1. Why Men Should Talk More About Sex Toys

    There was a time when revealing your plastic fling to a group of mates was met with a high-pitched, "You put your penis where?" as though you'd just admitted a six-month tryst with the toaster.

    No matter what your kinky preference, from a Thrust Pro Ultra to a prostate massager, for a man to soup up his sex life with a gizmo was pretty unheard of, even as recently as the start of the 21st century.

    Thousands of male sex toy sales later and in the wake of making 2016 the Year of the Male Sex Toy (when Lovehoney reported a whopping 40 per cent increase in sales... you're welcome) more and more men have turned to devices as a leisurely and logical way to get off.

    Penile pleasure is clearly on the up, so why is nobody talking about it down the pub? For whatever reason (from individual shyness to societal conservatism), as a society, we still find it hard to talk about sex. But we bloody well should be doing it!

    Here are some reasons why men need to talk about sex toys (and sex).

    What is a TENGA?

    TENGA are Japan's best-selling brand of sex toys, and it's easy to see why.

    With their unique, non-anatomical designs made from premium materials and available at price-points to suit any budget, these discreet strokers are perfect for anyone with a penis.

    In this week's YouTube video, Annabelle shows you a few of TENGA's most popular designs, and explains how to enjoy them to the max.

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    Even though a lot of sex toys are marketed towards a particular gender or body part, did you know that most of them can be enjoyed by almost anyone?

    In fact, if you're inventive enough (and follow basic safety rules!) there's almost no end to the ways you can use a sex toy.

    To help you discover some new tools to tingle your bits, no matter which bits you have, Jess and Annabelle show you a "few" (aka 11) of their favorite toys for any body in this week's sex toy YouTube video.

    Think we missed one? Or got another way to use one of the toys we've suggested? We'd love to hear it! Just add your comment at the bottom of this blog.


    One of the simplest ways to flip your wank routine on its head is to try hands-free pleasure, and for people with a penis, there are loads of toys to help you do this.

    Not only are hands-free trouser shuffles an easy way to try something new, but they have a bunch of benefits to help you enjoy better pleasure too.

    Here are just a few reasons to try it for yourself:

    1. Thrusting your body into a static toy (rather than moving a toy up and down your shaft) more closely replicates sex, which gets your whole body and mind involved.

    2. Some toys will get you off with zero effort. Simply stick it on or in, switch it on, and let it work its magic.

    3. With no risk of arm ache from repeated strokes, you can extend your pleasure for a longer session.

    4. Wearable toys (like cock rings, butt toys and ball bags) don't require an erection to get you off.

    Sound good? Keep reading to check out our top 6 sex toys for hands free male masturbation.


    You on top, them on top, everyone on their sides... We've all got our go-to sex positions, but don't you find that sometimes, you'd like to try something a little more... unexpected?

    When it comes to shaking up your sex routine, there's no easier or faster way to add some spice than by switching out your position play.

    With that in mind, we've pulled together 10 top (and bottom) sex poses that allow you and your same-sex partner to easily experiment with both penetrative and non-penetrative sex.

    Looking for a little extra 'je ne sais quoi'? We've also included our top toy suggestions to make each pose even more explosive - as it were.

    Gender Neutral Sex Toys for Every Body

    I've been very excited about the move towards creating gender-free and adaptable toys – making gender-neutral sex toys allows pleasure to be accessible to everybody and broadens the scope of possible experiences.

    Giving people the room to explore, unbound by labels or inaccessibility, allows them to prioritize self-love, pleasure and exploration on their own terms.

    The absolute beauties, Jess Wilde and Annabelle Knight produced a fantastic video showcasing some Gender-Neutral Sex Toys for Every Body It gives plenty of inspiration on how toys can be adapted or used differently to suit different people.

    As a pansexual gal, body-neutral toys are a fantastic way for me to create a collection that can be used (safely, with condoms) with any and all of my partners, including myself. It’s also really important to me that my toys don’t resemble genitals to ensure that future partners are never put off by having unwanted body parts in their sexy space.

    Here are 5 of my top picks.

    Position of the Week: Armadillo Style

    Everything You Need to Know About Period Sex and Your Cycle

    We all know sex makes you feel good. I mean, it's sex, right? But the literal health benefits of having sex don't get enough air time as far as we're concerned.

    At OHNE, we're able to relate almost anything to periods, so you best believe we've learned how to use the near-magical powers of getting off to hack our menstrual cycles.

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    Whether you want to stick it to your cramps, combat hormone-induced mood swings, or go up against your PMS-induced stress, here are some of our top tips for working with your menstrual cycle to get the most out of your sex life.

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