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    Oh Joy, Sex ToyIf you've been following us here in the Lovehoney.com blog and on social media you've probably seen us sending mad love over to Erika Moen's newest project Oh Joy, Sex Toy. We were recently inspired once again by Lucy Bellwood's guest post about Rope Bondage, see it in its entirety at OhJoySexToy.com.

    Erika Moen is doing wonderful things over at this new site and we are loving every moment of it. You can read more about what inspires Moen and the adult product review comic/blog/strip at Autostraddle.com.

    According to the interview, Moen's journey to Oh Joy, Sex Toy includes half of her life drawing comics, a stint on reality tv and advice from her mentor, Robert Khoo. He helped her realize her audience of "dicks and vaginas" and create something truly magical and extremely satisfying.

    Check out Lucy's comic to start your journey into the wonderful world of rope bondage and enjoy our suggestions below. Make sure you stay tuned to Oh Joy, Sex Toy and here in the Lovehoney blog.

    Fifty Shades of Grey Ben Wa BallsWe've seen a quite a few articles lately bringing attention to a bit of confusion surrounding the use of Ben Wa Balls, aka Kegel Balls or Jiggle Balls.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to dispel some myths in the hope that we can all have better experiences when trying these diverse and functional sex toys.

    Kegel exercises are great for sexual health. The popularity of Kegel and Ben Wa Balls has been on the rise since Fifty Shades of Grey hit the shelves, making it essential that we have the information needed to use these balls properly.

    To help expand your Ben Wa Balls knowledge base, we're giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win a pair ofFifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure Silicone Ben Wa Balls. Just add your comment below before June 21st for a chance to win.

    A happy customer explains: "The difference from these and other workout balls is that they are more luxurious, the Mercedes of Kegel balls… Also, they are easy to remove and easily cleaned!"

    Lovehoney Release Masturbation Lubricant Every month we give you the chance to win $150 to spend on Lovehoney by uploading an honest sex toy review.

    With a database of over 50,000 reviews (and growing!), we know that real customer reviews help you decide which is the best product for you - and if you're happy, we're happy.

    Reviews need to be helpful and descriptive, but most importantly, they should be honest - it's ok to say you didn't like a product. Read more about how to write a winning sex toy review.

    Every month, we choose our favorite review to win a huge $150 to spend at Lovehoney, and runners up receive 2,000 Oh! Points to spend or save.

    S&S was the winner this month with a helpful review of Lovehoney Release Masturbation Lubricant. We loved his enthusiasm and how he pointed out the differences between this lube and similar products:

    "We learned quickly that a little goes a LONG way! I had the missus, ahem, 'assist' me with the first use, and she required just a small amount in the palm of her hand to get us started. She used enough to coat the head of my penis nicely, and we were amazed that this was all that we needed. At no point did we need to add more lube, something which we usually have to do when using something like KY Jelly or Maximus - a very impressive feat!" .

    Read on to discover if you're a runner up…

    Dreamgirl Pink Diamond Long Sleeved Sheer ChemiseStar Trek Into Darkness recently showed up in theaters, and we've been inspired by the futuristic fashions.

    For the ladies, characteristic Star Trek uniforms include color blocked tops, shiny form-fitting mini dresses, sleek pants and catsuits.

    Devoted fans have been replicating the futuristic fashions since the first episodes of the classic TV show aired.

    We've found some super sexy styles that would fit right in to your next space traveling role-play. It's time to boldly go from starships to modern cities and beyond.

    In contrast to the standard sleek and fetish friendly catsuit you might expect, futuristic lingerie, dresses and leggings are comfortable enough to wear all day and night.

    Check out more of our sexy Star Trek Into Darkness inspired looks below:

    Review your sex toys at Lovehoney

    After accumulating over 252,000 sex toy reviews Lovehoney now has the biggest resource of sex toy reviews in the world.

    When you write a review on Lovehoney's site, you’re automatically entered to win $150 of Lovehoney store credit in our monthly competition. To get started, click "Add your review" on any product page. Read on to learn how to write a winning review.

