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    Best Positions for Clitoral Stimulation

    The lowdown on clitoral stimulation

    There's a reason why we call it the magic bean. The love button. The pleasure pearl.

    The clitoris is the most sensitive female erogenous zone, and most people who have one won't be able to climax during sex unless it gets a little attention.

    Since we're all about great sex for both parties involved, we've compiled a little list of the best sex positions for making sure your favourite hooded lady gets all the excitement she needs.

    Femdom Ideas

    There's more to being a femdom than thigh-high stiletto boots and leather-look lingerie. A femdom, often professionally called a dominatrix, refers to a female partner who's dominant in specific, planned sexual situations.

    While you may not be looking for a career change into a professional Domme, many heterosexual couples find this role reversal sex to be super exciting. What's not to love about completely changing things up in the bedroom from time to time?

    If you're seeking dominatrix ideas or guidance on how to dominate a man in bed, you've come to the right place. We'll get you whipped into shape and teach you how to be a sensational femdom. We promise to stop if you say the safe word.


    What is the G-spot? 

    Named after German gynecologist, Ernst Grafenberg, the G-spot is thought to be an extension of the clitoris. It is a small area an inch or two up on the front wall of your vagina.

    The best skin-on-skin way to stimulate your G-spot is to insert two well-lubed fingers and gently beckon them forward towards your tummy (or use a G-Spot focussed sex toy).

    A thrusting penis may not always hit your G-spot unless you're in a position that angles it towards your sweet spot, or your partner's member has a slight upward curve; so we are here to enlighten you as to the best positions to get those sparks flying.

    G-spot stimulation can lead to intense vaginal orgasms and even squirting - so we think it's time to spread the word about this elusive treasure, and map out a guide that enables you to discover how to best reach the ecstasy that marks this magnificient spot...

    Position of the week: Stand to Attention

    Sex Ed at school isn't always so enlightening. While our teachers may try their best to teach us the ins and outs, when it comes to orgasms, consent and lube, sexual education falls short.

    Join Annabelle as she guides you through 8 things everyone should know about sex.

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    Whilst the term edging can be used to describe the practice of keeping clean, crisp lines between your lawn and garden beds, that's not the meaning we plan on discussing today – so, if you're reading this hoping to find out how to keep your lawn looking nice and neat, you've come to the wrong place!

    Also known as 'peaking', 'surfing', 'orgasm training' or 'orgasm denial', edging is a sexual technique designed to intensify your orgasms. To find out more about edging, who can do it and how to edge – read on.

    preparing for your first time

    No matter your sexual orientation or gender, getting down and dirty for the first time can be a little daunting. Many people can feel under pressure to ‘get it right’ when they lose their virginity, or want it to be ‘perfect’. Luckily, Lovehoney is here to take the edge off.

    Although this guide to cherry-popping will focus a little more on penetrative sex, it’s important to know that sex doesn’t have to involve internal action to be valid. Your fun sexual experiences count, no matter how you do it (or each other!).

    Preparing for sex and knowing what to expect can help make sure your ‘first time’ is a positive and safe experience for both you and your partner. It’s time for some new adventures!

    bdsm ideas

    Maybe it's the jazzy outfits, the shift in power dynamics, or the rosy color of a freshly spanked butt, but there's something about BDSM that couples all over the world can't get enough of. It's one of the most popular sexual fetishes out there.

    The only issue with falling in love with BDSM is keeping your ideas fresh and exciting. There's nothing worse than tying your partner to a bed only to have the dreaded 'what do I do now?' moment.

    That's why we've created this handy BDSM ideas guide. Whether you're on the hunt for pain play ideas, S&M ideas, or simply something sexy to say while you're figuring out your knots, stick with us as we share our kinky wisdom.

    Position of the Week: Sky High

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