Ep.14 Sexual Happiness Podcast: Why Use a Cock Ring?

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They're often one of our first sex toy purchases, but what are cock rings actually good for?

On this episode of the Sexual Happiness Podcast, Sammi, Nick, and Jess talk about the merits of cock rings, how to make the most of yours, and what kinds are available.

And of course we cover our usual segments "You can never know enough about sex" and "Question of the week" where we share what we've learned about sex this week, and answer your sex questions.

Got a question or topic you want us to cover?

Email us at or comment below.

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This Week on YouTube: Frequently Asked Sex Questions Answered by a Sexpert

Just in case you've been living in a hole for the past 3 year and missed the memo: Lovehoney (that's us!) make sex toy videos and post them on YouTube every Friday!

We make our sex vlogs to help you get the most from your sex life (and sex toys!) and help you make the best decisions when shopping.

We also love it when you get involved and comment on our videos... In fact, we actively encourage you to ask us questions and share your thoughts.

In this weeks video, we're going through some of your comments and answering the most frequently asked sex and sex toy questions.

Got a burning query you think we missed? Comment on the blog, or head over to YouTube and tell us!

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Sex Bucket List: 7 Sexy Things for Couples to Try in the New Year


If you're like us, you're currently stuck spending a lot of time at home. That could mean finishing the entire Netflix catalogue, turning a deserted island into a bustling town in Animal Crossing, and gazing forlornly out the window like little orphan Annie.

Ticking things off a sexy bucket list sounds much better than that, don't you think?

To help you make staying in the best thing since going out, here are our top 7 best sexy things we think couples have missed out on, and might like to have a crack at.

Think we missed something? Pop it in the comments!

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How to Use Anal Toys

Everyone has a butthole and that butthole is packed with sensitive nerve endings, meaning everyone – no matter your age or sexual orientation – can find joy in anal play. Go a bit deeper, and you could stimulate the sensation highway that is your pudendal nerve (which also connects to your most sensitive sexy areas), or, if you have a penis, the pleasure centre that is the prostate. Hey, with practice, you might even be able to enjoy an anal orgasm.

There are many different types of anal toys and while you might be aching to jump headfirst into exploring them, due to where the anus is and what it does, it's essential to prep properly and ease yourself in (especially if it's your first time).

Read on to discover our top tips for using toys for anal play in the most pleasurable way possible.

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"One of the Cutest Sex Toys" - October Review of the Month

Sqweel Go wins Lovehoney review of the month

It's time to announce the Review of the Month for October - and what a month it was! With plenty of new products and customer favourites being reviewed, it was tough to choose just one winner.

However, we're delighted to award user Cornish89 $150 to spend at Her review of the new Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator was both interesting and informative.

While she started out as a sceptic, the fantastic Sqweel Go soon changed her mind.

"I was so excited to try out this toy as I love receiving oral sex but I'm one of those women who normally takes a long time to orgasm. My partner was as excited as me I think as he was hoping it meant he wouldn't get repetitive strain injury in his tongue!" Read the entire review by Cornish89.

To be in with a chance to win $150 to spend at Lovehoney, while also adding to our [[stats:reviews]] customer product reviews, simply add your review now. Read Krista's guide Writing Winning Product Reviews to get started.

We've also picked runners up to receive 2,000 Oh! Points each. Read on to find out if you were one of the lucky ones…

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Most Popular Safe Words

Kinky sex: in case you didn't know, it's pretty popular nowadays.

Topics which used to be too taboo to talk about, like bondage and spanking, are now being discussed and explored by everyday couples all over the world. There are many reasons for this shift in attitude towards sex, but it's no surprise that the BDSM trend in particular has only grown since Fifty Shades of Grey debuted 8 years ago.

Now, with five books, two films and a third movie (Fifty Shades Freed) just around the corner, it doesn't look like the Fifty Shades-induced bondage craze is going to stop anytime soon. Huzzah!

In preparation for the newest film, which comes out next month, Lovehoney wanted to make sure all you kinky so'n'so's are playing safe and always use a safe word when you play like Grey.

How? We did a survey, of course.

The good news is, our survey results show that Lovehoney customers use their noggin when it comes to kinky play, and always use a safe word. Not only were you proud to tell us how seriously you take safety, but you also told us your favourite safe words for stopping the action mid-swing.

And so we present to you, the top 10 most popular safe words (along with a few we simply couldn't miss out)...

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How Anal Toys Can Supercharge Your Orgasm

anal toys for him

If playing with one part of your body feels great, then it makes perfect sense that playing with two or more areas is going to feel a-ma-zing: particularly when one of those areas is packed with sensitive nerve endings, like your anus.

No matter your front bits, everyone has a back butt, and playing with it is a sure-fire way to supercharge your orgasms in a snap.

Got a penis? Chances are you have a prostate too.

Often dubbed the "Male G-Spot" for its pleasure-inducing properties, the prostate is most easily stimulated via the anus and, when combined with penis play, well... Let's just say we recommend you stay seated for the entire journey.

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7 Things You Should Know Before Being Pegged

So, you're thinking about trying pegging for the first time.

You already know the basics: warm up, use lube, talk to your partner etc...

But what about what you don't know?

We asked several couples who peg on the reg(ular) to tell us what to expect from your first pegging experience.

This is what they told us...

(Tomorrow's blog: '7 Things You Should Know Before Pegging Someone')

1. Expect the Unexpected

If you're about to try pegging for the first time, chances are you've already imagined what you think it will be like.

Now, we hate to burst your bubble, but it's unlikely that your first pegging experience will live up to the fantasy.

Much like first-time sex, pegging requires practice to make it great (and that's just getting the pole in the hole!)

Don't be disappointed though. Once you have the physical side of pegging down, you can focus on other elements, like domination and role play, to fully realise your fantasy.

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Check Out This YouTuber's Top Male Sex Toy Picks

"It's basically a transformer for your dick!" - Calum McSwiggan, YouTuber 

If you follow Lovehoney closely, you'll know that we're always shouting about sex toys and sexual happiness.

We're hollering away on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even in the streets! 

But sometimes we like to go the extra inch and encourage you, the people of the internet, to join our crusade for sexual happiness. (In other words, sometimes we send out a big ol' box of dicks and ask you to tell us what you thought.)

Recently, we asked YouTuber, Calum McSwiggan if he fancied receiving a satchel of smut in exchange for a sex toy review video. Lucky for us, he did (who wouldn't) and this is what he had to say... (above)

Want to know more? Read on to shop the toys featured in Calum's vlog.

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