toy industry and get to know the whole lovable and silly gang, doing our part to keep the world sexually happy. 'Frisky Business' is a frank, funny and friendly insight to the adult retail world and shows what makes working at Lovehoney extra special.

See how we operate from helpful customer service phone calls, to the perils and giggles of the returns department, to every detail of product development from concept to production. Was anyone else wondering where the RockBox Finger came from?!

RockBox Finger

The first episode of 'Frisky Business' gives you a taste of it all. Leaving no stone unturned you'll see what it's really like to work for for the UK's largest sex toy company.

Everyone at Lovehoney HQ is excited to share their story, first in the UK, and now with their US debut. They hope we "will love not only the hilarious subject matter but also our (delightful!) accents!" - Plum

Get to know the Sexual Happiness People, check out what we do and why we love to do it. Search for Frisky Business on Netflix.

We'd love for you to say "Hi!", and let us know what you think of the show in the comments below too! Tweet to @Lovehoney_com or @Lovehoney with #FriskyBiz to let us know that you're watching!

We can't wait!

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Written by Krista.

Originally published on Jul 14, 2014. Updated on Aug 5, 2020