    When reviewing on Lovehoney.com, your goal is to provide information that can't already be found on the product page. Include your opinion on performance and the price.

    The best reviews help customers make educated decisions about what will work for them. Whether you loved or hated the the product, the most helpful reviews will discuss qualities that someone else would encounter if they purchased the same item.

    Remember to use the product a couple of times before you write your review. First impressions are important, but you might find your feelings could change after a few more uses.

    Here are some things to consider when writing an adult product review for Lovehoney:

    My Name is Karen… and I'm a Swinger

    My name is Karen. I am a mother in my 30's in a committed relationship and I am a swinger.

    I know the word swinger brings all sorts of things to mind. Swinging may not be something that is the majority, but I have met swingers from all walks of life: doctors, nurses, real estate agents, IT geeks, retail workers, hairstylists, HR staff, engineers, convenience store workers… you name it.

    Swinging is consensual sex with others with permission while being in a committed relationship.

    Swinging is not cheating. Swinging is not like polyamory.

    There are no emotional entanglements when we hook-up with others outside of the relationship. It is just sex.

    Guest post by Karen Blue

    Tenga Red Flip HoleMay is Masturbation Month! Even though we like to celebrate and promote masturbation all twelve months of the year, we'd like to highlight some of the best masturbation and sex toy news in honor of taking a whole month to really focus on celebrating self-love of a sexual kind.

    We started out the month highlighting the Sex Positive Photo Project's "I Masturbate…" Which takes a look at images of a diverse group of people embracing the way they masturbate, breaking down shame around self pleasure and showing the beauty of masturbation from the individual's perspective with the photographer as silent observer, telling the stories of the subject, rather than an object, in Shilo Mccabe's photos.

    Read on to find out how Masturbation Month is celebrated around the world, learn more about some of our favorite solo sex toys, and you could even win a new sex toy to enhance masturbation all year long.

    One lucky reader will win aTENGA Red Flip Hole Male Masturbator.Just comment below and you could be enjoying this sleek male masturbator very soon!

    I masturbate…

    When you think of masturbation, what image pops into your mind? Do you think of yourself or of a partner or a performer? Shilo McCabe would like to offer you some variety. More diversity in images of who and how we masturbate. Masturbation is a powerful tool for self knowledge and sexual exploration available to all.

    If we are to believe the mainstream media only a very small percentage of people get to enjoy sexual pleasure. You should be thin, you should be white, you should be in a heterosexual relationship. Over and over again that is who we see as sexual. We need to disrupt this pattern. Everyone deserves sexual pleasure if they want it. Any body can be a sexy body. Pleasure is literally waiting for us at the tips of our fingers or the length of our favorite sex toy. Let's diversify the media and increase the self-love!

    "I masturbate…" is a photography project created by Queer Feminist Photographer, Shilo Mccabe in celebration of National Masturbation Month, consisting of sex-positive photos of people masturbating and sharing personal stories that complete the phrase "I masturbate…"

    Guest post by Airial Clark, The Sex Positive Parent

    Happiness VibeHere at Lovehoney we pride ourselves on doing whatever we can within our means to help our customers find sexual happiness. That's one big goal with a lot of nuance.

    First off, we know a lot about what people like, what's enjoyable and what feels good just from our treasure trove of product reviews. But that doesn't necessarily answer all the questions. As exciting and stimulating as a new sex toy can be, it also is not going to solve all of our problems.

    Recent studies suggest that we might be happier if we made time for more intimacy. Preferably 106 minutes a day and at least a few more minutes than our neighbors. We might be a bit less happy if we paid for sex and a bit more happy if we've learned about ourselves through maturation and communication in the meantime.

    Below I've compiled some information on the elusive feeling called happiness.

    In our attempt to make your lives sexually happier we will be giving away three of these funand cheery yellowShag Factory Happiness Bullet Vibes to brighten your days and nights.

    We didn't make this sexual happiness stuff up. Check out the studies and suggestions and enter to win by telling us what makes you happy in the comment section below this post.

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