A taste of tantra

Position of the Week: A Taste of Tantra

Heighten and transform the consciousness of your next sexual encounter – a Taste of Tantra lets you embrace the waves of emotion and physical connection with your partner as you escape into an envelope of mutual sexual satisfaction. Ready? Breathe slow and take it all in, piece by piece.

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Bottoms Up

Position of the Week: Bottoms Up

Bottoms up! When enjoying this concoction of licks and sucks, it won’t take long to finish. A twist to the body makes this simple oral sex position all the more delectable and not to mention, comfortable. Just tilt your tush and away you go.

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Bound to Blow

Position of the Week: Bound to Blow

Like a ticking time bomb ready to blow, this oral position will bring you to the edge of an explosive orgasm just in the nick of time. Incorporating BDSM-inspired restriction to spark erotic arousal, Bound to Blow has the potential to turn the classic BJ into an out-of-control eruption. Chick chick boom, watch the pleasure bloom.

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Six Positions for Amazing Masturbation

Sure, sex is great when shared, but you don't need a partner to have a great time. In fact, certain studies have shown that those who indulge in a little solo play are more likely to experience better and stronger orgasms when having partnered intercourse too.

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