1. Position of the Week: Pretty Pretty

    You may know by now that we love lube. We just can't get enough of the stuff. Not only does it give sexy-time that frictionless glide, but sensation lubes add an extra level of stimulation to your play.

    Join Annabelle as she guides you through some of our best sensation lubricants. And helps you to decide on a tingle to mingle with.

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    Position of the Week: Liberated Lover

    Is it safe to share your sex toys? And if so, what is the best way to keep them clean, hygienic and looking their best?

    Join Annabelle, as she explains the key ways to keep your toys in tip-top condition

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    The female orgasm, though somewhat more elusive than the male orgasm, isn't as mysterious as it seems from the outset. Much like the male orgasm, it's a thrilling part of solo play and sex, we're here to tell you that everyone who wants one deserves to enjoy a female orgasm at least once.

    Now, orgasms aren't everything, but they are pretty great, and unfortunately, according to our very own Sexual Happiness Report, only 26% of women report having orgasms every time they have sex, a fifth of women report orgasming 'rarely' during sex, and 5% of women report never having experienced an orgasm at all. There must be a better way!

    Fortunately, with a little care and oh-so-sensual attention, you can increase your chances at experiencing a toe-curling female orgasm for yourself. If you've ever found yourself wondering how to have an orgasm or about the best position for female orgasm, or ever caught yourself asking 'What is a female orgasm anyway?' and 'What DOES a female orgasm feel like?', welcome to the answers.

    Whether you're seeking to experience a female orgasm yourself or you're hoping to help spark one in a person you love, we've got all the info you need right here.

    Position of the Week: Joy Ride

    Being away from bae sucks. But being away from their lovely bits is even worse! Fear not, Annabelle has cracked the code on long distance sex, thanks to the help of these ingenious toys.

    Watch the video to discover her top picks and a few awesome tips to get you guys connected, while you're apart.

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    Kissing: It's (probably) one of the most popular loving acts there is.

    Beyond it being a way to show the people you hold dearest that you care, when it comes to romantic relationships, kissing is a wonderfully intimate gesture that can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

    But why exactly does kissing feel so good? And are the benefits of kissing?

    In this weeks video, Lisa and Roy discuss what makes kissing so great, and the ways in which it can enhance pleasure and connectivity with your partner.

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    glass toys

    Marie Kondo wants us to surround ourselves with things that spark joy. Why not take it a step further and surround yourself with things that bring you sexual pleasure?

    I'm proud of my sexuality so I absolutely love to display my toy collection – it reminds me how much I love myself and how powerful my pleasure is. If you're like me, but wanting to keep things a little more discreet than a veiny suction-cup dildo stuck on your mirror or a hot pink rabbit vibrator demanding focus on a shelf, this list is for you.

    A reminder! If you're keeping your toys out on display, it's important to keep them away from anything that gets hot (like a window) and clean them well before and after use!

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